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Live your fantasy here


This is blog enables you to live your imagination. It gives you your deepest and most desired battles. The battles you longed to see in the DC universe. Heroes and Villains you expected to team up. Plots you always thought and dreamed about but never witnessed in both the cinematic and the comic world……………….

YOU GET IT ALL HERE…………….. just few clicks.
Let me know what stories and battles you want me to do and I will make it happen in no time. So DC lovers, buckle up as I give you the greatest story your life………..

Stay tuned and leave your comments.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dang! My comic hero is Thor, who is from the other side (Marvel). Such is my luck 😦

    Thank you for following ‘Not Pretending’, I am flattered to have you aboard 😉


  2. Cool blog!

    Three ideas came to mind when I saw your prompt:

    – Ma Hunkel visits the big city (Gotham or Metropolis) and “saves” one of the local superheroes while they are going about their business as a civilian. (Possible followup with the tables being turned at night, when the superhero shows up to save the Red Tornado).

    – Dream of the Endless offers Ma Hunkel a fantasy of Superpowers (possibly the wind powers which the character has in the New 52), which she enjoys for a night but ultimately turns down.

    – John Constantine and the Doom Patrol team up when they each find that the other is tracking down the same calamitous meme.


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