Welcome dear readers, writers and fellow BM/WW fans, to the series of the dynamics and love between our Dark Knight and our Amazon Princess. There’s really no definite continuity connecting these one-shots, but there are inspirations of various continuities, and some dedicated to a single continuity, here. Games, movies, cartoons and comics, it’s all here.

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She grew up on an island where she was taught that men were pigs, cowards, self-destructors and selfish beings that cared for nothing other than themselves.

When she decided to heed the calling she felt was made for her and came to Man’s World, she was surprised to discover that those teachings couldn’t have been more wrong.

The men who she had joined to fight against the alien tyrant were willing to lay down their lives for the sake of they who could not fight for themselves. They were willing to use their powers, powers that they could’ve used to rule the mortals, to fight for the mortals.

The one with the “S” on his armor he fought with the strength of a thousand, delivering blows that could rival even those of Heracles; he had the endurance of Atlas, able to withstand the surges of energy the tyrant shot from his eyes.

The one with the ring his will gave him the strength to continue on in battle, providing the energy to form the creations of objects she was unfamiliar with, but delivered mighty blows to their enemy.

The scarlet one who was fast with the speed of Hermes, he moved to ensure his fellow man was out of danger, and with that same speed delivered thousands of hits to send their enemy staggering back, and his bravery did not falter, despite how scared he appeared that they might fail.

The Atlantean Amazons knew of Atlantis, but she had never seen one; he was arrogant but compassionate, willing to do his kingly duty of defending the defenseless until his last breath, the trident in his hands and the strength to back it up.

The green creature though not a man, human or mortal, he was male, as she had been taught to hate, and he was made of nothing but compassion and his strength and telepathy (was that the proper term?) made him a formidable protector of the mortals who may fear him for his appearance this race of selfish creatures that he loved as a new family.

Of course she couldn’t forget her sister, the one with the mace and wings, a very formidable warrior indeed.

But they were all blessed with gifts of powers. At first she thought that prevented their corruption under the chaos that was mankind.

But he proved her wrong.

The dark one he, a mere mortal with no abilities he screamed arrogance and confidence and he was fearless. He stood against the alien tyrant when his empowered allies had fallen, refusing to waver under the challenge, refusing to surrender and admit defeat and terror. He was ready to lay down his life-his mortal life-at a moment’s notice, for his fellow mortals. He was selfless, brave, fearless, a protector and a dark symbol of hope for the rest of the mortal men that he was so much like.

The others, they may embrace the principles she was raised to believe in but he he was a living embodiment of those principles.

Her impression of the Dark Knight were completely opposite of what she was raised to believe.

The Batman had captured her curiosity. She found herself wanting to know more about him.

There was something about her accent.

She knew English, yes, but she spoke it with that accent of hers. He knew ancient Greek-why, he wasn’t so sure anymore-for a few years now, but it didn’t sound like Greek. She told him on her home island, they spoke a language called Themysceran, perhaps an old derivative of ancient Greek. She had learned English when she first came to modern civilization, and she took it up quite easily from what he had heard. But she still had the accent.

And there was something about the accent that he just couldn’t get enough of.

It sent chills down his spine, something he would never admit to happening to him. And what unnerved him about it was the fact that they weren’t those chills one feels in the face of danger, or when something just feels off.

They were chills of pleasure

He enjoyed the sound of her accent, enjoyed how her voice pronounced his name. He enjoyed hearing the pronunciations of words that emphasized her accent, the thickness of her voice when she pronounced words with “ah” in them. He found he enjoyed it when she shot her native tongue slander at enemies, the thick, lush accent somehow making every threatening syllable even more lethal sounding. He enjoyed how it sounded, plain and simple.

He found her accent intoxicating.

And that terrified him. He couldn’t be enthralled by this, because of simply how his teammate sounded when she spoke. He was emotionless, cold and calculating. He was immovable and unwavering. He was vengeance, he was the night; he was Batman.

Batman was drunk on Themysceran Accent.

And he was questioning if it was a bad thing.

With a swish of his cape, the Dark Knight entered the Watchtower’s fully stocked cafeteria/mess hall, making a direct beeline for the coffee machine. He’d been hard at work for the last three weeks on the trail of Gotham’s latest serial killer/rapist, tracing the clues until two days ago he had finally caught the sadistic bastard before he could harm his latest victim. Batman ensured that he wouldn’t be able to hurt or threaten anyone else for the rest of his pathetic life.

The GCPD cringed at how the criminal looked after Batman was done with him.

But it had been exhausting for Bruce; multiple sleepless nights searching for any and all clues, and then going over said clues. Even with Robin and Batgirl’s help, and even Wally’s help when he offered to test some samples at work, it had been excruciating and tiring work, and he had spent the last two days enjoying the hours of rest and sleep he could sneak in. Even though his body was conditioned to deal with such fatigue, it didn’t mean it enjoyed it. He was only up on the Watchtower right now because he had wanted to catch up on some mission reports that had been logged during his three week absence from League duties.

But even away from League duties, Bruce had kept up with the days of the week. And he knew what day it was today. His body may be sore all over, but he’d be damn if he wasn’t going to put all his effort into what he was going to do. He wasn’t about to screw up; he was going to make sure today and tonight would be memorable for years to come. This would be a Valentine’s Day for the books.

Now he just had to make it through the day on the Watchtower; easier said than done, he learned as he started walking to the monitor room.

“Bats!” Flash said as he raced up to Batman, his boyish smile ever radiant on his young face. Bruce would never admit it, but he had an immense amount of respect for Wally because of his youth, personality and charisma, never letting the horrors of what the League faced regularly ever hurt his youthful innocence.

“What is it, Flash?” he replied in his trademark tone.

“I need a favor from you.”


“Well since it’s Valentine’s Day, and you obviously have nothing going on in your romantic life, I need you to cover my shift on Monitor Duty so Fire and I can-”


“W-what?!” Wally sputtered, his smile fading. “What do you mean no?”

“It means no, Flash. Look it up in the dictionary.”

“But-but-but I just managed to get a nice reservation at this restaurant Fire really loves and we just started dating and I don’t want to mess up on VALENTINE’S DAY and-!”

“The answer is no, West,” Batman snarled, leaning closer to Flash with a poisonous Batglare, shaking the speedster to his core. Then Batman returned to his usual stoic manner and walked away.

“Why not?!” Flash called after him. He didn’t expect an answer, so he was surprised when Bruce stopped walking and turned slightly.

“I have plans.” And then the Dark Knight kept walking.

Flash was stumped. “HE has plans?! On Valentine’s Day?! How-who-?! What wait oh OH! Holy crap, he finally did it!” With that, he raced off to find someone else to cover for him and spread some gossip.



“What is it, Helena?” Batman replied in his monotone as he watched the screens in the Monitor Womb, standing behind the seated Steel and Captain Atom.

“I need you to cover my shift on Monitor Duty so Q and I-”


Helena wasn’t one to take interruptions. “You didn’t even let me finish!”

“It’s Valentine’s Day. You have plans with Question. My answer is still no.”

Helena wasn’t one to take no for an answer, either. “Why the hell not?! Just because you’re an emotional black hole who has no shot at a love life doesn’t mean you have to ruin it for the rest of us!” As Huntress continued, Steel and Captain Atom looked at each other and wondered how to escape the room without suffering collateral damage from Batman’s inevitable backlash/retorts. “Is it so hard for you to do me a favor so I can-!?”

“I didn’t say I was against it; in fact, I think it’s…good, what you and Question have. It’s certainly reined you in a bit.” That stumped all three of the other Leaguers. Batman then turned to Huntress and continued, “All I’m say is that you’ll have to find someone else to cover your shift; I have plans already, and I’m not cancelling them.” Ignoring the shocked looks of the three of them, Batman then walked out of the Monitor Womb.

Helena was stupefied. “Plans? He couldn’t maybe he but, he wouldn’t would he? Did he actually grow a pair?”


“Batman, can I ask you a favor?” Booster Gold said as he slid in the seat in front of the Dark Knight, joining him in the Watchtower mess hall.

“What is it?” Batman asked using his typical monotone with a touch of iciness; the man from the future may be stepping up to the plate more after the Mordrud incident and pulling his weight more, but he could still be a jerk sometimes.

“Well remember how I said I was seeing that really cute scientist from STAR Labs?”

“Tracy Simmons.”

“Right, her well, I’m planning this huge romantic dinner for her tonight, and I have no one to cover for me on monitor duty, and I hear that you really don’t-”

“And you still have no one to cover for you,” Bruce interrupted. “You’ll have to find someone else, Gold; I already have plans for tonight.”

“Ok, thanks any ways, just wanted to aaaaawaitaminute,” Booster realizing what the Batman had just said. He narrowed his eyes, saying “YOU have plans for VALENTINE’S DAY?! YOU?”

“Yes I do,” Batman replied, and finishing his meal, he got up and left, leaving behind a very confused Booster Gold.


“I don’t buy it,” Queen repeated as he crossed his arms.

“I don’t care if you buy it, Queen,” Bruce growled as his patience began wearing thin. “It really doesn’t concern me what you think about my personal life. No please move out of my way.

“Bull; you’re Batman. Since when does Batman ever have anything to do on Valentine’s Day beside moping and brooding?!”

“I take it he said no?” Black Canary asked as she joined the two millionaires. “Let me try, Ollie.”

“Dinah, I already said I have plans for tonight,” Batman said through gritted teeth. “You trying to convince me to cover for Ollie’s shift isn’t going to change anything.”

“Wait, YOU have plans?”

Batman was regretting ever coming onto the Watchtower.

“How do you have plans?! You don’t like anyone, and you’re so broody and distant! The only person you’d tolerate enough to-!” And then it hit Dinah. “Oh OH! You finally did it! Holy crap you finally manned up and asked!”

“Whoa ” Arrow said with a whistle, finally understanding. “About time, Bruce; if you need a place, I have this villa in Dominica that-”

Batman left them behind, not wanting to hear anymore.


“Mind if I join you?”

Bruce relaxed his stance ever so slightly as Shayera entered the training room, mace in hand and fire in her eyes. “If you can keep up,” he smirked as he pulled out a batarang, assessing his new opponent.

“Brave last words,” the Thanagarian smirked in return as she dashed up at him and made to ram him with her mace, only for him to dodge and parry with his own martial arts techniques. The two Founders continued on for a good 10 minutes in their spar as they blocked and parried and struck each other with the finesse of warriors born. As they were taking a break, Shayera was the first to speak. “So, I want to ask you something.”

“I already have plans, so I’m not covering your shift.”

“How did you-?!”

“You’re not the first one to ask, and probably not the last.”

“Damn, now I have to find someone else, and John’s probably not having any better-wait ” Shayera suddenly realized. “You have plans?”

Batman, despite being a cold man who almost never showed emotion ever, trusted the Thanagarian almost as he trusted Alfred, his protégés, Diana, J’onn and Clark; he could relax himself a bit around her. “Yes,” he smirked. “I do.”

Shayera looked at him dumbfounded for a few seconds until a genuine smile came onto her face. “Well, it’s about time; she must’ve been giddy like a school girl when you asked.”

“You have no idea,” Bruce replied with an extremely rare genuine smile.


“So where are you taking Lois?”

“This nice hotel restaurant in New York,” Clark replied with a boyish smile. “I also made reservations for a room for the night, too.”

“Don’t screw it up, Kent. Remember the promise from our first work together.”

“Yes I remember,” the Kryptonian replied, although he felt a small shudder in his spine at those words. “So, what’s it going to be this year? All-nighter in Gotham, no sleep over a cold case or merciless interrogation of scumbags?”

“None of the above; I actually have plans tonight.”

Clark stopped dead in his tracks. “WHAT?!”

“You really blow things out of proportion.”

“Batman having plans on Valentine’s Day does that. You seriously have plans it’s not Catwoman, is it?”


“Oh god, Barbara-!”

“Finish that sentence and I will open this pocket, and you don’t want me to open this pocket.”

” Zatanna?”

“No, Kent, she is just a friend.”

“So then oh my god,” Clark realized. Before Bruce could stop him, the Kryptonian grabbed him in a bear hug, luckily for only two seconds. “I am so proud of you, Bruce. Congratulations, it’s about time. Really, especially with Agent Faraday and that new guy Trevor whats-his-name and-”



“Shut up. And don’t hug me again, or I-”

“Will open this pocket, I know.” Clark smiled again. “I know you’ll enjoy tonight, though. It may be your first in the longest, but you’ll enjoy it.”



“J’onn.” The two heroes walked along through the halls.

“You seem content. This is abnormal for you.”

“It is. I can assume you know why?”

“I do, and I must say I am very joyful for you both. I also understand why you are nervous and fearful.”

“It is the first in so long,” Batman admitted. “I’m afraid I may ruin it.”

“The both of you are too stubborn to allow that to happen, my friend. Your fear is well placed, but that in your heart, as well as her heart, it will be more than enough to triumph.”

“Thank you, J’onn. So, what are you doing tonight?”

“My wife is introducing Valentine’s Day to me and it is intriguing. It is actually her taking on the brunt of it this year.”

“You realize next year you’ll have to do it yourself?”

“I do,” the Martian smirked.


He had come this far; he wasn’t about to give up.

So he knocked. Three times. Swifty. He pushed back the bats in his mind, telling him to turn back now.

The door to her quarters opened. And his work was rewarded.

“Hello, Bruce,” Diana said with a wondrous smile, her blue eyes beaming with love & adoration as she took in the sight of her Dark Knight.

“Princess,” Batman replied with the smile he reserved for her and only her. He took in her appearance, how her armor and boots served only to empower the sensations one gained when looking at her angelic and goddess-like beauty. This was actually Diana’s first real Valentine’s Day, and he wanted to make it special. He took her into his arms and kissed her senseless, igniting a passion he had buried under the stones of his pain for years until now, for the woman who had somehow secured a spot in his dark and broken heart. The Amazon responded in full, surrendering to sensations that she was slowly starting to familiarize herself with, sensations she wanted from him and only him.

Bruce gave her the bouquet he had bought for her. “For you,” he said, using a voice and tone that was similar to his playboy mask but was real, showing true a true loving tone.

“I love them,” Diana whispered as she smelled the fresh roses. “Thank you.

“Shall we?”

“Won’t everyone see us when we head to the teleporters? I know you have a repu-”

“Everyone’s asked me to cover their shifts, and I had to tell them I had plans. They already know something’s up, and besides,” Batman added with a baritone that sent shivers down the Amazon’s spine and turned her on, “who am I to hide a creature of beauty such as yourself from the world?”

She looped her arm into Bruce’s. “Then lead the way.”

In the teleporter deck, Leaguers were waiting to be transported back to Earth, and a good number of them were flabbergasted when Batman-BATMAN-walked in with WONDER WOMAN by his side. As if by unspoken motion, they all parted for the two to head to the teleporter. Batman typed in the coordinates for the Cave and soon the two disappeared in a flash of light. Alfred had prepared an excellent dinner, and a change of clothes for the two new lovers. If Alfred’s plan went accordingly, they might not even get to the meal.

Little did the two know that 10 seconds after they left the Watchtower, the rest of the League-minus Superman and J’onn-began an exchange of money from bets.

She knew he liked her hopefully it was a bit more than that-‘scratch that’, a LOT more than just that. But of course, being the stubborn Bat he was, he refused to admit it, even to himself, despite his constant actions always speaking for themselves otherwise. She spent much of their time together subtly pushing him to finally admit it, and she was as stubborn as he was. Sure there were times when she’d lose hope in ever getting him to open up, but then there’d be that rare and ever so slight smile, that subtle touch, the hidden meaning behind the words, and her heart would go up, and her stomach would go into butterflies

How far the mighty Amazon has fallen, indeed.

And she couldn’t care any less.

She was an Amazon, and Amazons always got what they wanted when they worked hard enough.

And Diana had a new plan she was going to try out.

At the moment, the League founders-Kal, Bruce, herself, Hal, Barry, Arthur and J’onn-were discussing some form of important matters. When she said discussing, however, it meant that Kal was just drawling on and on about who the hell knew anymore. She saw that many of the others were bored, but Bruce and J’onn held stoic expressions. She knew they were paying attention, but they too were bored. Bruce most of all-if she knew him, and she did, he was probably going through multiple ways he could sneak himself or get himself out of the situation or various new methods to making the Gotham underworld succumb to him out of fear. She couldn’t help but steal a secret glance (which he probably noticed) at his facial expression. The mask did indeed cover much of his face, but his jaw was still exposed, and by Hera it looked so firm and strong

Time to put her plan into action.

Diana, in every meeting, always sat next to Batman and Superman, in between the two of them. This meant that Kal was at her left and Bruce was at her right. Usually, when sitting at the conference table, she would always cross her legs, and when she did, the foot that would be outward would point in Kal’s direction. This time, she crossed her legs so that it would point in Bruce’s direction. She smirked to herself. ‘Let’s see him resist this ‘ And with that, she began shaking her leg slowly and gracefully, and her boot and exposed thigh started rubbing up against his calf and lower leg.

The result, to her pleasure, was instantaneous.

Batman immediately stiffened, albeit very stealthy like and almost unperceivable to the naked eye. Being the ever constant mask of the Bat, his facial expression didn’t move a fraction of a muscle twitch. Slowly, he turned his head less than an inch towards her direction. His white lens covered eyes, however, went the full way and stared directly at her, and Diana noticed that the corners of his mouth were twitching, as if he were trying to restrain a smile or a frown with bared teeth. She couldn’t help herself and flashed a small and quick smile. With that, Diana turned her head back to Kal’s direction, making it look like she was following whatever it was he was saying. Her mind however was nowhere close to focusing on his words. She was focused on what she was doing; her leg continued its run of shaking, and she lowered her speed even more, making the touch of her skin on his leg much more sensual. She knew exactly what she was doing, and how to do it.

She knew it was taking a toll on Bruce. She could see that he was tapping into his entire reservoir of self-control to keep a straight face and a stoic expression. But she noticed how tightly he was gripping the armrests of his chair. She could notice how his lenses were narrowing slightly every minute. He was doing everything in his power to resist her slow, soft and sensual leg rubs and he was failing miserably.

It didn’t take long for J’onn to realize what was going on. The psychic resonance that Batman was giving off was immense, and J’onn immediately turned his head to see what was going on, ready to get the League in on it if need be. But then he saw Diana’s innocent smile and the mischievous glints in her eyes, and he felt her thoughts. To be quite honest, he couldn’t help but smirk at the situation happening before him. Wonder Woman was trying to break the walls around Batman’s tough and dark exterior and was succeeding with each passing minute, with each circle her leg made on Bruce’s. The boiling emotions growing inside of Batman were reach critical levels, but J’onn could help but be amused; he had known for quite a long time of the tension between Batman and Wonder Woman. Though Wonder Woman knew just what she wanted and made it clear she wanted it, Batman refused to allow himself such a pleasure in life, believing himself unworthy and incapable of love, especially that of an Amazon Princess. J’onn could see that Diana wanted Bruce to crack, and decided to just play it out.

Meanwhile, Bruce’s entire supercomputer-logical self was either shutting down, crashing or already dead. He didn’t know how much more he could take. He didn’t even know anymore how he was still keeping a straight face. He was glad that he wasn’t a meta, or his chair would’ve broken long ago. Again, he stole a glance at Diana, and all she did was subtly flash an innocent smile, but that mischievous glint flashed in her eyes. He was pretty sure he knew why she was doing this-break him, make him admit his undying love for her, make him admit not just to her, but to himself admit that he would go to the ends of the Earth for her, that he was madly and desperately in love with her, for the last two years now; admit that she was the light in his broken and filthy guilt ridden heart. To admit that all he wanted now was her, his Princess, his Wonder Woman his Diana.

And he hated to admit it, but her method it wasn’t so bad, but it was torture. Her leg her long, luscious and smooth olive-tanned leg the rubbing it was doing on his thigh, so close to a very experienced member of his body. His inner desires, desires that up to his first encounter with the Amazon he had kept under severe lock and key, were awakening and roaring inside him. Diana’s rubs were so slow, so soft so inviting and teasing

Finally, he couldn’t take it any longer.

The Batman, the Dark Knight of Gotham, the one man of the Justice League that was considered immovable, unshakeable, and undeterrable snapped.

“And on another note,” Superman started to say, only for Batman to swiftly stand up from his chair, surprising all others present except J’onn and Diana.

Diana smiled with glee to herself. She had won.

“I need to get to Gotham,” Batman snarled. “There’s a full breakout in Arkham.” He then headed towards the door, but stopped two steps later, turned and said, “Wonder Woman, I’ll need your assistance.”

Diana got the message, and it was hard to keep a straight face. “Very well, Batman.” Before anyone could say anything in reply, the door was already slammed shut and the two had already left. There was a confused silence for a good while.

” what just happened?” Flash asked.

Meanwhile, Diana and Bruce (mentally slapping himself for saying Gotham and not saying he needed to go to his Tower quarters to catch up on reports and need Diana for some input) had just gotten to the teleporters and were waiting to be sent to the Bat Cave. “There isn’t any break out is there?” Diana smirked.

“Of course not,” Batman replied, turning towards her with a very rare but very genuine smirk.

She hated seeing him like this.


“This isn’t up for discussion, Princess. I’m going back out, and that’s final.”

“But you’re still recovering from your injuries from the last fight! At least let Dick or Tim or-!”

“They’re busy with their own cases,” the Dark Knight said, hissing slightly as he returned his Kevlar armored top to his torso, evidence that the wound still hurt. “And I can’t delay any more than I have to-once Joker unleashes that Venom, hundreds of people will die. I can’t let that happen; I’m the only one who can stop him.”

“Bruce, please,” Diana pleaded, grabbing his hands into her own. Normally, she wouldn’t act like this when Bruce would go back out on patrol when he had excessive injuries-she’d be mad at him instead for putting himself in danger, but then her temper would subside by the time he returned from whatever he had gone to do, having proved himself the superior against his enemies. Tonight, however, was different-Bruce had been in a vicious gang war on the Upper East District, trying to force the two sides down, and apparently one side had a guy with some heavy caliber weaponry. It had hurt. Batman had managed to quell the sides enough for the GCPD to arrive, but he had sustained multiple injuries throughout the war. “You’re in pain-”

“My body is trained to handle pain,” he retorted, putting on his cape and mask.

“Hera, you are such a stubborn man!” Diana yelled in anger, just about fed up, her voice and attitude changing suddenly. “Why must you constantly put yourself though such duress and pain? For the love of Hera, Bruce, you need to rest! You’re hurt, you’re fatigued, and you’re bandaged up all across your back! Why must you constantly put your life in danger more than it needs to be?! Why must you go out there?!”

Bruce walked past her, to the Batmobile. As the top opened with a hiss and he got in, he turned to his Princess, gave her a short stare, and simply said, “Because I need to.” With that, the Batmobile soon drove off down the runway into the Gotham air, leaving a very angry Amazon behind, standing there in her night robe. She hated when he did this yet she also loved it about him, too; the warrior inside him never let him surrender to any circumstance. She always knew he had to do this, that it was his mission, and why he felt he needed to keep doing it. But why did he keep doing it?

“Why do you continue to do this, Bruce?” she whispered as she hugged herself, her eyes staring off in the direction he had gone.

“If I may, Miss Diana?”

Alfred never ceased to shock Diana with his stealth. Turning around, she saw the butler standing is prestigious nightwear, a night hat on his head and a knowing look on his face. How did he do it? she wondered to herself. How did he always manage to look so professional in nightwear? Hera, the man managed to make raggedy and muddy clothes look elegant and professional.

“Alfred, you really need to stop scaring me like that,” the Amazon Princess sighed, a tired smirk on the edge of her lips.

“Of course, Miss Diana,” Alfred replied, the glisten in his eyes betraying the fact that he wasn’t going to stop. A butler had to have SOME form of entertainment, right. “I couldn’t help but overhear your doomed argument with Master Bruce.”

“Doomed does seem to fit the situation,” Diana admitted, her head bowing slightly. She was slightly embarrassed to know that Alfred had managed to overhear her and Bruce.

“If it is of any consolation, I have had to deal with the same issue for numerous years myself,” Alfred said as he approached Diana. “It is quite painful indeed to see the man I hope I raised well, return home every night with wounds as those. But, I have learned to cope, Miss Diana, and I have learned to have faith in Master Bruce. I have faith every night that he will come back in one piece, and that he will put my worries to rest each and every night.”

“Your faith in him is admirable, and very well deserved,” Diana said with a smile. “And you’re right he has proven time and again that we should have faith that he will return home every night.”

“Of course, we must always be prepared for if he doesn’t,” Alfred said quietly.

” Yes,” Diana said in a similar tone. “And that’s why I acted how I did. Alfred seeing him so hurt, it hurts me too. He is mortal, unlike me. He can easily be hurt and maimed even killed. All it takes is one action, and he may never return to us, to me. Seeing Bruce like that, it reminded me of how fragile he really is ” Diana sighed as she turned back to where the Batmobile had driven off. “I wish I could understand better why he feels he must do this there is another reason besides fighting in the name of his parents. I just wish I knew what it was. Then, maybe I could understand why he believes it falls onto his shoulders.”

Alfred was silent for a moment, but Diana wasn’t really paying attention. Her thoughts ran across her mind, wondering and pondering why her Dark Knight felt it was his obligation to do this every night, even with such grave wounds.

“Diana,” Alfred said, causing Diana to turn around in surprise. No matter how many times she tried to convince him, Alfred never called her simply by her name. “There is something I would like you to see. I can’t show you myself due to my age limits but if you fly down to the lower levels of the Cave, you will find a small entrance. If you go in, you shall find a set of sacks. In each of those sacks are envelopes, many envelopes. I would like you to read the contents of those envelopes, as many as you can get to.”

Diana was confused. “Why?”

“I believe they may provide some insight to your current predicament,” the butler said sagely. “Now, I bide you good night, Miss Diana. I hope you find the answers you seek.” With that, Alfred headed up the stairs to return to the Manor and his slumber.

Diana stared after Alfred for a few more seconds before floating over to the chasm that lay within the cave. Bruce had said that although he had scouted, explored and mapped most of it, there were still areas in this part of the cave that were a mystery even to him. Dick and Tim, however, said that they had explored its full content in their younger years. Diana floated down into the chasm, lower and lower and sure enough did find an entrance a few dozen meters down. She landed at the mouth of the entrance, and sure enough, in the small cave in the rock, were a number of sacks. Diana walked over to them and opened one, revealing the envelopes. Diana took one up and made to open it, but hesitated. How will what was inside going to help her understand why Bruce did what he did? It wasn’t like they could magically give her an answer. Diana then noticed however, the writing on the envelope. It read, “To Batman.” Surprised, Diana rummaged through the other envelopes in the bag, and even in two other bags. Sure enough, they were all addressed to Batman, from various people across Gotham. This captured Diana’s curiosity. She then opened the first envelope and took out the paper inside, and she began to read.

Dear Batman,

I don’t know if you ever keep tabs on the people you save and help out, but I thought I’d let you know I was that little girl you rescued from the Gotham Central Hospital five years ago; the one with the red hair, braces and depression. I still remember how scared I was in those flames and how afraid I was that you’d drop me, even when you said you’d never let go. When you saved me, it gave me a whole new perspective on life I was ready to commit suicide that night before the fire started. I thought no one would ever care if I left. But you saved me you, who never met me before and may probably never see me again, saved me. Because my life mattered to you. That touched me, and I cried that night, thankful that you saved me. I broke through my depression, picked up my grades in school, graduated top of my class, and I’m now in my second year in college at Gotham University. I’m hoping to impact the lives of others, and help them know they matter. I owe it all to you, so thank you for saving me that night, Batman. I am where I am now because of you.

Linda Taylor.

Diana’s mouth was agape as she reread the letter. Bruce his actions had made such a change in this young woman. If not for him, she may have been dead by today. Diana set the letter down, a quietness filling her being. She turned to the bag, and before she knew it, her hand was opening another envelope.

Batman, I wanted to thank you for something that most of my old crew hate you for. You stopped a gang war over in the Warehouse District back a few years, and I was there when you did. You really kicked our asses that night, and I remember cursing you out and yelling and screaming. When I was in my cell two weeks later, I realized something. I don’t know if it was God or what, but I realized that I was still young and I was wasting my life away in this cell for acting so stupid. I guess I saw the light. I pulled my act together and joined an in-jail education/training program, and I had flying colors. I managed to get time off my sentence for good behavior and I got my bachelor’s degree in jail, a degree for electrical engineering. I didn’t think I’d find a job so easily, but some guy from Wayne Enterprises came to me and said that Bruce Wayne wanted a new chief engineer for his office building just two days after I got out. I’ve been there ever since, and I have a good future ahead of me. I met my girlfriend in Wayne Tower. All because of that wakeup call in that cell. If I wasn’t in that cell, I may have never had that wakeup call. So thanks for kicking my ass that night, Batman. It made me a changed man. Mark Jones.

Diana didn’t stop there. Soon, she was going from letter to letter, reading just how much Bruce impacted the lives of millions of Gothamites as Batman.

Dear Mr. Batman, you saved my mommy and daddy from that mean bad clown last week. They came home and told me stories about how you flew from the skies and saved them. Mommy was crying but she said she was happy because I wasn’t going to be alone, and my baby sister could still be born next month. Thanks for saving my mommy and daddy, Mr. Batman! Jeremy Jimenez.

Dear Batman, I don’t know if you’ll ever get this, but I want to thank you for saving my son’s life when the nursing home in the North District was held hostage. He had just become a father a few weeks before, and my daughter in law was so scared that she’d end up raising her little Tommy alone. My son loves his child to death. He wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you and I shudder to think just how my grandson may have turned out with a father’s guidance. God Bless you, young man. Thank you for what you give us. Hope. Natalie Smith.

Dear Batman, my name is Cassandra Xiang-Sung. I was kidnapped from my home in China years ago and sold here as a sex slave. My life had been a complete hellhole. I was forced to please countless men and then get beat and abused afterwards. I cried every night, and all the other girls in the brothel did to. We thought we would never get out. Until one night, you came crashing in like a Dark Knight and saved us all. It was as if our prayers had been answered by the night, and we could never thank you enough. We were still so scared, and you stayed with us, making sure we were ok until the police and ambulances came to help. We never really got to say thank you, because you disappeared off into the night, to save others just like us. Today, while a few of us returned to our homelands, I’m running a woman’s shelter to help those just like me. Thank you, Batman, for saving us when you did. Cassandra.

Dear Batman, you saved me from a gang up a month ago, near Midtown. I know it may not have been much, but I’m glad you saved me that night. My mom would have been left alone since Dad died last year. Thanks. Brian Thompson.

Batman, I doubt you’ll read this, but you saved my daughter from a serial killer/rapist. I remember you bringing her out of that abandoned train station and the scumbag dragging behind you. I was always afraid of you growing up. Now, I know you’re really a hero. My daughter would not be alive if not for you. So thank you. Antonio Volta.

Batman, I don’t know if anyone has ever done this for you, but I wanted to thank you because you saved me from a gang rape on the night of April 23rd. I was scared, screaming for help, and you answered me. You didn’t leave until the police showed up, and I never thanked you. So thank you. Bianca Micillo.

Dear Batman .

saved my family from that lizard guy .

Pulled me out of the river

So scared, so terrified

thought I’d never see my kids again

You came in and saved

all because of your selfless heroism

you’re the best, Bats!…

so thank you.

Thanks Batman!

God bless you, Batman.

Thanks you, Batman.

Gracias, Batman.

Diana didn’t know how long she was sitting there, her legs crossed on the stony floor as she read letter after letter. Bruce had touched countless lives as a member of the League, but it was here in Gotham that he was actually loved and thanked for his heroism. His city and its citizens were grateful for what he did for them on a nightly basis. They may never know the sacrifices behind it, but they were forever grateful. As she read on, Diana finally began to understand why Bruce continued to go out there.

She made no motion of looking up when Bruce, still in his costume, descended down into the small cave, returned from patrol. He removed his cowl and walked over to her. Sitting down next to her, he wrapped his arm around her shoulder, to which Diana responded by leaning into his own shoulder, her eyes never leaving the letters in her hand. They remained silent for a few more minutes until Diana spoke.

“So many lives changed because you go out there every night,” she whispered as she put the letters down.

“So many tragedies turned around and turned into something good,” Bruce replied, nodding his head.

“I understand now.”

“What?” he asked as their eyes made contact.

“Why you push yourself to do this, even when you’re as bad as you are. Because of this,” Diana smiled softly as she gestured to the letters. “Because you’ve changed people’s lives for the better. You give them hope in this city of suffering. You do it because everything you do will plant a seed, and that seed will eventually blossom into a new wonderful thing.”

Bruce gave a rare genuine smile as he nodded slowly.

“You are a wonderful man, Bruce Wayne,” Diana cooed as she kissed him. “And know that the Batman has also changed my life, too.”

This is a strange sensation. It’s something I am not used to, nor will be used to for quite some time. It’s so alien to me. So many years of hiding behind these walls, these shadows of being alone.


It is a heavy word. One that means so much to me. Loss, abandonment, betrayal and denial it is a word that I always believed would describe me until the day I die. With every betrayal from Talia, with the abandonment of Andrea, with every denial of Selina all spawned in part by the loss of my parents, I grew to be more and more cold, uncaring and distant. I was convincing myself more and more each day that love wasn’t for me. How could anyone love what I am? A broken man who still is a crying boy inside, begging for his parents to wake up again, who goes out every night to risk his life and stop the surges of chaos that seek to consume the city just a few miles outside my window? A man who constantly fears abandonment and loss? A man who must act like a pompous arrogant jackass each and every day and a ruthless hunter of evil each and every night to conceal the real person that resides inside?

No one, I believed.

At with that, I conformed the thoughts into my mind. I was alone, I would always be alone, and I would die alone. It hurt to recognize it, but the truth always hurts. It hurt like hell, though. After a few years, however, it simply became the unspoken truth. I could never have anyone. I could never experience love because I didn’t deserve it. I am a Dark Knight. I do not get a princess to save. I simply slay the dragons and move on. I didn’t like it, but I accepted it as an everyday truth. Alfred, bless him, never ceased to try to prove otherwise but even he could see that I was beyond convincing. I was so certain that I was unfit for such a grand experience. I was conformed to being alone. No matter how close my adopted sons were, not matter how close Alfred was, no matter my closeness to my partners and clan I was alone. Empty and alone. This allowed me to hone my skills even more, but it was a heavy price to pay. The World’ Greatest Detective the League’s most dangerous member the most feared man on the planet, meta or not titles I gained that were earned because my time was consumed by everything that dealt with the mission. It became my life, because love, I believed, could never be a part of it. Further and further I retreated from the light that was love, allowing the shadows to consume me more and more with each and every day. Dick, Tim, Barbara even Jason and Damien, they knew it was not right for me, but what could they do? I was already convinced and I was already apparently beyond saving. I was conformed to believe I would forever be alone.


Is it really so bad to be alone? Yes. There is time on your hands, but it is time you cannot spend with another. It is time I spent years dedicating to Gotham. A path formed after years of isolation and the self-belief that I was destined to stay in isolation for the rest of my days. Endless nights in the Cave, relentlessly pursuing leads and clues to hopefully purge the scum from Gotham. As the city’s Dark Knight, it is my duty to slay the dragons.

That was my burden. To be a lone knight.


I was convinced I would stay that way.


I didn’t get a princess.

Someone decided to teach me otherwise.

And I felt fear. The Batman knowing fear it’s seemingly impossible (I don’t say this out of arrogance), but I feared this change. This challenged my conformity, the comfort zone I had created. This challenged the truth that I had to force myself to drill into my heart, mind and soul. A new idea was shown to me: I DID deserve love. I in fact DID deserve to be happy. The shadows were terrified and jolted, and rushed to defend the hold they had on me. And they succeeded for many a long time but every defense has a weakness.

I soon became enamored once more. To think I still had that emotion deeply buried inside me. It was hard to accept, but it was true. Alfred noticed, Dick noticed, Tim and Jason and Damien noticed the LEAGUE noticed, but they were smart enough to keep it to themselves. I hope. It happened slowly, yet defiantly, and stubbornly, and all the while lovingly and patiently. And what awed me the most was the fact that no matter how many times in my fear and anger and conformity I pushed away and shoved away and snapped and hurt and broke I was given another chance. I was not given up on. And it was then that I realized that I had been deceiving myself. I had forced myself to believe a truth that wasn’t true at all. Betrayal became intimacy, abandonment became comfort, denial became acceptance, and loss disappeared to be replaced by discovery. The discovery of happiness, of love and of life.

I didn’t deserve to be like this. I deserved so much more. I deserved love, and I was granted it.

I smile. I never would have believed this day possible. I was convinced my fate was to be alone. I believed it was my sacrifice to ensure the success of the mission. To ensure the safety of Gotham and the world. Everything I was, to be diverted into the mission. No longer. I was taught I can have both the mission and love & happiness. Two years, but I was taught it.

The Amazon stirs in my arms and mumbles my name in her sleep. I place a tender kiss on her head. She, my teacher of this new choice of life I now take. My mentor, my guide, my light, my Princess.

Every knight gets his princess.

I found mine.

And I am no longer alone.


The Amazon Queen and lover of the Kryptonian looked to the skies to her, and her face instantly went dark with fury and hatred and anger. Diana’s face reflected the same emotion. This woman this duplicate, this embarrassment and disgrace of an Amazon, she had earned a special place in Diana’s hit list since she had entered into this world, brought here by the Insurgency Batman. She had been shocked and horrified by the actions this world’s Superman had unleashed and furious when she had learned and realized that this Wonder Woman and pushed and manipulated him, edging him on to commit such actions, and then allowing herself to be used by Superman and manipulated by him to carry out his will but what she found worst of all was what she had left behind to follow such a path as this.

No longer, Diana decided.

“Your army will stand down!” she commanded as she landed onto the piers, ignoring the gasps of the Amazons as she tightly gripped her sword and shield. “They will not abet Superman’s madness!”

“You hold no sway here, pretender!” The Amazon Queen snapped, her anger clearly visible as she approached Diana, taking her own weapons in hand. “I am in command!”

Diana could not believe how far her alternate self had fallen from grace everything she had accomplished in her own world to promote peace, this Diana had destroyed by bringing war and tyranny. “You STAIN Amazon honor,” she snarled, her sword glistening in the sunlight. “We are to temper man’s aggression, not enable it.”

Regime Wonder Woman simple huffed at the words, and replied with authority and confidence, “After Metropolis, Superman showed me the truth. Mankind’s temper can be tempered-only QUELLED!”

“Superman showed you or you manipulated him to see things your way?” Diana angrily countered. “You took advantage of his weakness and vulnerability, his mental state being as fragile as it was-!”

“I did no such thing! I aided him in recognizing that this world is too corrupted for us to simply stand by and not do enough to establish and preserve order! Man’s World is filled with chaos and disorder! How can you not see that we must do what is necessary?!”

“Because,” Diana said, her eyes trained on her corrupted counterpart, “we are not benevolent gods.”

And the Amazon Queen’s face went from angry to shocked-only of a split second, but Diana caught it.

“So your Batman told you those words, too.”

“Batman is an enemy of the Regime. He cast his ballot when he decided to resist Kal’s quest for peace and order-when he abandoned a friend in need!”

“As you abandoned him?!” Diana roared. “Abandoned him for this rise to power?! For this madness that now plagues the planet?! For KAL?!”

“Kal is-!”

“IS WHAT?!” Diana spat. “What is it about Kal that made you leave a true warrior and protector of Man’s World for a corrupted man!? He was in mourning of his city and his wife-his unborn child! How could you sink so low and do such a thing!? You had promised yourself to another-!”

“Who was not wise enough to see that we needed to rise up and take charge-!”

“TAKE CHARGE!? YOU HAVE TAKEN THIS WORLD’S FREEDOM!” Diana screamed. “Your Bruce saw what was coming, and he was doing everything to prevent such tyranny! You were raised to follow such beliefs, to appeal such ideals-give service, protect the innocent and save friend and foe alike! What you have done-what you began and started-was the exact opposite!”


Diana walked the halls of the Insurgency base that the alternate Batman had established in the Gotham underground. They had been through quite a lot, with the battles and the revelation of how their counterparts had fallen from grace, and their successful mission of saving their Batman, her Batman, her Bruce. Upon seeing him once more, she had rushed for him, taking him into her arms and passionately kissed him as never before, thankful he had returned to them and to her, and despite the pain he was in, Bruce had returned it in full. The alternate Batman, knowing where this was going to go, quickly got the others out. The next half hour had been pure bliss for the Amazon, and she had been quite pleased and content to see the passionate fire burn that always burned in Bruce’s eyes again.

A fire, she realized, the Insurgency Batman didn’t have in his own.

She’d seen the way he had kept looking at her, the glances and the millisecond long desires and lust in his eyes, but she said nothing. She took it to be that this Batman had also become enamored with this world’s Wonder Woman, as her Bruce had with her a Wonder Woman who had abandoned the Amazon ideals. Did he have something with her prior to this madness?

Why does it matter to you?”

Because I would feel the same way if my Diana left me for Clark. You know what I mean.”

Diana froze, backing herself up to a wall, hiding from the door entrance she had been approaching. Both Batmen were inside, speaking about her and the other Diana.

It doesn’t matter anymore,” the Insurgency Batman retorted. “What matters now is the mission-“

Cut the bullshit, Bruce,” her Batman cut in. “Just tell me-you know I’m not going to stop pestering you about it, I have your stubbornness after all.” There was silence, and Diana just waited, until  “Every day, I live with the same fear that she’ll realize she can do so much better and leave me, and we know she really can do so much better.”

Yes-I lived it, remember?” the Insurgency leader snarled. More silence.

Be honest, Bruce,” her Bruce said. “Be honest with yourself for once in your damn life, and tell me.”

Tell you what, exactly?!” the other Bruce snapped. “Tell you that I have a hole where my heart is supposed to be, one that grows bigger and more painful everyday as I wake up realizing that the one woman I have ever truly loved like no other is waking up in the arms of another man and not mine?! That she abandoned me and left me for another, one that I was always afraid she would end up with since I realized I really did love her?! That her spitting the ideals that we both believed in and upheld together back in my face as she chose the path of corruption was the most painful day of my life?! That she destroyed the light she set up so lovingly and caringly in my black hole of a heart and shattered it in the process?! That the love, the kisses, the lips, the body and the tender moments she reserved for me and me only now belong to HIM?!”

Diana was shocked at every word that came out of his mouth. Her counterpart, she had destroyed him, she had torn him apart. She had ripped his heart into pieces and spit on the remains. She had left him for their Kal, their Superman. How could she have done that?

I knew I would be feeling like this when I brought her here,” the alternate Batman admitted. “I observed your world, you know that. I took in what I needed to choose your friends and I was able to see how pure she was, how idealistic and loving she was. I needed to see it again in reality, I needed it close to me. You don’t know how much I forced myself to not kiss her every time I saw her. Living every day, seeing my, this world’s Diana corrupted by him, an empty shell of what she was, defiling the ideals that we both once shared I missed the real Diana.”

She’s beyond saving now,” her Bruce said. “And I’m sorry to say, but I doubt she’ll be returning to you once this is over.”

I know,” Insurgency Bruce said through gritted teeth. Diana couldn’t but take a peak. Both Bruces were sans cowl and sat in front of each other. The alternate Bruce, she realized, had a tear running down his cheek. “But I will say this-I never will regret what we had together. I loved her and despite everything I still do. All I wish I could’ve done was protected her from doing this to herself.”

And then, Oliver announced they had a visitor.

*End Flashback*

“You not only left the path of true heroism and of the ideals of peace and compassion,” Diana snarled, a glare in her eyes that Bruce would’ve been proud of, “but you left your Bruce, who chose to fight for this world’s freedom, for Kal, who decided to enslave it.”

“Bruce was a fool!” Regime Diana spat. “He was too weak to do what needed to be done before a catastrophe could’ve been prevented! He had many opportunities to ensure the Joker never destroyed Metropolis and never took them! He was and still is a weakling and a fool, and I am GLAD my eyes were opened before I made a greater mistake by joining his resistance to our order!”

“A mistake!?”

“Yes, a mistake-being with Bruce Wayne, the Batman, a man too caught up in his quest for vengeance to see the bigger picture! Kal saw it, and he helped me see it too. My lot is cast with Kal, the one I should’ve been with from the beginning. It is through him that Man’s World knows order!”

“Order? Conquering nations? Enslaving the masses? Abolishing freedom? Slaughter the innocent?” Diana snapped. “As Zeus fooled Hippolyta, Superman beguiles you!”

“Your world’s Amazons’ must be weak-willed if YOU are their queen!” And with a yell, Regime Wonder Woman attacked, and Diana raced to meet the attack, one thing in mind.

‘This is for Batman.”

She was taking a big risk.

But she didn’t care.

Gently, she floated down to the cemetery, keeping close to the shades of the nearby trees as to keep her concealed from any prying eyes not that anyone actually visited the cemetery anymore, especially at this time of night. She really wasn’t sure if she should be doing this but she felt she had to. But, she needed to be quick about it. With the importance of this day to him, he was bound to show up sooner or later.

She was a meta. In his city. He probably already knew she was here.

Of course it would be .

She had no idea how to dress herself for the occasion. It was a moment of recognition, of remembrance, and of memories. Did he have any memories he cherished anymore, from before that fateful night? She liked to think he did. How does one dress oneself for such an occasion? She never did anything like this before in her life. On Themyscera, you just honor the dead with a warriors’ procession and leave them there to decay for the rest of eternity. In Man’s World, people actually returned to pay homage and respect.

She was taking a big risk.

But Diana didn’t care. She wanted to do this. To show that she wanted to get to know him, his life, his mission.

She had decided to stay in her Wonder Woman attire. Then she thought against it. She would pay her respects properly. So she had gone to Themyscera earlier in the day to retrieve her attire for a funeral procession. And then she decided to bring along the best the Amazons could offer in terms of flowers.

The moonlight shining upon her, Diana slowly walked towards the two headstones. She wore a white tunic with golden armor, a winged helmet, and metallic combat sandals, complete with a white cape that billowed in the night wind. She held the bouquets of flowers tightly in each hand, growing more and more nervous with each step. He could come out of the shadows at any moment, reprimand her for intruding upon something so sacred to him, and spurn her away for Hera knows how long. But he doesn’t appear, and Diana comes to within three feet of the head stones.

Thomas Wayne.

Martha Wayne.

If they had never died, he would’ve been a different man but then again he also most likely never would’ve entered her in life. It was a conflicting thought.

With a small sigh, and a sad smile, Diana got onto her knees before the two stones and delicately set the flowers before them, one bunch for each. She noticed that there were dry and dead flowers amongst the headstones. Roses, she realized. They must have had a special significance. Perhaps she should’ve brought roses too late now.

The Princess sighed again, staring at the headstones. It must’ve been three minutes before

“Your son is very stubborn.”

Had she really said that? She suddenly chuckled, surprised at herself. But she continued

“I don’t know what compelled me to say that. But he really is. But it’s that same stubbornness that has ensured that Gotham and the world, remain standing today.” She becomes quiet for a moment, a thought crossing her mind. “I don’t know if he talks about me when he comes here if he mentions me. I’d I’d like to think he does. I am Diana, a Princess of the Amazons, of Themyscera. I came to Man’s World a few years ago, when I helped my mother decided to reestablish relations with mankind. I’d only been away a year when the world faced a crisis unlike anything ever seen. I rose up to stop it and so did your son, along with a few other heroes. That was the first time I met him. And since then he’s been a mystery. One I decided I wanted to solve. I don’t know why I felt I had to I just did he, he intrigued me.”

Diana then raised her hand to the headstone of Thomas Wayne. Smiling, she continued

“I’ve seen the painting in the study. He has your eyes.” She remembered the very first time she saw those ice cold blue eyes-twinkling and enigmatic. “And he has your build and nose.” She then raised her other hand onto the headstone of Martha Wayne. “And in that painting…your smile is so beautiful. And though he almost never does it…I saw him smile-it was only a couple of seconds, but it was a genuine smile, something I never thought I’d see. His smile, it’s so warm and…he has your smile.”

Diana rubbed her arm with her hand, the smile still on her lips. “If what Alfred says about you both is true, then Bruce certainly has the best of both worlds. You have a fine son.” The Amazon then saw the double meaning of what she had just said, and blushed slightly. “You definitely would be proud of him. I can see why Alfred is. Bruce is one of the kindest and greatest men I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.”

Diana’s smile then slowly turned into a frown, and an expression of sadness came across her beautiful face. “I just wish he could recognize it for himself…or let others see that truth.” Her fingers began playing with the stems of the flowers she had brought. “He may put up a facade, but…he’s broken inside, ever since you both were shot and killed. That moment defined him for the rest of his life, and it has become the driving force behind everything he does. It’s consumed every part of his being, and…and sometimes, it’s painful to see him…”

To her surprise, a teardrop slid down her cheek, memory after memory of a broken, beaten and bloody Batman returning from missions and battles bombarding her mind. “He cares nothing for his own safety, and it worries me so much. Dick and Tim and Barbara and Alfred…even Jason and Damian, they’ve constantly shown concern, and he just brushes it off, even when half his body is broken. He shows no concern for his well-being, and…and it infuriates me to no end.” Diana gave yet another sigh, running her hand upon Martha Wayne’s headstone. It was true-for as long as she had known Bruce and become close to him, she found herself at her ropes end with the stubbornness that was Bruce Wayne, the Batman, especially when it came to his own personal safety.

“I…I suppose you’re wondering why I care so much about this,” Diana said with a small chuckle. “I find myself asking that sometimes, too.” She sighed again, her arm again finding itself rubbed by her hand. “Well, like I said earlier, he intrigued me when I first met him, and the feeling was mutual it seemed. To everyone’s surprise, we got along fine, and we became steadfast teammates and allies. From what Kal says, I’m the only one in the League he gets along with the best. That was…surprising to learn, to say the least…but it was comforting also, because in reality, your son is the one man I completely trust without any reservations. I think it’s because I sensed a kindred warrior spirit in him when the League first came together. I trust him with my life.” A smile graced her lips. “I’m sure that makes you proud of him.” A small chuckle escaped her lips. “I’m getting off track-our friendship grew, so much that it began to turn into…something more. I guess…I realized one day that I had fallen in love with Bruce, and I knew he had with me as well. It’s kind of funny…we’re basically a couple except in name. We have a bond like nothing I’ve had before-the times alone, the looks and teasing…it makes me yearn for him, and I know he yearns for me as well…but something holds him back. I try to make him come out of his shell, and I know he wants to, so badly…but he can’t…he won’t let himself. He believes he can’t be happy, not after everything he had done and been through. He thinks he’s broken and damaged, and that he’ll destroy me if I try and enter his world, and he pushes me away, thinking he is protecting me.”

Diana picked at the grass at her knees, where she still was kneeling in front of the headstones. “I wish he could accept otherwise; he wants believe it, but he can’t…he wants to believe it can work, that he can be happy with me, even if our time together is limited. But he can’t, and so he pushes himself to such extremities, it hurts to watch. He wages war against the scum of Gotham, sometimes a one man war. He relentlessly fights on against the criminal elements, from common thugs to the syndicates of crime bosses to the likes of the Joker and Bane. He doesn’t rest until justice prevails, even if it means he breaks half his body in the process. It hurts me to no end every time I see him like that, and it makes me so angry when he refuses to rest or let himself heal. He will always go back out there half dead, never ceasing and always risking his life and possibly not even returning to us…his loved ones. His stubbornness and insanity and ego…it angers me beyond words…”

By this point, tears were slowly coming down Diana’s cheek, as the Amazon remembered all the emotions that tormented her when she saw Bruce in such painful conditions, only for him to shrug it all off and act as if nothing was wrong. But then…a smile slowly came upon her lips.

“And yet…I can’t hold it against him completely, because he does it all for you. The Batman was created for the purpose of making sure what happened to him never happens to anyone else. He strives to honor your memory in the only way he knows how to cope. Maybe…maybe he…he tries to punish himself, but he doesn’t need to do this to himself. I want to show him that.”

Diana heard something…it was near undetectable even by her hearing, but she did hear it. It came from the trees nearby. It sounded like a very light footstep.

She smiled. She was finally starting to keep up with his stealthy movements.

“If you didn’t die that night, then Bruce would be a whole different man than he is today. I…I wonder if that would’ve been a good thing. But then… if that had come to pass, then I may have never met one of the most caring, compassionate and loving hero…and man that I have come to know. I guess…hmmm…you can see the mixed feelings I have about that.” At that, Diana let out a soft chuckle.

“I know you watch him from where you are what he does and what he has accomplished. I know that you could never be prouder…but I think…I would like to believe that you would want your son happy, loved, and watched over. I would like to believe that you don’t want him to push himself so much, or hurt so much…” With resolve, Diana placed her hands on both headstones, a passion in her eyes. “So I make a promise to you both, here and now, before the witness of Zeus and all of Olympus. I promise that I will watch over Bruce, and I will care for him in his times of need. No matter how much he tries to push me away, I will not let him be alone. I’ll stand by him no matter what, and I will make sure he is never alone. I…I…I will love him as he deserves to be loved, because I do love your son…I love Bruce Wayne, and I will show him that he deserves love in his life, too. I will show him he can be happy… I want to be the one to make him happy. I’ve fallen in love with your son, and I will always love him, and I promise to you both, Thomas and Martha Wayne…I will love him with all my heart.”

She places the Themysceran flowers closer to the headstones, and smiles again, and whispers…

“Thank you for bringing such a wonderful man into this world.”

She stood up, her body glowing in the moonlight. She had given her piece. Her time here was now complete. She hoped it would not be unwelcome, her gift. And with that, she bid one final farewell…

“I hope to come back again someday…I would really like that.”

And she slowly took off into the night sky.

10 seconds of silence pass.

From the nearby trees, a figure completely in black, including cape and cowl, and a bat insignia on his Kevlar chest, approached the two Wayne headstones, one hand holding two blood red roses. Slowly, he approached the graves, and upon arriving to them, he slowly went to his knees. Placing the roses before the graves, he couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty of the Themysceran flowers. Upon closer inspection, one would swear that on the Dark Knight’s cheek were two tear stains.

He knew she had entered his city the moment she entered Gotham airspace. Sensors at his parents’ grave site alerted him she had gone there, coincidentally as he was making his way there. He had also activated the hidden mic there.

He had heard every word she had said.

More tears began to slowly come down the Batman’s face as he traced the names upon the headstones. He knelt there for who knew how long, relishing the moment, before standing up and looking upwards in the direction Wonder Woman had flown off in. For the fleetest of moments, a warm smile graced his lips.

Normally, anyone coming here would be considered a trespasser on sacred ground.

Not her.

“Thank you, Diana,” Bruce said softly.

In the skies above the Gotham Skyline, Diana’s metahuman hearing caught the whisper, and another smile came.

“You’re welcome, Bruce,” came the whispered reply before she flew off into the skies.

They were keeping their distance from her.

Sure, they were all hurt by Batman’s hidden agenda and his secrecy and his apparent betrayal. But it wasn’t on her level. They didn’t see Batman the way SHE saw Batman. They cared for Batman, yes, but not in the way SHE cared for Batman. They were shocked by the revelation of the contingencies being of his own creation, but not like SHE had been shocked.

They had been hurt, but not in the way SHE had been hurt.

The training room was hers for the rest of the day. It had been claimed and the others had determined it to be that way as such. They knew better. It wasn’t wise to get in the way of an angry Amazon who was on a warpath. Left and right, the various drones fell under her fists, her anger and fury and…Her pain channeling through her veins as tears of anger and hurt streamed down her face as his words echoed over and over in her mind…

‘The plans were mine.’

Those plans…those contingencies prepared to bring down the Justice League…the contingency made to bring HER down…they were by his hand.

Batman had made contingencies against the Justice League.

Batman had made a contingency against Wonder Woman.

…Bruce had made contingency against Diana.

At it had shattered Diana completely.

How could he do it? How could he work side by side with them for years…with her…and yet go so far as to do such a thing as formula methods to bring down the League…to bring down her? Did he not trust them? Did he not trust HER?!

The revelation had hurt her…more than he pushing her away ever did.

Diana wanted to forget it all; she wanted to forget that it was his plans that almost killed her today. She wanted to forget that it was he who had formed a method to do her harm. She wanted to forget that it was the man she had been willing to surrender her heart and love to, for whom she had been willing to abandon her Amazon ideals, for he whom she had been willing begin something special with and spend a lifetime together .

But she couldn’t.

She hated what he did. She hated why he did it. She hated that he wasn’t sorry about it, that he was willing to readily do it again if he had to. She hated that he apparently didn’t fully trust her at all.

Yet…she still loved him.

And that…that was what she hated the most.

It is a very, very .VERY rare occasion that the Batman finds himself caught completely off-guard.


She had been raised on an island inhabited only by women. Sure, he wasn’t going to deny that she probably had her experiences hell, the thought was welcome for him.

Just whoa

But after doing that and THAT and that and that and let’s not forget THAT

How the hell ?

He was convinced. She COULDN’T have been a virgin before tonight.

Bruce was tingly all over, his breath ragged and fast, his pulse speeding like the Flash, and his eyes wide open in surprise and his mouth open with the same emotion. His naked body was encased in a thin coating of sweat, courtesy of all their activity for the last couple of hours. His arms were collapsed on the sheets and the bed. He was warm all over, mostly because of what had been done to him for the last few hours. He still couldn’t believe any of THAT had come from her. HOW? She seemed so innocent, so pure


Resting her chin lazily on his pecs, the rest of her delicious naked form snuggled on his body, Diana smiled at him. A lazy smile and it was so damn sexy, it turned him on again. Diana felt it, and giggled so adorably that Bruce dedicated every single day for the rest of his life to making sure she made that exact same sound for him and only him each day at least one. She wiggled her body as her face came closer to his, and she began suckling at his neck. His mind instantly began screaming in delight this was how she started Technique #5 and he was keeping count, he realized .

“How (her teeth found the nape of his neck) did you (her lips were suddenly nibbling at his earlobe) know (her fingernails were caressing his inner thigh oh God, the torture!) how to (her teeth then found his nipple) do thaaAAAT!” Did he really just do that?! He did a lot for her and she managed to get a lot out of him that was reserved only for her, but her making him sound like THAT?!

“Do what?” Diana cooed into his nipple, her teeth softly and playfully nibbling the sensitive flesh. She imagined if how she felt when his teeth were tormenting HER nipples was what he was feeling now. Their first hour, she had been pleasured beyond imagination. Sure, she had her experiences growing up on Themyscera (she wondered how Bruce would respond to that he’d probably go ecstatic), but what Bruce had done to her she had gasped and moaned and squealed and screamed like never before. All those sensations that had ravaged her nerves as he took her, setting her on fire with each kiss on her neck and lips and pretty much every part of her body when his tongue was on her nipples as his fingers toyed with her moistening womanhood, teasing her and sending electricity into her veins when his tongue assaulted her sex, feasting upon it as she squealed in delight and moaned his name as if her life depended on it every thrust he made as she screamed over and over and their passion grew and grew, drowning her in bliss and delightful pleasure as he made her toes curl by the gods, Diana doubted she could ever feel like that ever again.

Then she decided to turn the tables. She decided to show him just how well an Amazon did in bed.

She could tell she had Bruce as hers now, she realized after just 30 minutes into it.

“THAT,” Bruce gasped. “When you and you with your fingers and the teeth ”

Diana couldn’t help but laugh, removing her mouth from his nipple to kiss him softly taking extra care to softly nibble on his bottom lip. “I do everything in my power to pleasure you like never before, and that is what’s on your mind?” she asked as she broke the kiss, the mischievous glint in her smile. “Did I lose you somewhere, Bruce?”

“No!” he replied instantly, his hands coming up to her cheeks. “You didn’t lose me anywhere, believe me! It, it was wonderful in every sense of the word.”

“Pun intended?” Diana giggled, and Bruce actually let out a small laugh as he realized what he said.

“Sure,” he replied. “But it’s just I never would’ve expected you to well ”

“Be such an animal in bed?” she whispered in a sultry voice, batting her eyelashes as she beamed that lazy and sexy smile again oh God, she had him wrapped around her finger.

“Um  (did he really say UM? What had she done to him?!) sure, let’s go with that.”

“My, how the Dark Knight has been conquered,” Diana teased. Her finger was suddenly on his pecs, lazily drawing circles ever so gently. “Don’t you remember who my patron goddesses are?”

“Of course,” Bruce replied, relishing her touches and caresses. “Hera, Athena, Artemis ”

“Aphrodite ”

“And Aphrodite,” Bruce agreed. “What do they have to do with this?”

“Oh, Bruce ” Diana sighed with a smirk. “What did we just do for the last few hours?”

“We made wonderful love to each other. Pun intended.”

“Yes,” Diana giggled. Oh Lord have mercy, he loved to hear her giggle. “And what is Aphrodite?”

“She’s the Greek Goddess of ” and then it clicked. “Oh.”

He just said “oh.” Victory was Diana’s.

“Come on, Bruce-blessed by Aphrodite?” Diana laughed. “That really NEVER tipped you off AT ALL?”

“Actually no, it didn’t.”


“No…it never really did.” Bruce was completely honest; he knew that the Ancient Greeks worshipped Aphrodite as their Goddess of Love and Beauty. He knew that Diana was blessed by those same gods and goddesses that the Ancient Greeks worshipped, and Aphrodite was among that Pantheon, he knew. Diana was quite literally beauty incarnate, and when she showed him the loved that she had for him, he knew that that kind of love was genuine and pure like nothing else, meaning she had been given these gifts by Aphrodite upon her animation from clay millennia ago. But it truthfully never clicked in his mind that Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, would’ve actually…manifested THAT showing of her love into her. Seriously-Diana was so innocent when the League had first united, and even during that first union, she had known all these mind numbing and breath taking techniques the she had just performed on him.

Looks certainly were deceiving.

“Hmm, so the Batman has been caught by surprise for once,” Diana mused softly with a smile. At that, she began to once more nibble and suck affectionately on Bruce’s neck…but this time, she began slowly and sensually grinding his crotch area with her glorious behind & womanhood. “Well, there is no point in dwelling on that,” the Amazon purred into Bruce’s neck, making everything except the base male animal inside him shut down. “I still haven’t finished with you just yet, Bruce…”

Bruce wasn’t a man of faith or religion. And he had never prayed to any god whatsoever since his parents died that night so long ago.

But after just one minute of Diana using this new technique on him and melting him like butter, as his hands fondled her breast while his tongue tormented her nipple while she mercilessly teased him with her moans of pleasure and desire, teasing his aching cock with her moist sex, all the while using her fingers to pleasure him in ways he didn’t even know he could be pleasured in, Bruce Wayne expressed his eternal gratitude to the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty for bestowing such wonderful gifts upon his Princess…and in default, to him.

And somewhere up there, in another plane of existence, a woman of even more beauty that Wonder Woman herself smiled upon the sight before her in her vision cloud, happy for her Champion, and pleased & amused by the Knight’s actions.

It was all her fault.

That was all she could think about as she watched with shock and horror, the scene of destruction all around. The flames and smoke billowing out of the mansion she had slowly begun to call home mocked her. The crushed bricks and stone with scattered dust clouds jeered at her as they obscured the night skies. The partially standing mansion yelled at her, screamed and cursed her, demanding to know why she had been so careless…why she had made the worst of mistakes. And she couldn’t help but accept the blame the structure gave her. And it humiliated and hurt her to no ends to hear the mockery that its destruction gave her.

The Javelin finally touched down on the brick-littered ground, the hordes of reporters already making to swarm the flying vessel and being held back only by Gotham Police. Her companions, Donna and Barry Allen, made to disembark, but she herself found that she couldn’t move. Her entire body was gripped with fear and other warring emotions. Tears were bombarding her eyes, demanding to be let loose, but she refused to let them fall. But then…how else could she cope with what she had done? Her sister approached her, offering her hand in aid to get off the seat. She took another look towards the carnage that was once the proud estate of Wayne Manor; she couldn’t appear weak, not after this. Her family needed her now…despite the fact that she caused this ordeal upon her family in the first place. Nonetheless, she knew she had to face this. She took her sister’s hand and got up, ready (somewhat) to face the masses. Donna and Barry each gave her supportive hugs, and with that, she forced her resolve into existence and joined the others in exiting the Javelin.

She was Diana of Themyscera, Wonder Woman, and she would not back down.

And she immediately regretted her decision as she was bombarded with questions and comments by the various reporters and tabloids, each wanting to know all her secrets and her thoughts and her reasons for why she did it. Her resolve all but shattered at this, and she almost thought she’d collapse out of shame. Luckily, Donna held her up as Barry, joined by a battle-weary Green Arrow and Captain Atom, quickly tried to disperse the crowds with the aid of the police.

Diana didn’t think it’d get worse. She was wrong.

Jeers were suddenly thrown her way, hoots of maniacal laughter and cheering…thanking and congratulating her. With horror, she turned to see dozens upon dozens of Gotham’s criminal scum…and they were joined by that sadistic clown, that deformed lizard man, that deranged man with the black mask, that killer frozen in his own suit; their numbers seemed infinite as they all cackled and mocked her and stupidity, her moments of weakness…her very heart. But, why wouldn’t they be doing so? After all, it was because of her that they, despite losing this night, had ultimately won. They had done the unthinkable and had won against their dark and eternal foe. It didn’t matter that they had been bested by HIM and his sons, and it didn’t matter that they had been apprehended and were now under extremely heavy guard of SWAT, police, Canary, Huntress, the Tamaranean lover of her son and three others of the Titans. It didn’t matter because even if they failed tonight, they had the rest of HIS life to torment. And if it wasn’t these before her that succeeded, Gotham had a limitless supply of scum that now knew how to seek their revenge.

It broke her already shattered heart even more.

As Donna guided her towards the mansion, a mansion that was now both dead and dying as firefighters tried to save it, she suddenly grew very sick; what horror would she find inside? What would their reactions be? Could she bear to look her family in the eye after this? Hera, she asked herself, why did she falter in that moment just yesterday? What had she done to anger the gods in such a way that they allowed this to happen?

The two were then approached by the cigarette-popping Commissioner and a disheartened Superman; he who worked with HIM all these years and he who was best friend to the lovers. Gordon had never believed her capable of purposely committing such an action, and he still thought so. His condolences, however, were all he had to offer to the Amazon before him. He assured her that her family was ok despite a number of injuries, but he knew very well that after tonight, things would never be the same again. He prayed that his own daughter would be able to find some refuge amid this chaos. For now, though, all he could do was prepare for what was surely to come: the biggest crime storm Gotham had ever scene. With a heavy heart for Diana and her family, he walked away to do what he could.

Clark remained, though… But in reality, what could he do to help her in this time of devastation? It was already obvious that the Kryptonian was blaming himself for what had transpired here…for not being fast enough to come sooner to help his best friend. And Diana found herself wishing she could in fact the blame solely on him, but she knew it was rightfully her own to bear. Her own fault. Clark could see it in her eyes, the pain she felt at this moment. A being that thrived on emotion and empathy was being rattled to her core. It pained him to see her like his, his best friend in utter despair and not being able to do a damn thing about it.

Did he dare take her inside? He didn’t want to…but he knew he had to.

He motioned for her to follow him, but she faltered again, unwilling to confront this despite knowing that she needed to see HIM… make sure her family was safe.

It was with a gentle nudge that Donna helped her sister find some strength to head inside. Following Superman, the two Amazons entered the broken manor, unsure of what to expect. Diana willed herself to be strong…for herself and her family. She had to be strong, dammit; she was an Amazon!

Even Amazons fall.

She wasn’t ready for the unsightly destruction of the halls and antiques. Nor was she ready for the carnage of furniture that littered the ground. She wasn’t ready for the sight of bullet holes and bodily dents in the wall, or the splashes of blood on the floor. She wasn’t ready for the silent echoes of screams and battle, a battle for the very lives of her family. She was not ready to see the destruction of this place, this new home.

And she was certainly not ready to see the beaten and severely injured form of its caretaker, her father figure. She gasped and called out in pure fear as the paramedics rushes past with Alfred in their stretcher. She needed to see him and touch him, as if he would vanish completely if she didn’t. He grasped her hand as she approached, assuring her that he would be fine; the paramedics, however, assured her the complete opposite: they doubted that the old man would last the night with his injuries unless immediately taken to the hospital. She almost unleashed her sobs and her tears. Had she caused the old man’s death? For even if he managed to get to a hospital…would he really be safe, now that the world knew his affiliation?

She almost broke down at that moment but she somehow kept herself from doing so. She had to be strong for them…she had to be…

Something inside her being begged her not to go further; warning her that the worst was yet to be seen. Was she ready to see the greatest damage she had caused?

Without thinking, Diana ran ahead to the study, where she was sure they would be…and she recoiled at what she saw.

Dick and Tim looked up as she entered, their faces and clothes battered and bruised from their attempts to protect their home. Their faces…there was no anger towards her in their eyes, and that made her feeling even more ashamed. Slowly she approached them, her boots echoing in the silence of the destruction, unsure of what to do as she was in front of them. Nothing and yet everything was exchanged between them as Diana saw that her fiancé’s sons were OK. She was shaking, her pent up tears and humiliation and sorrow threatened to boil over; the eldest and third of the four sons knew not how to comfort her, and all they could do was offer her a comforting embrace. In their eyes was nothing but understanding.

But she had to continue, and continued walking deeper into the study. The second eldest, she saw, refused to look at her. He looked weary of battle, his jeans ripped from blades and bullets and his shirt torn in pieces. He tended to his own injuries, but he gave her no attention. It didn’t matter; she knew his eyes screamed indifference.

But the youngest brother and the only sister…their eyes stabbed her already shattered heart. It was then that Clark told her what those scum had tried to do to Cassandra, and even more of Diana died at that moment. No young girl should ever endure such a thing. She had Damian’s cape covering her near naked body, a sling on her left arm. The youngest son looked absolutely filthy from his battles, clothes ripped and blood on his skin. The two children, tended to by paramedics, turned their gaze upon her, and Diana wondered by she had yet to break down. Their eyes screamed at her, hers of pain and his of hatred.

He knew it was her fault, and would never forgive her.

Could she even forgive herself?

There was still one more…and the Amazon braced herself for the greatest fear of this disastrous event. Slowly, she turned to where he was sitting on his overturned desk, a paramedic tending his wounds, as he held a painting in his hand…a painting sacred to him, but was now defiled courtesy of that sadistic clown. The man and woman honored in it smeared by bright deadly colors. It was an insult to his family name.

With every step she took towards him, her resolve weakened more and more. She had caused this to him and his family…she had utterly destroyed his life. How could she bear to face him against after this? What would his eyes tell of? Hera, he had been a black hole before, so what would he become now?

At last, she was right in front of him. His gaze slowly rose to meet her eyes. And his eyes…they portrayed the one thing that Diana felt that was unobtainable in this situation.

His love for her.

And yet that was all it took to make what remained of her resolve to be strong for him to wither away.

“Bruce…I’m… I’m sorry…”

That was all Diana Wayne could utter before she finally broke down in tears. Collapsing into his bruised arms, she silently but uncontrollably sobbed as Bruce tried to comfort his fiancé. But she knew it was in vain, because no amount of comfort, even Bruce’s, could rid Diana of the guilt her heart and soul bore right now.

Neither of them had ever thought that she would be the one to cause the other hurt, even if indirectly. But it had happened. All because of a kiss given at the wrong time. All because of a moment of weakness, her weakness, at the end of a mission where Bruce almost died. All because of a photo.

All because of eight words on a newspaper.


“I think it suits the city nicely.”

Bruce, currently standing on the roof of a high rise building, turned away from the signal decorating the Gotham night sky, the small half smirk quickly disappearing from his lips. His gaze averted to the floating Amazon Princess, whose own gaze was fixed on the signal in the sky. A small smile was on her face as she felt a small surge of pride flow within her. The Bat Signal that she had come to see as one of Gotham’s trademark sights had been replaced (at least momentarily), its omen of protection by darkness exchanged for the trademark pair of golden W-like symbols. A reminder of the Battle of the Amazon and Rogues just a week ago.

“That’s open to debate,” the Dark Knight replied as he turned back to the Wonder Signal, as the Gotham media had come to call it. As had Dick, Alfred, Barbara and Tim even Commissioner Gordon.

“I’m sure,” Diana replied as she slowly landed on the building, standing by his side. Both enjoyed a semi-comfortable silence as the Wonder Signal lit up the skies. There were words to be said by both parties, that much was obvious. After all, there were always regulations, of sorts, in terms of Gotham in relation to the majority of the Justice League. Diana’s actions here in Gotham had all but broken apart those regulations, throwing them out the window. Granted, there was a dire emergency at the time, and the Batman, Robin and Nightwing had been badly incapacitated. Naturally, help was needed, and Barbara simply looked to the external sources for such.

There was a war in Gotham, and in complete disregard to Batman’s approval rate, she had called in a warrior.

The methods used well, as mentioned, there were words to be said by both parties.

Strangely, the home party felt a tad bit conflicted on the matter.

After a long while, the Wonder Signal fazed out of existence, the night skies returning to their near eternal darkness. Alongside this, the semi-comfortable silence also seemed to start ebbing away, as if the Wonder Signal was the only thing keeping the peace between them.

Diana was the first to break the silence. “Bruce I can understand that you may have a few things to say about my actions here a week ago. But I will have you know that I have no regrets about any of them. I did what I felt needed to be done. I would do it all again if Barbara asked me to return to Gotham in an hour of need.”

“I’m aware of that,” Bruce replied, his voice completely neutral. After a moment’s silence, he added, “You saved many lives that night.” There was more that he wanted to say, such as the fact that she had accomplished what even he had never been able to do. Hell, he kept locking up and relocking his Rogues Gallery back in Arkham over and over for years now. It had almost become a simple routine; honestly, thinking that locking up the likes of the Joker or Two Face would somehow magically reform them was a fantasy that never would take hold of reality. At least, that was what it seemed like before Wonder Woman had been called in to quell the madness of Gotham.

Somehow, Diana had made a number of Gotham’s Most Wanted seek rehabilitation and even reform. Man Bat, Two Face and Freeze were only a few of the ones that had changed their paths. The likes of Joker, unfortunately, were forever lost; but those that had changed their ways, it was as if something inside them had been opened up to them. In all honestly, Bruce was in awe that she seemed to tame even Gotham and her scum.

“I did,” Diana agreed, “and even lives that I am sure we both believed were lost forever were also saved.” Yes, even she was surprised at the news that some of Gotham’s worst had changed. She shifted her gaze downwards to where her lasso rested on her hips. Without it, the battle may have gone an entirely different way.

“I don’t agree with some of your methods, obviously.”

“I’ll admit, I have come on as brash at some points-”

“You brought an army of Amazons.”

Diana shrugged. “Barbara said it was war. War requires an army to fight it. Besides, if my sisters weren’t there, Penguin’s bomb would’ve claimed many lives.”

Bruce gazed at her, his lens covered eyes locked with her own blue ones. After a few moments, he simply grunted and turned away, but his next words suggested approval in their tone. “I’ll cede that point to you. They did save many lives.”

His stance shifted ever so slightly, but Diana caught it. “Admit it,” she teased with a coy smile as she placed her hand on her hip, the one where her lasso was held. “You’re impressed with how I handled the situation with what I’ve done.”

She was right. Bruce was indeed impressed a little.

Not that he would ever admit that.

” What did you do to stop them?” Bruce asked as he turned to the Amazon, quickly changing the subject.

Diana gripped her lasso a bit tighter, her eyelids closing. After a breath she replied, “I did what Barbara said to do. I began to think like you, and of you; what you do and how you fight and whatnot  You once said that the scum of Gotham are a superstitious and cowardly lot. You use fear to quell the chaos of Gotham. So, I just took that and built on it with the style of an Amazon. You use fear so I used fear as well.” She removed her lasso from her waist, allowing her fellow hero to see it fully. “There is nothing that no human being or living being on this planet fears more than the truths that lay inside of them, the truth that they don’t want to acknowledge. Even your Rogues fear the madness within themselves.”

There was a small silence for a few moments as the Amazon’s words sunk in. Bruce had been fighting the scum of Gotham for years on end, firm in his belief of their character. He had honed fear and used it as a weapon, instilling it into the hearts of Gotham’s criminals and the like, driving it into their souls. His Rogues, however, were a difficult lot; fear only worked to an extent. There was no doubt that the Rogues of Gotham feared him greatly, but there was always that something else that always spurred them to keep engaging with him within themselves. They were all scarred in some way or another.

Diana always said that her Lasso of Truth never left anyone in its grasp untouched. And he had now witnessed it firsthand.

“I think I’m beginning to understand.”

Bruce turned back to Diana, surprised to see a sort of understanding expression on her face, a look of realization in her eyes. “Understand what, Princess?”

“Why you’ve been so stubbornly intent on keeping me out of Gotham, out of your city,” she replied as she turned to meet his eyes or rather, lens. “On keeping most of us out and away from this place. It’s like what Catwoman said to me: you and your children, her and Zatanna and Huntress, you’re all used to be the atrocities of Gotham, to what it offers and takes, even with your grievances towards it. You understand it, you can read it, and you know Gotham. After all these years, you have mastered the shadows and filth and despair that she offers.”

Diana then looked down at the streets below, bright with night lights and noise. “I thought I could just walk in and deliver justice as I saw fit. I brought an army, an ideal, and a will to enforce it upon those villains and it was all thrown out the window.” She sighed, before continuing, “Bruce, your enemies made me question who I was and what I wanted to do. How I wanted to do things and I wanted so much to smite the smirks and laughs and sneers off their faces, to slaughter them. They were relentless and uncaring of anything around them. Even Ares wouldn’t spill the blood of innocents to gain his enemies’ distraction. It was a shocking experience to say the least.”

Bruce was silent, patient. He figured that the Princess had endured such an experience in Gotham, learning that there are those that just play by their own rules or even no rules at all. The norms and customs that she was accustomed to they didn’t and wouldn’t ever work with the likes of Gotham City. She had faced a brand new experience, and she clearly wanted to talk about it and get it off her chest. Normally, he would be miles away from this kind of conversation with the Amazon, but in all honesty he knew that he was the right person, if not the only person she could share this with.

She wouldn’t share it with anyone else, anyways.

“Facing them it can change you if you’re not careful enough,” Diana continued as she holstered her Lasso. “I was tempted that night, as I have never been tempted before. I came so closed to just taking my blade and slaughtering them. Each of them deserved to die, in the most gruesome ways possible, especially the Joker. I tried to use my own style of battle, I tried to utilize everything I was taught and raised in, but I couldn’t .I just couldn’t ”

Diana found that she had no words for those experiences. She had no words for how she felt in that moment, in those moments. She had been pushed to the edge like never before. Even when she had to face Batman’s enemies alongside him and the rest of the League, she had faced nothing like what she did on their home turf. A silence befell her, and she was surprised when she felt Batman’s gauntlet on her shoulder. Turning to him, she saw that though he was looking out to the city skyline, his words were directed to her.

“That’s why I always stress keeping you and Clark and everyone else away from Gotham,” Bruce replied. Turning to her, he removed his cowl, allowing the Amazon to see his face. “You all are used to your own kinds of criminals, your own enemies. And most enemies have some kind of moral, at least. Even Darkseid has his own twisted concept of moral ethics. But the Gotham criminals, they don’t have any of that. Their insanity is their weapon, their tool to instill fear into Gotham’s citizens and they have no care for the means to their ends. They make you question yourself and your ways. And they do their damnedest to find a way to break you, to find your weakness.”

“And they found mine,” Diana sighed with a low voice. “They turned my own compassion and Amazon ideals against me. I almost snapped, Bruce.”

“But you didn’t,” Bruce continued as he surprisingly took her hand in his gauntlet. “You resisted everything they threw at you. You remained yourself, Princess, and you didn’t give ground. Diana, that is admirable. You showed how much better you are than them, how you remained true to your Amazon ideals. You mixed your tactics with your own and in the end you came out on top, uncompromised and undeterred.”

Diana nodded. By the gods, she did keep herself firm and standing strong in her ideals, not compromising herself and her beliefs for anything. She felt that many a great man and woman had tried and failed. Yet here was a great man before her so

“How do you do it?”

Bruce turned to her, already knowing what she meant. “Keep myself from becoming like them?” Diana nodded. Bruce sighed before returning his gaze to the night. “It’s hard to not stoop down to their level. When the Joker killed Jason, there was nothing more I wanted to do than to end his life. But the one thing that separates me from them is the moral mindset I have that they don’t. That is all that keeps me from sinking down to their level. I am solely a hand of justice; not a judge, jury or executioner. It is not my place to take his life, to take any of their lives. All I can do is keeping fighting as I know how, even if it’s a lost cause. I fight on, knowing that the fear I wield in battle is much stronger that what they can ever unleash.”

The answer seemed to satisfy the Amazon. “Fear really is a powerful weapon,” Diana said with a small smile.

“If used correctly, Princess,” Bruce agreed with a nod.

“You know, I find myself half wondering why a Sinestro Corps ring has yet to find you.”

“Sometimes, I wonder the same thing.”

The two chuckled .well, Diana did while Bruce smirked and allowed some weird cross of humorous sound to escape his lips. The two heroes were content in the silence that followed. Both stared out into the Gotham night. It was a pleasant while, though, before a thought crossed Diana’s mind .one that had been poking at her being since a day after her battle in Gotham. Poking at her heart, mostly.

“You know I was able to resist your enemies, keep myself from breaking at their tactics,” Diana said, a small twinge of near undetectable hope laced in her voice. “I was able to prove that no matter what your enemies throw at me, or what they try to do to break me or anything, I can resist. I proved that I was strong against them.”

“Yes, you did. You should feel proud.”

“I do because it completely shuts down your reasoning as to why well, you know.”

Bruce did know, and now that Diana had mentioned it, it once again slammed him in the chest as he realized that she was right.

All this time, all these years since the original seven faced those seven alien invaders, there was no denying that there was a spark between them. Which then led to a bond and soon something so much stronger than that; and it scared him like nothing ever did. She was something special to him, and he was something special to her. There was chemistry between them, they could both see that. And it was why he constantly tried to keep her at arm’s length. He came up with excuses after excuses the fact that his enemies would get to her being the most prominent one. And here they were, with that excuse thrown right out the window.

She had proved to hold her ground against his villains. And he knew it from the moment he learned that she had saved Gotham. It both scared him and amazed him. And since then, something kept gnawing at his inner self, telling him everything that he already knew: that his reasoning and excuses were flawed. That she didn’t need protection from them. She had learned from the best how to fight them.

Diana had proved it to him.

“Your silence says it all, Bruce,” came the voice of the Amazon. Bruce didn’t find it surprising that there was a slightly coy and victorious tone in her words. She knew she had won this round, and perhaps the battle itself.

And for some reason, he felt liberated to admit it.

Before any of them could further speak, Batman’s gauntlet beeped. He quickly took a gaze at it, before bringing up a device from his belt, staring at its screens.

“Clayface It looks like he’s hit a convoy of armored trucks.” No sooner did the words leave his mouth than the Wonder Signal suddenly lit up the skies again. The two stared at it for a few moments before the Batman returned his cowl to its position and briskly headed to the edge of the building, his hand holding a grappling gun. Taking aim at the next building over, he turned to the Amazon who still stood in her spot. “Well, Princess? Are you coming along?”

Diana blinked in surprise. “You’re serious?”

Silence was her answer. If she had to guess, though, there was an arched eyebrow behind that cowl of his.

Diana smiled after a few moments. “Well, my signal is up in the skies. Gotham seems to need me, after all.”

She could’ve sworn that an actual smile passed his lips before he shot off into the skies. It wasn’t long before the Amazon took off after him.

Fear and justice. Two different ideals joining to quell the chaos of Gotham.

It would be the first of many instances.


Years of being alone. He always told himself that was what he needed, what he thrived in. He always needed time on his own, to be on his own. It was how the Bat came to be; an ache of loneliness taken and built to an extremity of obsession the likes of which had never been seen before. And it thrived on singularity, on his drive to better Gotham…alone. Channeling the darkness and rage within into one single weapon of shadow. A force that not only focused on one goal and nothing else, but cast aside all hope of happiness and love. He didn’t need it. He had to be alone. He had to focus on the mission, his mission his promise. Nothing else mattered, could matter, could distract him.

And yet…when she had been there that one night of brokenness, he realized that he needed her when the tears somehow came out.

And he realized that despite the odds, despite  his efforts…she grew to be all that mattered to him. He thought it a distraction, and he tried to run, to flee. Days without boarding the Watchtower, weeks; just to stay away from her. And the days would feel like years without her, when he was away from her. He told himself it was worth it, worth the pain. But every morning as he woke up alone, that other side of his bed made up and untouched, told him otherwise.

It soon became painfully unbearable.

He realized he was falling, and falling hard. And he couldn’t do anything about it. No matter what he said, did or even didn’t do. It would always come back and bite him somehow.

He found himself counting the steps she took as she would confidently leave the room. The minutes and hours when she was on a mission. The seconds that passed when she smiled that smile, as he memorized everything about it.

He tried to deny how much he needed her, how much he wanted and longed for her. For weeks, months even.

But now, he couldn’t deny the obvious truth anymore.

When she was gone, what pieces were left of his heart missed her. He missed her face, a face that illuminated the darkness within his life and cast away the torment and hurt that filled him. That face he came to know and want to see every day, anticipated every time he set foot onto the Watchtower.

When she was gone, so were those witty remarks they exchanged, those flirtatious exchanges…and those moments when she would just brighten his mood, regardless of whatever she said. A voice whose words would brighten his mood, make every day worthwhile and help make everything ok, if only for a little bit.

All he would have until the next time she blessed him with her presence were the memories shared. And a photo (…maybe more) in the Bat Cave computer, one that would never do her beauty and perfection justice. One he would always find himself looking at.

And three simple words would always come to mind, words he wished he had the strength to say. There was so much he wished he could say. But at moments like this, he would settle for just these three.

“I miss you.”

She was Amazon.

Champion of the Gods of Olympus, heir to the throne of Themyscera. Emissary of the Amazon Nation, sent to share a message of peace and love with Man’s World. An Amazon built and bred.

She wasn’t supposed to feel this way.

It was foreign to her. She had never felt this way before. Perhaps it should’ve scared her. Maybe it did initially.

And yet…she cherished this feeling. There were even days that she lived for it.

She found in him a kindred spirit, a warrior’s strength and passion just like her own. Though they seemed so different, they were so alike. She found herself drawn to him. He infiltrated her mind, her thoughts and curiosity. They bonded and grew closer, and soon everything that she did would remind her of him.

She found that she couldn’t go a day without trying to be around him. It was as if she would gravitate towards him the moment he arrived. She loved to just be around him. Their spars were some of the most enjoyable moments together. A test of skill, strategy and strength, as well as a driving force bringing them closer together, his scent afterwards staying with her all day and well into the night.

She loved the openness he granted her, even if accidental. A glimpse at who he truly was. A gentle touch here, a half-smile there, a small slip of the tongue at any given moment. It was such little things that she treasured and held on to, that she loved.

Was it wrong for her to be falling this hard? She found she didn’t care.

She would count the steps he took when he left the Watchtower, wondering when he would return. The days and weeks where he would vanish, trying to ignore the pain in her heart as he tried to run from her. The seconds they would be inches apart in their spars, breathing in each other as she treasured each moment.

She soon realized how much she longed for those moments together, their little time away from the world. She soon realized she needed those moments, needed him.

When he was gone, her already large heart missed him with every fiber. She missed his face, half hidden in shadow and secret, one that would catch her breath with those ice blue eyes, make her heart soar with small but profound smiles and smirks. Actions reserves only for those he cared for and trusted…and she was counted within such a small circle.

When he was gone, so were the words of a man who saw her and treated her as an equal. Who saw her intellect match his own. Their flirts, exchanges and the subtle undertone of love in the smallest and yet largest of ways. They brightened her days, gave her new hope each time as she chipped away at him. Reminding her that it would all be ok in the end, that it would be worth it.

And though she could easy show up to Gotham, she would instead wait. She wouldn’t risk pushing him too much and lose him. She would instead gaze at Earth from the Watchtower, or stare off into the night from her Embassy, cherished memories all she had to go by as he lingered in her mind.

And three words would always come to her mind. Words that she would always quietly tell him upon his return. She’d let him know, though she yearned to say so much more. But for now, she could find herself content with just these three.

“I miss you.”

They were made for each other. Everyone could see it, even Clark. They could see their closeness, their bond and how often they seemed to be together. Everyone in the League could feel the tension between them, see the love one had for the other.

She was committed to it, to him. She loved him, her heart was his forever. He was her first love, and she wanted him to be her only love. She had given her heart and soul into it and him, her all. The Amazon in her demanded it.

He could hardly breathe when met with her beauty, her warm smile, the volumes of love in her eyes. Just for him. He had been alone for far too long. More than anything, he wanted, needed to feel her there beside him, every day.

Their hearts would miss each other when they were gone, yearning for that connection once more. They would long to see the other, to see the face of the one they had come to know so well, some intimately and profoundly.

Three words, once enough to comfort them until their next reunion, were no longer enough. They wanted so much more.

And when they united once again, it was with a smile on her part and a warm, heartfelt surrender on his. So much more had been achieved at last.

And together, both uttered those same three words, a custom she had started that he had now come to adopt himself. Three words that, while not the ones they would rather say, spoke of the deep feelings inside of them, the love they felt for each other.

Three words that spoke volumes.

“I miss you.”

Note: This chapter takes place in the DC New 52 continuity of Prime Earth.

He wasn’t angry, and he wasn’t hurt.

The thought kept repeating itself in his mind over and over. He kept drilling it into his heart as it did, as he blatantly ignored the cheers and such of the Gotham crowds below him. All eyes below were on the giant Jumbotron News Screen of Gotham Square, on the images and videos of two of the Justice League’s most well-known members, two of the most iconic superheroes in the world.

He wasn’t on that screen…with her.

The thought refused to be squashed, despite his best efforts. It wasn’t him up there with her, shown to the rest of the world with her. He had spent a good chunk of three years to ensure that. It had been for the best, he had always told himself. He did it for her, it was all for her. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t what he wanted. This was how it had to be. There was no other way.

Despite his best efforts, though, the memories started playing back over again in his mind. Memories shared between the Batman and Wonder Woman.

They had surprisingly grown close since the League had formed, bonding over their drive and warrior spirits. But Bruce had begun noticing the signs after several months, not just from Diana, but from himself as well. Signs that he had been caught unprepared for, and it shook him. And despite his own rationality, his own self-warnings, he allowed himself to play along, to indulge himself and the Amazon. Their flirtation, their spars, those special moments that seemed to just sneak up on them.

Bruce had always enjoyed his time with Diana. He found himself anticipating moments like these. The two would always just…click, for lack of a better term. For three years since the two began bonding, their little dances grew stronger, and it was clear that there was something between Bruce and Diana, something real.

And yet all the while, Bruce knew that he had to stop. Before Diana was hurt.

How could anything between them come to fruition? She was a demigoddess, a champion to her people, and he was only a mortal man. She was a woman of light and purity, of everything that was good, virtuous. Everything that he wasn’t and couldn’t be. He was a man of the dark, of the shadows, who immersed himself within the filth of Gotham each night. All he could offer her was the darkness he thrived in. All he could end up doing to her was corrupt her.

He had strung her along for too long, and yet he didn’t stop.

And so, he forced himself to, despite the pain. And the pain he felt then was shattering.

But that pain would be better than the inevitable pain that he would’ve caused her down the line. He knew that could be the only possible outcome. Shadow and darkness could have no union with purity and light. Bruce hated it, but he recognized it. He could only bring her pain in the end. It would be better to end it all off then and there, and not have her go through the pain later on. He would only hurt her and break her heart, it was who he was. He couldn’t bear to break Diana’s heart or spirit. It would devastate her.

He was just too broken. He couldn’t let her go through such difficulty, such pain and disillusion. She didn’t deserve to suffer like that; she didn’t deserve to be put through that. Bruce knew what he had to do, and he knew what was needed. He had to save her from the pain he would inevitably cause her. He had to break her to keep himself from shattering her.

He could still remember her tears that night, her pain, her look of devastation.

He could still remember the week after in the Watchtower, when she platonically, politely and professionally addressed him.

He could still remember the moment it sunk in that she had died inside because of him. He could still remember how he realized what he had done to her.

He vividly remembered, like it was yesterday, the justification he gave himself that day, and from every day onwards until today. That it was for the best, that this was the only possible way for them. Colleagues and teammates, friends. Nothing more, nothing less.

That was why events had shaped into the way they had ended up today.

With the image of Superman and Wonder Woman on the Jumbotron News Screen, kissing passionately for the whole world to see.

Clark and Diana showing their love for each other to the world.

It didn’t make the Batman cringe in hurt, and it didn’t make his blood boil in anger. The Batman was above such things.

Ok, maybe he was angry.

But at their complete stupidity.

They had kissed in front of the entire world. He had warned them about making their relationship public so soon, if at all. The world would go into an upheaval. And this was proof of it.

He had told them specifically that their union was one that could make the world uncomfortable. Not the masses of civilians that they fought for each day, but those that led the world. Government leaders, representatives, the likes of them. They would become targets; they were arguably the two most powerful beings on the planet, after all. This kind of exposure could come back to haunt them, to ruin them. He had told them that it would be better for them to keep their relationship a secret, at least for now. It would’ve been for the best.

It wasn’t so that he would be confronted with it so brazenly at all times.

He was happy for them. He was, he really was. All he was concerned about was their well-being. They had already tried to start gunning for the two of them, after breaking into the Batcave…whoever they were. He wanted them safe, his friends.

His friends.

Batman just wanted to be sure of Diana’s wellbeing…and Superman’s as well.

It was concern; that was all. Anger that they had ignored him, but concern overall.

That was the reason he gave himself when he let loose the Batarangs, when he cut the wirings that fed the news onto the screens. That was the reason he silenced the images, the speculation, the eager gossips that wouldn’t shut up. He wasn’t swinging off into the Gotham night because of a raging fire of anger and hurt that wasn’t burning within him.

The Batman didn’t feel any pain in his heart. He was above those emotions. He was a man of stone cold logic, of reason .And that logic and reasoning told him that Diana had found a good man in Clark. While he would never say it, the Kryptonian was his best friend, and Bruce greatly respected him. Clark was a perfect match for Diana; that much was obvious. Their relationship may have made the world uncomfortable, sure, but they did love each other. They were clearly happy, happier than Bruce had seen Diana be in more than a year. Clark made Diana happy, and there was no other way about it. He was everything that a woman like Diana deserved: just, good and godlike.

It looked like a match made in heaven.

This was for the best. This was the best path for all of them. The Batman knew that; he was ok with it.

…so then why did Bruce feel as if the little that remained of his heart had been ripped to shreds?



And there we go….

Author’s Note: I will be taking a break from the ‘WonderBat’ series for a moment and reflect or work on the budding relation between the Man of Steel and Wonder Woman rather.

The two ( Batman and Wonder Woman) as of now, on my continuity, are separate. Hope you guys have enjoyed it.

F.Y.I. : WonderBat is taking a break not seeing its end…… just in case….. 🙂