Thor ends up in the DC universe. He arrives on Themyscera. Wonder Woman is on vacation from League duties. Hades conveniently chooses today to break out of the Underworld. What could go wrong? *A Thor/Wonder Woman VS. and team-up.*

I recommend my readers to read the Volume 1 of this story arc. The story continues here.

Thor is a god, and the Asgardians are immune to all posions, radiation, etc., no doubt. But remember, Thor is in the DC Universe right now, meaning there’s a whole new world of toxins he has no knowledge of, stuff that can very well bring down a god. Thought I’d make that note clear.

Interlude: Meanwhile on Olympus


The call of the King of the Gods is not something one-even Ares, God of War-would want to ignore. When Zeus calls, you answer if you value your very existence or your insides staying inside. Poor Prometheus, the god mused.

Wondering why in the world Zeus had called him, Ares left his throne in a puff of fire and smoke and reappeared before the assembled might of the Olympian Pantheon. Zeus, Hera, Hermes, Apollo, Athena, Artemis, Aphrodite, Eros, Hypnos, Morpheus even Poseidon came up from the seas of the mortals to be here. The only one missing was Hades, but that was a given.

“Dear family,” Ares spoke in an unenthusiastic manner. “To what do I owe the privilege of being called here?”

“Your mother,” Zeus spoke, the fury in his voice unquestionable, “wants a few words with you, Ares.”

Lazily, he turned his head to Hera. “Yes, mother?”

“Ares, Poseidon here tells me that something entered his kingdom on Earth, something that came from the direction of Themyscera. Do you wish to tell him what it was, brother?” Hera spoke, directing her question to the God of the Seas.

“It was a warrior a MALE warrior, one that has never been seen from the mortals’ Justice League.”

Ares was really not interested. “And you tell me this because ?”

“WHAT MADNESS DO YOU PLAY AT ON THE HOME OF OUR AMAZONS, WAR GOD?!” Hera boomed, startling even Zeus. Ares frowned after regaining his composure.

“Mother, I have no idea what you’re-”

“Themyscera has been devastated!” Artemis roared. “My temples and the temples of Athena, Hera and Aphrodite-the temples of the gods of Olympus have been destroyed! The beauty of its greenery is lost in flame, smoke and destruction! Our Champion herself is in battle to save the island from this abomination! WHAT ARE YOU HOPING TO ACCOMPLISH WITH-”

“Dear family, I’m going to be frank,” Ares spoke sharply, now full interested. “Yes, I hate the Amazons; yes, I hate Hippolyta; yes, I hate Diana; and yes, I would like nothing more than to see them burn under the might of my hand. But I tell you now-I have no idea what is going on in Themyscera.”

A bit shocked at Ares’ words, Zeus was the first to speak up from the others. “He’s being truthful; I can sense he is.” Taking his hand, he formed a vision cloud and Ares could now see what the other gods meant. Before his eyes, the hate Amazon Champion was locked in a brutal, heavy and unforgiving battle with a warrior-a warrior the likes of which Ares had never seen before, and he knew why.

“Athena,” Zeus spoke. “You, my daughter, are the Goddess of War. You and Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, must know what that warrior is.”

“I’m sorry, Father; Artemis nor I-”

“He is not of our dimension-or universe, as the mortals call it.”

The other gods returned their focus to him. “Explain, my son,” Hera commanded.

“I have seen and manipulated every conflict, every fight and every war the earth has ever seen-from arguments to bully fights on school playgrounds to full-fledged wars. I have seen every type of warrior there is to see. And I have never seen a warrior like that. I conclude he is not of this world. Also, you see the aura around him. Do you all know what that is?”

“We know what it is SIMILAR to, if that is what you mean,” Athena spoke.

“It is not similar, sister-it is the same. That is an aura of divinity, of godhood. That warrior, it means, either had power of godly proportions or is a god himself. And unless Olympus has welcomed a new god among the Pantheon without telling me, this warrior is from another universe.”

“How did he get here to ours?” Apollo asked.

“I’m a war god, not an all-seer; figure it out, Apollo. Now if there is nothing else ” with that, Ares disappeared back to his dominion.

“My husband ” Hera spoke. “This god, if that is what he is, a god from another world, another faith if he defeats Diana and destroys Themyscera what is to stop him from finding the way to Mt. Olympus itself?”

“I do not know, Hera,” Zeus said as he watched the battle continue in the vision cloud. “I do not know.”


With a jolt, Diana opened her eyes, making to return to battle, to return and defend her mother, her sisters and her home. But a split second later, she realized a few things: one, she was no longer outside but in her palace chambers; two, she was in a bed; and three; her entire body screamed in pain at her movement, telling her she was badly hurt and injured. Yelling out in pain, she grasped at her arms and chest, the aches coursing through her body.

At her cries, the doors opened and three guards ran in, swords drawn, followed by Hippolyta, who also came in brandishing a sword.

“Diana!” she cried, rushing to her daughter’s side as two Amazon healers raced into the chambers and came to her side also. “My daughter, are you ok?!”

“I feel like I just fought Superman and Darkseid, Doomsday, Supergirl, Power Girl all at once my entire body aches, mother,” Diana admitted. She was never one to admit defeat or fear of defeat, but Thor’s brute strength and his control of lightning had drastically cut down her down in pride and in combat; for a rare instance, Diana had felt unconditional fear. “The last thing I remember was poisoning Thor and then falling-”

“You fell unconscious, my daughter,” Hippolyta said. “The fight had taken much too great a toll on you and you were knocked out, as man says. We rushed you here as fast as we could. You’ve been out for almost three hours. It is already night.” Diana saw she was right as she saw the beauty of the full moon in the gorgeous night sky.

She realized that she was no longer in her Champion armor-which lay once more at her bedside, damaged and chipped-but a simple chiton, and she could clearly see the various bruises, cuts and marks all over her body, still in the process of healing.

“This Thor, my daughter, seems to have proven himself quite a match for you. I pray that the gods punish him severely for his actions-to Themyscera and to you. Now, you must rest, my little sun and stars, you still have much to heal for. Let the healers tend to you,” Hippolyta said with tender and loving words; she had secretly feared for her only daughter’s life during the battle and praised Hera and Zeus that they had protected and guarded her.

“Very well, mother,” Diana sighed as she lay back, allowing the healers to begin administering their herbal medicines. But then, a thought crossed her mind. “What’s happened to the island since I fell unconscious?”

“We’ve begun trying to rebuild everything that has been destroyed and replant the gardens. Thor’s hammer, still unmovable, is being guarded by two legions of Amazons near the temple of Apollo.”

“And Thor himself?”

“Our prisoner; chained and shackled in the palace plaza.”

Philippus stepped back, straightening herself up once more as she looked at Thor with contempt and hatred, an evil smile on her lips. Before her, Thor maintained his defiant stare at her, a thin trickle of blood oozing from his mouth’s corner.

The effects of whatever poison Wonder Woman had used on him had partially worn off from him, but not enough to return him to full strength and power. He had no idea where Mjolnir was. At the moment, he was presently shackled in front of a large palace, on his knees with his arms stretched out at his size, being guarded by this Amazon general and a number of her soldiers. He knew that when he returned to full power, he’d easily snap these chains and teach these women a lesson, then finally continue on his quest to return home; all this time on the island, and Thor still had no idea where the weak points between realms and universes were.

In all honesty, Thor was surprised at the outcome of his battle with Wonder Woman. He was a god, and all poisons from his world never had any effect on him. Being this was a whole new world and universe, there was clearly things here capable of bringing deities down; this world, despite how unwelcoming it was to him, earned a respect from him, this world were mortals can match gods and titans.

He’d actually decided he’d like another battle against her, to see which one of the two of them was in fact the better warrior, a clean, fair battle. But that was a problem for another day. Right now, as a prisoner of the Amazons, he had been beaten by this general this coward. Attacking him while he was weak and unable to fight back?

“Truly, Amazon,” Thor said, smirking, “there is no honor inside of you. You dare to strike at me when I am chained, unable to retaliate? Mark my words, woman, when I am free, you will pay dearly.”

“You are nothing here, intruder,” Philippus snarled at him, fury brimming in her eyes. “Break free, and we shall gladly put you in your place as our princess did.”

“You mean the princess that I nearly killed in battle?”

Perhaps that was a poor choice of words, Thor wondered as Philippus back handed him. In reality, he kind of respected Diana: a born warrior, as he was, who despite the odds against her refused to stand down for the sake of those whom she is sworn to protect. Thor could easily relate to that.

“Philippus,” Hippolyta said as she approached them, flanked by four guards. Her eyes were cold and filled with hatred as she stared down at the Asgardian. “I trust the prisoner is not giving you trouble?”

“Only idle threats that if he breaks free he will kill me, your Highness-”

“WHEN, not if, wench.”

Slap! Philippus back handed Thor with all her might as she screamed, “YOU DARE SPEAK IN THE PRESENCE OF THE MOTHER OF THE WOMAN WHOM YOU ALMOST BEAT TO DEATH?!”

“Is that really the best you can muster, Amazon?” Thor smirked, his eyes burning with hatred. “And I speak to you, not your Queen.”

“Philippus, I’d like to speak to the prisoner; alone.”

“My Queen,” Philippus said as she turned to Hippolyta. “While I am very confident that the poison will make him unable to act on his threats for a very long time, and that you are more than capable of defending yourself, I must advise against that.”

“I’m afraid you don’t really have a say, Philippus,” the queen replied. “Go.” With hesitation, the Amazon took her guards away until the Queen was done.

Turning to Thor, Hippolyta frowned. “You have caused my people much pain and suffering, Thor. You almost killed my daughter. I’m surprised the gods themselves have not descended from Olympus to smite you for doing that to their Champion.”

“I’ve faced many gods before, Your Highness. Yours hold no fear from me,” Thor replied simply, causing the Queen to arch her eyebrows in surprise. “The only one I’ve met so far in this new world that managed to make me exhibit any fear at all was Wonder Woman. I began to wonder if I would lose at her hand, for she is mighty. But it seems she was not mighty enough, having to resort to deceit to make me fall; not very honorable, where I come from.”

“You actually dare to speak about my daughter like that? In front of her mother?” Hippolyta’s voice was not so much furious but rather, perplexed, despite her facial expression conveying hatred. “Are you really that careless and brash?”

“Not at all; I just find you to be more honorable that your subjects here,” the Thunder God replied, enticing a look of shock from the Amazon Queen. “Every single one of your Amazons that has passed by me, they hit me, beat me, spit on me they’ve attacked me in one form or another, as I kneel here bound and impaired by this poison. You, however- the mother of the warrior princess I mercilessly fought, who I assume came out as bad as I since she is not here-have not laid a finger on me at all. You have made not threat, no remark nothing. It shocks me, of course, because any parent would do all of that. You haven’t; it leads me to believe that you are very honorable, not only as a queen, but as a person. Or am I wrong about that? Why have you not struck at me?

Hippolyta thought about Thor’s words as she stood in silence. Finally speaking, she replied, “In all honesty, I do not know; know that I hate you, just because you are a man and more so because you defiled our home and almost killed my daughter. However, I guess I can say that I learned a while ago that I can’t strike at everyone who hurts Diana. Sometimes, she has to do the striking herself.”

With that, Hippolyta walked away.

*An Hour Later*

The demon possessing Fiona was certain all was ready.

The plan was set. The princess was weakened, their Queen could not stop them, and the Amazons would fall beneath their superior numbers, numbers that with every death in existence increased. Their lord literally had an unlimited army at his disposal.

Now, they just needed to figure out how to draw them there

She was mostly healed up; granted, it was still a bit painful to walk, but she was Amazon-she could manage. It probably wasn’t a smart move putting her Champion armor back on-that had hurt like Hades-but she didn’t want to appear weak to her sisters; she didn’t want to appear weak to her mother.

She definitely didn’t want to appear weak to him.

Diana stared at Thor, her hand at the ready on her blades hilt, should the need arise.

Thor stared at Diana, wondering what to expect.

For a few minutes, there was simply silence between the two warriors, as they kept their gazes locked on each other, not diverting their eyes for any reason. At this hour, most of the island was asleep, and the guards that were keeping eye on Thor had been dismissed by Diana.

“You are a mighty warrior, Wonder Woman,” Thor said, breaking the silence. “You fought well, and gave me quite a challenge and quite a thrashing. That’s something I don’t receive that often.”

Diana took in his appearance. The guards had removed his helmet and tattered cape and gloves, casting them aside. She could see that though most of the wounds she had given him were healed, some were still in the process of healing, including the gash she had given him on his chest. “You are a mighty warrior as well, Thor,” she replied. “I must admit, I am also not one to be challenged like you challenged me. It was an exhilarating experience. You fought well, also.”

“I thank you,” Thor replied. “But something bothers me: why resort to trickery? You say you are an honorable warrior-quite frankly, I think you are the most honorable person on this island-yet you poisoned me to gain the upper hand. You do realize that as so, you have not truly bested or beaten me, correct?”

Diana couldn’t help but smirk a little. “Yes, I am well aware of that, Thor. Believe it or not, I am actually wanting to face you again, a fair fight, see who is truly the better between us.”

“It would be a hell of a fight, as my friend Wolverine would say,” the Asgardian chuckled. “The two of us, raised as warriors, and to be heirs to the thrones of our kingdoms. It would be quite a fight, one I must also admit I would look forward too.”

“Yes, it would,” Diana replied. “As to your question well, we both seem to be on par in powers, except you have the factor of lightning control. Our battle consumed Themyscera; look around you to see what I mean. I feared I could not beat you, and so to ensure the security of our home and people I-wait, why am I telling you this?” She stepped back, her face beginning to hold disgust. “You attacked us and here I am, speaking to you as I would my friends and allies in the Justice League.”

“I remember that you said when we first spoke that you wanted to give me the benefit of the doubt,” Thor offered. “Perhaps you are trying to do so again. In honesty, if you came to my universe and arrived at Asgard and destroyed it and such, I would probably have killed you instead of chaining you in front of the palace where I sleep.”

Diana chuckled, suddenly realizing how stupid the idea of chaining their attacker in front of the palace was.

Thor continued, “I see honor inside of you, Wonder Woman. Honor that I rarely have seen in my world. My allies: Captain America, Spider-Man, Beta Ray Bill your honor rivals their own. I see you have a pure spirit, one that can see the good in anyone, that knows when one is fighting for good or evil. I ask you, Wonder Woman, to look into my eyes and tell me: Do you truly believe I have come here to destroy this island paradise, to bring harm to your people? Do you truly believe me to be a liar, to be evil?”

A minute passed as they stared at each other.

“No.” It was brief and simple, yet to the point. “I see none of that in you.”

“That is why you speak so freely unto me.”

Diana began wondering. Even if what he said about his godhood and his divinity were lies, she sensed-no, she knew that this man was one of honor, heroism and justice. A hero, as he said he was from his world. He was worthy.

“Your hammer,” she suddenly asked, remembering something. “I tried to pick it up earlier, but I could not budge it. The inscription said only the worthy can lift it. Am I not worthy?”

“Honor and worthiness,” Thor said with a crafty but genuine smile, “are not the same, Amazon. Although they are tied together-the allies I mentioned earlier have proven to be worthy of lifting Mjolnir, and they are honorable men. I do not know why for-wait, why would you want to lift my hammer?”

Diana smiled. “I am blessed by the gods and I am their champion, their embodiment of the values of truth and honor. I was curious.”

Thor let out a laugh. “You are indeed like no other I’ve ever met, Wonder Woman.”

“As are you, Thor; so,” Diana said as she took a nearby casket of water, “I assume my sisters have not offered you any refreshment.” She brought the casket up to his lips, allowing him to drain the liquid from it. Setting it aside, she brought a nearby rock in front of him and sat down. “I am curious-although we both know I really doubt the legitimacy of your godhood and divinity, I am intrigued by your story of another universe. If there is truth to that, I’d like to hear about this other world.

Thor arched an eyebrow, letting a small smirk graze his lips. “There is quite a lot to tell, but I guess I have no where I am going to.”

Fiona had sent one of her guards to them, to get help. Two of the gates’ guard had suddenly fallen unconscious, and another was beginning to feel very hot, claiming to be hallucinating.

Hippolyta, Philippus, a healer and six guards raced down the stairs leading to the cavern where the gates were located, following the guard she had sent them.

“How did this happen?!” Hippolyta yelled.

“We do not know, my Queen,” the guard yelled back. “We thought perhaps it might have been some after effect of the battle on the surface, or perhaps standing close to the gates is starting to take a toll on us! Come, my Queen and sisters, we must hurry!”

‘Something doesn’t bode well here,’ Philippus couldn’t help but think. She felt it in her gut-something was not as it seemed about this situation.

They arrived into the cavern, and Hippolyta and Philippus were shocked to see everything was fine. Fiona and her squadron were perfectly fine; no one was unconscious or burning up. The guard who brought them down walked ahead, past Fiona and towards the gates.

“Fiona, what is the meaning of this?”

“Oh Fiona isn’t home, Amazon Queen,” a demonic voice answered from Fiona’s lips. Her eyes then went black. Then the other guards also revealed their true nature, all eyes going black.

“Hera, no!” Hippolyta cried out as Philippus and the six guards with them and the healer formed a defensive formation around her. “Demons.”

“Yes, wench. You see, the gates were actually hit during whatever battle was occurring up on the island surface. The locks were hit and they broke, and the gates opened ever so slightly, allowing us to escape and take possession of your precious little Amazons. Oh, their fear,” the demon possessing Fiona cooed, rubbing her head. “Their fear is delicious.”

“You will pay for this, you vile creatures! Amazons, destroy them-”

“Oh, but I didn’t get to the best part, Amazon. The gates were never locked back up.”

All the Amazons suddenly paled in fear. “No ”

Yes, Hippolyta now, I take my vengeance and the world. NOW MY DEMONS!

The guard that brought them down there obeyed the booming voice and opened the gates to the Underworld. Immediately, demonic beasts, skeletons and spirits of all sorts poured out and with a roar, made for the Amazons and the stairs that would take them to the surface, to the outside world to a new kingdom.

“Wait, so his claws can cut anything?”

“Almost-my hammer and the Captain’s shield are two exceptions. I must ask, you’re Flash, does he always portray such humor?”

“Well, yes, and I must admit, the League could be very dull without his humor.”

“Our fastest, Quicksilver, is nothing like that, mostly serious. However, my friend Spider-Man, he is the one who keeps us alive and optimistic with his jokes-”


Thor & Diana turned to the palace, their conversation of their respective universe suddenly interrupted by the loud explosion they had just heard. Diana immediately picked up her sword from the ground, and Thor sensed from her demeanor that something was very, VERY wrong. As Amazons, well-armed and armored began racing towards the palace, the princess turned to the Asgardian.

“Thor, we just spent a good while having a decent, friendly conversation,” she stated, looking at him with cold eyes. “If I find out this was just some form of ruse to-”

“Wonder Woman, I assure you, I have no idea what’s going on here,” Thor replied firmly. This seemed to satisfy Diana’s thoughts, as she turned once more back to the palace.

“Ok then, if it’s not you, then what could-”

Then they heard it, the scream; that awful, bloodcurdling animalistic scream. It sent shivers down Diana’s spine, and caused Thor to remember the days of his youth when he battled the Dark Elves, and had heard such screams. But the scream didn’t just stop at one-it was followed by a massive onslaught of the feral and bloodthirsty shrieks. Diana and Thor had no idea what things could release such sounds.

But the other Amazons, having lived through it once, did.

“THE GATES OF TARTARUS! THEY’VE BEEN OPENED!” they began crying out as they rushed as fast as they could to the palace.

“Hera ” Diana gasped, suddenly filled with fear for the second time this day. Her sisters had just said that the gates of Hades had been opened but that meant

“Wonder Woman!” Diana had completely forgotten about the chained warrior behind her in her shock of what she had just heard. “What is going on? What did your Amazons mean by the ‘gates of Tartarus?'”

“Tartarus is the realm of the dead, ruled by Hades, God of the Underworld! Olympus has decreed that he be condemned to rule it for eternity, but he attempted to take the world once, and the gods punished him severely! Now, the Amazons must guard his gates to ensure he never attempts to invade the world! I need to go-if his armies have been unleashed, Hades himself is not far behind!”

Thor watched as the Amazon Champion raced off into the heavens, sword & lasso in hand, to join her fellow sisters in confronting this threat. If what Wonder Woman had said was true-what little she had said, at least-then this Hades, he posed a dire threat to this Midgard. A ruler of a realm of the dead had a virtually limitless number of soldiers for their armies. If the gates to this Underworld were indeed opened and the armies of the dead and demons overran the Amazons as they tried to fight back, the results if they spread to the rest of the planet would, at minimum, catastrophic.

“Well it appears they are going to need some help with this.”

*10 minutes later*

“I am so sorry, My Queen-they came too fast for us to react, we were overpowered and consumed before we had a chance to-”

“It matters not, Fiona,” Hippolyta screamed as she slashed at a dead Amazon skeleton with her two blades. “The fault is not yours! What matters now is that we do not let the forces of the Underworld off this island and into Man’s World lest they consume the planet!”

For the last 10 minutes, Hippolyta, Philippus and their fellow Amazons had been battling relentlessly against the emerging demons, spirits and dead of the Underworld’s gates, which had opened with the force of an explosion. The demons that had possessed the gate guards had released their hosts, no longer having a use for them. Unfortunately, that meant that they were free to kill them. Fiona was the only one of the Amazon guards to escape, and made sure that the blood of the demons was shed thoroughly when her sisters were so brutally killed by their captors.

The Amazons, led by their queen and general, fought fiercely, shedding demon blood and felling the dead bodies and skeletons of fallen Amazons and fallen warriors over the centuries; unfortunately, there were only 10 of them against the unending hordes of Hades. Unless they got a miracle, the monsters would overrun them, escape and storm the island and spread out across the world. The biggest problem were the spirits-they could turn corporeal and incorporeal at will, making it very difficult to land hits on them; they were considered the most dangerous of Hades’ armies.

To make matter more difficult, these invaders were spawned from the Underworld; they couldn’t be killed completely, for if they died, they’d simply return to life less than five minutes later. The battle seemed nearly impossible to win.

Hippolyta refused to think that as she gutted an axe-wielding demon, it’s fiery blood oozing from the wound and splashing onto her, its roar of infernal pain echoing across the underground cavern with the rest of its brethren’s screams. Refusing to let the pain of the blood’s fire falter her, she took her other blade and sliced off it’s axe arm and with her gods-given strength, punched the demon back, sending it flying into a group of skeletons, crushing them to dust. A roar came from her side and she turned to see a demon wielding swords that had been charging at her slayed and beheaded by Philippus.

“My Queen, they’re too many of them, and no one else knows of the gates being opened! We must fall back and seek more secure-”

“That is out of the question, Philippus!” Hippolyta snapped with a yell, helping another Amazon fell a skeleton warrior. “We must make our stand here, no matter the cost! If we are to die alone against these hordes, then that is what we shall do! Fight on, my sisters, for we must hold as long-”


At the sound of thundering footsteps and the cries of battle, the 10 Amazons turned to see Wonder Woman lead the full might of the Amazon army into the cavern and against the hordes of Hades. Immediately, the demons and dead shifted almost all their focus to the oncoming onslaught of living soldiers. The entire front line of Underworld forces were decimated by the might of Diana, her blade and lasso used at godly speeds to hack and mangle through the demons and dead, their fiery blood spilling and pouring onto the rocky grounds. The attacking Amazons followed up, unleashing their blades and spears into the invaders, refusing to let the creatures of Tartarus escape onto the surface, ready to give their lives if necessary, as the gods had decreed many millennia ago.

“Diana!” Hippolyta cried out as her daughter flung a large demon into corporeal spirits, catching them off guard and crushing them. “We must act quickly-the hordes are unrelenting and soon even the full might of the Amazon army will be overcome with these creatures!”

“We need the League, mother!” Diana yelled back, standing back to back with the Queen, both hacking away at the demonic invaders. “I can try to call J’onn and have him send whoever’s available to come here and help us!”

“We can defeat them all ourselves if we can simply close the gates-and with haste, before the Lord of Tartarus himself appears!”

“Hades hasn’t appeared yet?!”

“Did the mortal world miss me so much that it anticipates my arrival?” a fiendish voice boomed out. Before any of the Amazons had any time to react, a blast of infernal fires engulfed Diana, enticing screams of powerful anguish and suffering, extremely powerful jolts of pain that she had never suffered before coursing through her entire body. She collapsed powerfully onto the ground, forcing herself to raise her head and stare at her attacker. All around, the fighting stopped as the Amazons stared in horror and the hordes of the Underworld roared and screamed in delight.

Walking out of the gates of Tartarus flanked by a now fresh onslaught of his armies, his hands burning with the fires of his kingdom, clothed in demonic armor and smoke billowing from his mouth, was Lord Hades, brother of Zeus, God of the Underworld.

“Diana, Champion of the Amazons,” the god fiendishly cooed. “I have anticipated meeting you for the first time. You are indeed a beautiful creature; it is a shame you have dedicated yourself, along with the rest of your kind, to defying me and my power. You must know that I will take this world, and there is nothing you can do about it.”

“You will never take this world, Hades,” Diana spat, getting up and taking her sword. “No matter how many times you try, I and the Justice League will forever stand against you and ensure you do not plague this world.”

“Then where is your League now?” Hades smirked, to which Diana could only glare at him. “I know that your allies have left this world fight a war in the distant universe. And I know of your recent battle with that invader of Themyscera. You’re still weak, Amazon, and even if you were at your prime you could never hope to stand against me. What hope do you have now?”

Despite her intense hatred for the God of the Underworld, Diana knew he was right. She had never fought the God of the Underworld before, and if it ever was to happen, she anticipated it’d be when she’d be at full strength; but she was still recovering from her battle against Thor, and she was definitely not at full strength. But she refused to let that falter her will.

“I will stand against you, Hades-even if it means until the gods themselves descend from Olympus to stop you for your transgression today,” she snarled.

“The gods?! HA AHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Hades boomed with evil laughter. “If the gods truly cared, they’d have come when Themyscera was besieged by one man! Olympus will not come to your aid; no gods are here to save you, Amazon. But if you are so insistent on dying today, then SO BE IT!” With a demonic roar, Hades flew at Diana, fisting her face with a fiery hand, sending her flying into the cavern ceiling.


“THEN HERE I AM!” Diana screamed as she landed a devastating axe kick upon Hades’ head, slamming him into the ground, beginning an all-out brawl between the god and the princess.

Hippolyta could only watch in horror as her daughter battled the God of the Underworld while she and her armies battled desperately to push back the armies of Tartarus.

“You think you can just come to the world of the living and take what you find to your fancy?!” Diana screamed as she fired an unrelenting flurry of punches upon Hades’ face, not slowing down for a second. “Did you honestly not think I would have anything to say against that?! I have grown up hearing the storied of your atrocities, the destruction you unleashed during your first escape! I have sworn to protect this world from evil such as your! You really thought I would just sit by and do-”

Diana was immediately cut off by Hades’ powerful hand grabbing her throat. Less than a split second later, the life was being squeezed out of her.

“Oh, no, Diana-I reveled at the notion that you would attempt to stop me and battle with me. I knew that your heroism and gods-given honor would bind you to do so. I just had to be the one to teach you the error of that way-to show you that I am your superior!”

Hades opened his mouth, allowing infernal fires to come spilling out onto Diana’s face, the pain forcing her to scream in anguish. Luckily, her sword was still at her feet, so with a slam of her foot onto its hilt, she grabbed it as it flew up and thrust it into the god’s mouth. Though it definitely wouldn’t kill Hades, it sent massive pain all through him. As the Lord of Tartarus screamed and sputtered, Diana took her lasso and roped Hades’ arm, sending him flying across the cavern into a recently resurrected bunch of demons. Zooming after him, she made to slam him with a devastating kick-

Only for him to grab her leg and slam her into the rocky and body littered ground. Hades proceeded to them beat her repeatedly with his fiery fists, enjoying the screams the bloody Amazon was releasing from the pain delivered to her.

“You may have the powers of gods, Diana, but I AM a god! You cannot stop me, and by the time Olympus becomes aware, I will have solidified my hold on this world! NO ONE CAN STOP ME!”

They were losing.

Hippolyta and the Amazons had been flanked and divided. Most of the Amazons had been forced out of the cavern and up onto the island surface, but about 70 had been cut off and still remained in the cavern, fighting for their lives trying to beat back the unending hordes that continuously spawned from the gates. The Queen had to admit, despite hating Hades, his plan was brilliant-take Diana on himself, the strongest and most dangerous of the Amazons, and his armies would continue out into Man’s World, challenged only by Hippolyta and her sisters. An army of a few thousand, against the limitless might of Hades.

For a good half hour, the Amazons had slowly been losing ground to the demons, spirits and dead of the Underworld. The passage to the cavern was lost, the inner levels of the palace were lost and now the palace itself was lost. The fiery blood of the demons had quickly set much of the building, as well as the outside vegetation and stony carnage, ablaze, the fires roaring and crackling illuminated the now seemingly hopeless battle.

The demons and monstrosities spewed from the home the queen, as she and her general looked on with frantic panic and horror. Amazons fought bravely onward, but against such a powerful enemy, even the gods-blessed immortal warriors would falter and fall.

Watching her army begin to falter and tire against the unending hordes, Hippolyta turned to Philippus. “I fear this is the end for us, Philippus. We fought well, but it seems it just wasn’t enough. Let us die, my sister, unwavering in battle, at least.”

“I wish it would not be this way, my Queen,” the Amazon general responded, both women now back to back against the hordes of demons and skeletons. “But you are right, Hippolyta; we shall fight until the end.”

Raising her blades to the skies, she screamed for all the Amazons to hear. “WE SHALL FIGHT ON TO OUR LAST BREATH, SISTERS! WE SHALL HOLD THE HORDES OF HADES HERE, OR DIE IN THE ATTEMPT!” The Amazons roared cries of war and approval, ready to give themselves to stop Hades. “ONWARD, THEMYSCERA! AGAINST HADES, THE UNDERWORLD! ONWARD!”

At that moment, the palace’s left wall collapsed, releasing a new wave of demons and skeletons.

“I think the Princess would call that ‘ironic,'” Philippus mused.

The creatures attacked, bolstering the onslaught of hordes already attacking the Amazons. This proved too much for the women as they were overrun, the creatures tearing and slashing at the Amazons while they desperately tried to fight off the invaders.

Hippolyta was jumped by a very large winged demon, armed with burning axes. Strong as she was, she found herself unable to free herself of its grip on her. Philippus attempted to jump onto its back but was tackled by a trio of skeleton warriors. Hippolyta could only look at the demon with fury as it made to bring its axes onto her face-

When a hammer slammed into the demon, sending it flying into its brethren. Then, the skies began roaring with thunder as lightning danced and crackled.

Hippolyta heard a thunderous war cry as Thor slammed into the ground, the impact sending the infernal hordes nearby flying back. He raised his hand, Mjolnir in it, to the heavens, and as the hammer glowed, the skies became even darker as the thunder and lightning bent to the Asgardian’s will.

“FOR MIDGARD!” was the only words Thor roared before the palace grounds were heavily bombarded with lightning, consuming the creatures. Roars and shrieks and screeches were unleashed as Mjolnir was flung into spirits and skeletons, which immediately crumbled to dust or disappeared in puffs of smoke. Thor himself mercilessly battled the demons, felling them by the dozens.

Five minutes later, the lightning stopped its bombardment, allowing Hippolyta to fully grasp the scene before her: were demons and infernal skeleton warriors and spirits had stood, only charred remains and dust and smoke were left. The Amazons had not been touched by the assault; in fact, they all seemed surprised at what had just happened.

Thor walked over to the Amazon Queen, his hammer returning to his hand. Hippolyta stared at him incredulously.

“Mjolnir was once a religious artifact, worshipped as my people were worshipped; as such, it is able to smite those of-” Thor never finished his sentence before he was surrounded by Amazon warriors, led by Philippus.

“You tried to kill us! You are truly in league with Hades!” she roared.

“I just saved your lives, woman!” Thor screamed, his anger now returning; of all the Amazons, he was REALLY starting to hate this one. “If I had not intervened, you may all have been dead!”

“We had this completely under control!”

The fires roared and crackled, sparking explosions, sending chunks of rock flying into the forest, causing them to slowly catch fire.

“Is that why everything’s on fire?” Thor smirked.


“PHILIPPUS! You and your warriors will stand down.” They all looked astonished at Hippolyta, who stared angrily at her general. Before Philippus could even try to argue, she spoke again. “He has saved us, and has proven he is able to smite these creatures. We would do well to have his strength on our side.” With hatred in her eyes to Thor and visible reluctance, Philippus ordered her soldiers to stand down.

“Thor, we have done nothing but attack you, claim your stories to be false and have my daughter battle you to your defeat and imprison you,” the Queen said as she made her way to Thor. “Why would you want to help us?”

“Because I am a hero, a protector where I come from,” Thor replied with complete sincerity. “My earth has always been under my protection, and it will always be. I have served as a guardian to mankind alone and with my allies, the mightiest heroes of my universe-the Avengers. I have sworn that I would never allow great threats to plague its people. I see this that this world is not my own, but it bears much similarity, and I cannot help but yearn to protect it as well, especially when Wonder Woman told me of what has happened. This Hades if he is as powerful as she says, then I fear that if I do not help, your people, your island and your world will be overrun by these creatures. Wonder Woman is not at full strength-I saw that when we were speaking. You are all mighty warriors, but even you, Your Majesty, with powers that almost reach that of your daughter, may not suffice. I pledge, therefore, to lend my strength and might to your cause.”

Hippolyta could only stare flabbergasted at the Asgardian’s words. Despite her Amazon heritage of hatred of men, she had come to respect and even admire a few over the millennia. But this Thor, he seemed to embody heroism and honor even if he seemed arrogant sometimes.

“What say you, Amazon?” Thor asked, offering his hand to her. “Will you accept my aid?”

Diana was having well, the worst day of her life, which was probably an understatement.

Struggling to get up, she could barely see from her bloodstained eyes that the Amazons who had been trapped when the army was divided by the hordes of Tartarus where either knocked unconscious or barely able to fight back against the unending onslaught. She figured that Hades probably had a reason for not killing the Amazons instantly probably some malicious motion for revenge for how Themyscera had repelled his last attempt of escape and planetary conquest.

A powerful armored foot slammed into her back, forcing Diana down again onto the rocky ground the sudden hit and impact forced her to cough up blood, making her choke slightly. This battle was worse off than when she had faced Thor, especially since she was still recovering from that fight. A flaming hand then grabbed her hair and dragged her up, enticing an anguished scream from the Champion of Amazons.

“Ah, still you persist in trying to delay the inevitable,” Hades smirked, his black hair billowing from the harsh hot winds blowing from the gates to the Underworld. “You’ve lost, Diana of Themyscera; accept your fate surrender, and I may let you live and keep you as my personal mistress.”

“You would abandon Lady Persephone-”

“I never said that, Amazon,” Hades laughed as he slammed her face once more into the ground. “Now, bow before me and admit-I AM YOUR SUPERIOR.”

Wonder Woman, champion of Olympus and founding member of the Justice League, found the strength to raise her blood covered face, stare defiantly back and snarl: “Like Hell I will.”

Finding new strength, Diana rushed up, slamming into Hades and once more began punching him viciously in the face, ignoring the roars of the demons around her, the pain coursing through her body, the unyielding war cries of the Amazons-

Until Hades unleashed a powerful blast of fire into Diana’s face, enticing more screams and allowing the God of the Underworld to once more take initiative and retaliate by grabbing the Amazon by the throat and slamming her face into his knee.


Hippolyta had trained all her immortal life on this island, her and her sisters. They had perfected countless of their strategies and tactics and she was confident of her armies’ abilities to face any situation head on without fear and with military precision that was of the code of Amazons.

Seeing the strategies and tactics of this Asgardian blew her mind.

“You seven, take that left flank!” Thor commanded as he and a squad of Amazons pressed through the throne room of the palace. He had succeeded in leading the Amazons against the onslaught of Hades, his almighty hammer smiting thee infernal hordes and his unheard of-and working-battlefield tactics allowing the Amazons to regain their ground.

“Your Majesty, lead those 10 and maneuver around that group of demons!” Thor turned to Philippus. “You-flank their rear guard with these other 10!”

“I would to better on the vanguard!”

“That was how this happened in the first place, NOW MOVE!”

The Amazon general reluctantly agreed, leading the Amazons to flank Hippolyta and her squadron.

“We are pushing them back, Amazons! Forward, warriors of Themyscera, for today we shall smite our foes and face this threat with the fury of the Valkyrior!”

‘What is a Valkyrior?’ Hippolyta asked herself.

The Amazons had all but lost the cavern.

Whoever wasn’t unconscious or taken prisoner by the demons and skeletons-about 15-saw that all hope was lost, yet they continued to fight on, refusing to surrender to the hordes; but their morale was greatly diminished, faltering as they saw their mighty Princess, their champion, crumble under the might of Hades.

“At last,” the lord of Tartarus roared in triumph as he held a decimated and bloody Diana, barely managing to get in any oxygen into her lungs, in his hand. “The mighty Wonder Woman has fallen beneath me! Now, my minions,” he added as the demons, spirits and skeletons roared in triumphant frenzy, “there is nothing stopping us from taking this world!”


Hippolyta and hundreds of Amazons began pouring back through the cavern stairway, pushing back the hordes of the Underworld.

“This is your final chance to abandon this hopeless cause and return to your dominion! Refuse and you will be badly beaten!”

“Please Hippolyta,” Hades smirked as his demons swarmed together, preparing for a massive attack. The Amazons prepared themselves, readying for the ensuing bloody battle. Hades then threw the battered and bloody body of Diana at her mother’s feet, knowing that the sight would fill her with fear and horror. “Your champion is bloodied and beaten; your gods have abandoned you; your heroes are nowhere nearby to come to your aid. Where is my disadvantage? How, Hippolyta, can you hope to battle a god?”

Hippolyta had always cherished her gods, never forgetting them, always trusting them, for it was only right for everything they had done for her and her people. But seeing Diana at her feet, after going one round with Hades, she was filled with fear and horror but also anger. And that anger, despite knowing it was not something she should say, rallied her to say these words:

“With a god.”


Hades was slammed into a fallen pillar by some kind of weapon-a hammer?! That barely registered as he was suddenly bombarded heavily with massive bolts of lightning, coursing through his body, enticing agonizing screams and roars of pain from the God of the Underworld. He realized that this was no normal or regular lightning; that kind would never harm him like this this lightning-it was celestial.

As Diana slowly began opening her eyes, she heard it, and she began to believe there was hope yet.

She had heard the thunder.

Hades was astonished; walking up to him was a warrior-a warrior unlike any he had seen before, armed with a small hammer and clothed in armor unfamiliar to him. But what set him of the most was the aura he sensed around this warrior. Like his fellow god Ares, Hades automatically recognized this warrior as some kind of god.

“Hear me, Hades,” the warrior snarled. “I am Thor Odinson, God of Thunder and Prince of Asgard. But today, above all that, I am an Avenger, a protector, and now, I am this planet’s guardian. To your attempt to take this world, I say thee NAY!”

Thor slammed Mjolnir across Hades’ face, sending the god right into his armies. The demons and skeletons of Tartarus immediately swarmed against the Asgardian, making to strike with all their infernal weapons. Thor simply smirked and with a yell, slammed Mjolnir into the ground, sending out massive shockwaves all around. Luckily, the Amazons had prepared for this and had all jumped high as they could in co-ordinance, Hippolyta grabbing Diana. They demons fell back and the skeletons crumbled into dust, effectively out of the game. Then Thor aimed his hammer at the gates, and send lightning bolts flying right at it, forcing the escaping hordes back, keeping them at back; then he aimed at the cavern ceiling above, the bolts breaking off massive chunks and sending them cascading onto the gates, sealing them temporarily.

“AMAZON, TO THE DEMONS-SMITE THEM WERE THEY STAND!” the Asgardian roared as he charged the Greek god once more. “I SHALL DEAL WITH HADES!”

“You amuse me, warrior,” Hades roared as he fired another blast of infernal flame at the Thunder God. “I saw your battle with the Amazon, how you almost felled her before she resorted to trickery to capture you. I had assumed you were of some forgotten warrior race or some powerful champion from the stars-but you have the aura of gods! Never have I ever had the prospect of fighting such a powerful opponent as you!”

“You talk too much, demon,” Thor roared as he whirled his hammer to dispel the infernal flames. “Show me your mettle is as mighty as the Amazons say!”

Diana saw the two gods clash as her sisters and mother battled the hordes of the Underworld. She could feel that her divine healing was beginning to heal her wounds and bruises, but she was nowhere near able to once more join the battle once more. But she couldn’t remain this way, helpless and unable to do anything she was a warrior born, and she needed to be in the action. At the moment, her mother had placed her by the cavern entrance to heal while she and her armies battled against the demons and creatures. But Diana, she was not to just stand by and do nothing. She had to do something, and so she began to start-painfully-getting back up.

Hades punched Thor into the ground, who retaliated with a swift and powerful kick into his throat, sending him flying into the cavern ceiling. Another blast of lightning hit the Greek god square in the chest, sending him falling face flat into the ground.

“I recommend,” Thor snarled as he walked over to Hades, “you stand down-”

Hades rushed the Norse god, forcing him to drop Mjolnir, slamming him into the cavern wall and began repeatedly punching him in the face and stomach. “You DARE strike a God of Olympus?! I, who shall never meet death and shall always, be the final holder of life in this universe!? I AM HADES, GOD OF THE UNDERWORLD, AND ALL SHALL FALL BEFORE ME! ALL SHALL-”

“You sound like my brother Loki,” Thor remarked as he grabbed Hades’ fists with his own hands, his own face partially bruised and bloody. “He happens to lose every time he attempts to best me, demon god.” With a brutal head butt, the Asgardian hit the Lord of the Underworld badly on the forehead, sending Hades staggering a few steps back, dizzy and eyes watering. “And in case you’re wondering, I don’t need my hammer to best you, evil one.” With that, Thor began punching the Greek God of the Underworld, mercilessly throwing punch after punch against this god who would try to enslave humanity. But Hades, being a god, was on par with Thor in strength levels, and began brutally fighting back. Within minutes, the echoing booms of the battling gods roared across the cavern.

Meanwhile, Hippolyta and the Amazons were managing to succeed in beating back the demons and creatures Tartarus, especially since the numbers weren’t as bad to deal with. Thor had smote all of the creatures that had managed to get to the surface, and the gates had been temporarily blocked by Thor’s assault. But it was only temporary, and the demons behind the other side of the gates were slowly breaking through the stone blocking the gate. Sooner or later, they’d break free and they’d be back at square one, unless Thor could defeat Hades.

Speaking of which

The Amazons were scattered as Thor was thrown into their ranks, the wind knocked out of him, followed by Hades slamming into him, making a crater in the ground, his hands ablaze with infernal fires.

“Amazons, help Thor!” Hippolyta roared as she charged at the Greek god, soon followed by a good number of Amazon warriors. They were flies to Hades, and with a surge of brimstone and fire, they were sent flying backwards, straight into the arms of the god’s armies. With a powerful blast of flame, Hades destroyed the rock blocking the gates, allowing his armies to pass uninterrupted once more. Hades then grabbed Thor’s throat and started squeezing. At that, the Asgardian began fiercely punching the Greek god’s face, mustering all his strength while realizing that this god was attempting to choke him. Hades merely laughed and spewed flames from his mouth, enticing a roar of pain from the Asgardian.

“After I destroy you, god-like creature, I will burn this island to the ground, and slaughter the Amazons one by one, personally. Wonder Woman will witness it all, to her mother’s own death and then only then will I end her misery. Then I will take this world by storm-”

“NOT WILL I STILL DRAW BREATH, HADES!” Diana roared as she jumped onto his back and plunged a sword through his spine, at which the god of the underworld roared in pain. With this distraction, Thor escaped Hades’ grasp and landed a devastating uppercut to his chin, sending him flying into his armies. Thor was just about to summon Mjolnir back to his hand when he got a good look at Diana.

She was barely able to keep herself standing, and her arm was bathed in blood. Her armor was falling apart and her legs had multiple gashes lined across them. Thor could instantly tell that Diana could not hope to get into this fight, but she refused to let herself stay out of the battle.

“Wonder Woman, you must stand down! You cannot hope to make it through this-”

“He attacked my people and threatens my world, a world I have sworn to protect with my life! I refuse to stand by and be denied the right to-” Diana was suddenly slammed into the ground by demons tackling her, enraged at what she had done to their lord. The pain she was already experiencing and the new pain attacking proved too much for her, and she collapsed, screaming in anguish.

Thor made to rush to her, but was cut off by a billowing blast of infernal flame and Hades jumped right onto the Amazon, kicking her mercilessly, her sword in his hand, dripping his blood.


“HAVE AT THEE, HADES!” Thor roared as he tackled the Greek god, but Hades whacked him with Diana’s limp body, and tossing her aside he jumped back onto Thor, and grabbed him by the throat, lifting him up, his armies screaming and roaring in delight.

“You have proven to be a worthy foe, warrior,” Hades snarled as he slammed Thor onto the ground. “But here, I am the superior one.” He picked him up and turned him so his back was to him, and grabbed his arms and began pulling, enticing screams from Thor. Hades was trying to rip his arms off. “You were foolish to stand against me, and now you shall pay for your mistakes in full!”

Diana barely managed to look up with her bloody and marred face, one eye swollen, at Thor screams. He was indeed truly powerful, but Hades was just as powerful, and now he had the upper hand. Diana could see the Amazons battling futilely against the now thousands of unending hordes of Hades’ armies. She had to do something, but she was so tired, so weak, and she could never hope to stand against Hades, even in her prime. This was truly a lost cause, they were beaten

No, she realized. I am Diana of Themyscera, and I am Amazon. We never surrender and we will fight until the end; my end is not yet here, and I shall continue fighting.

These words echoed over and over in her mind as she struggled desperately to stand up. Hades saw this and laughed.

“AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You still think you can try to best me, Diana? I have beaten you and I will make you watch as everything you hold dear burns!”

“No Hades,” Diana managed to spurt out, blood soaking from her lips, still trying to get up. “I will never stand down. I will fight forevermore, because that is my cause-to  champion this world, and I will n-never stop-” she faltered slightly and in balancing herself, she grabbed the handle of a nearby weapon- “until I defeat you I I-I am Princess Diana of Themyscera, C-Champion of Olympus and a hero of the Justice League ! I will not-not I will not be DENIED!”

Mustering the last bit of strength she had left, Wonder Woman pick up the weapon she had grasped and stood up.

What happened next would forever be retold in Amazon lore.

A fresh, divine surge of newfound strength flowed through Diana as the cavern was suddenly filled with the booms of thunder and dancing flashes of lightning. The Amazons & infernal hordes stopped their fighting to gaze at this spectacle. Hades stood flabbergasted, utterly shocked at what was happening before him, forgetting his hold on Thor. And Thor himself, he could only stare in awe and wonder, muttering the words, “Odin’s eye ”

Diana was shocked at what was happening, and only by turning her head to her hand did she realize what was going on.

In her hand was Mjolnir, the divine & mighty weapon of Thor Odinson.

And there were new words on its side.

Whosoever holds this hammer, if he or she be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.

Instantly a lightning bolt consumed her, unlike in her battle with Thor, this bolt revitalized her, restoring her armor and strength. Best of all, Diana now sensed that thunder and lightning now bent to her will.

“Ok, Hades,” she yelled. “Now you shall face the power of an Amazon’s unadulterated rage! For Themyscera!”

This was NOT how Hades envisioned his conquest happening.

With an enraged war cry, Diana flew quickly at the God of the Underworld, slamming Mjolnir into his face. Instantly, lightning sparked and crackled from the hammer upon impact as Diana’s blow sent Hades flying into the cavern wall. Immediately after she heard the impact, Diana raised Mjolnir into the air, instantly summoning the power of lightning down from above, the celestial blasts consuming the infernal hordes that besieged her sisters and mother, slaying them instantly. The creatures that were still coming out of the gateway saw this and instantly knew new fear, turning on their tails and making to return back into the Underworld.

“COME BACK HERE, YOU COWARDS!” the lord of Tartarus yelled after them, but to no avail; after seeing the new celestial might that Wonder Woman possessed with this hammer, they suddenly saw that the Underworld wasn’t the worst place to be.

“Very well, then,” Hades snarled as his hands began burning with infernal fires. “I will simply have to deal with you myself, Diana. Do not think that this newfound power of yours can help you match my own strength and-”


With an echoing hit, Thor landed a powerful axe kick out of nowhere, slamming the Greek deity into the ground.

“Do not doubt the might of Mjolnir, Hades,” Thor snarled as he picked him up by the hair, then slamming him back into the ground. “The might of Asgard has felled many enemies.”

“Sisters!” Diana cried with passionate confidence and spirit. “We can still win, yet! To the gates of Tartarus, my sisters! Drive the remainder of the creatures back! Let no others pass through!”

“Remember what I have taught you, Amazons!” Thor cried out to them. “Remember the formations! We shall deal with Hades! FOR MIDGARD!”

With a roar of battle, the Amazon army, led by Hippolyta and Philippus, charged towards the gates to the Underworld, beating the remaining infernal creatures back, ready to defend the gateway once again and ensure their victory.

Suddenly, Thor was blasted by the flames of Hades, sending him back a few dozen feet. “You think you two can best the God of the Underworld?!” he roared, his eyes blazing with fury and fire. “You are nothing to me, do you hear me!? I HAVE POWER THAT RIVALS THAT OF ZEUS! ALL LIFE ENDS WITH ME! I AM-

“WOULD YOU SHUT THE F*** UP?!” Diana yelled as she landed a devastating hit with Mjolnir against his face, effectively shattering his helmet and sending him flying into the cavern ceiling. With a massive jump, Thor followed and as Hades came crashing down, the Asgardian met him with a powerful knee to the face.

“Wonder Woman,” Thor mused as the two gods landed-the Asgardian on his feet, the Olympian on his face. “Such words do not beget a princess.” He smirked as he looked at her.

“Most princesses don’t have a dark and broody bat as a lover, or know the Flash,” she replied with her own smirk, enticing a laugh from Thor. “Thor your hammer-”

“It would appear that Mjolnir found worth in your determination and unshakable resolve to defend this realm, your undying love for these people,” Thor replied. “There is great honor and value in such convictions, and worth as well; truly, Diana of Themyscera, you are a noble, honorable and worthy warrior, and a great ally.”

“I I thank you, Thor,” Diana said, her pride swelling exponentially as her grip on Mjolnir tightened. “Those words mean much to me.”

“Verily? Taking compliments from the man who almost destroyed your island, as you said?”

“Remember, I’m the one with the hammer now,” she replied with a smirk.

“It isn’t the weapon, Diana of Themyscera, but the warrior holding the weapon.”

“AMAZON!” Hades roared with fury and infernal rage as he came out of the crater Thor had made with their collision. “YOU WILL SUFFER FOR YOUR ARROGANCE AND DEFIANCE! I WILL SLAUGHTER YOUR LITTLE PETS, STARTING WITH THE BATMAN! HE-”

Wonder Woman didn’t get a chance to retaliate at the threat Hades made to her lover; Thor had simply lashed out with his powerful fist and landed a devastating uppercut on the Greek god’s chin, then before he could fly off from the impact, he grabbed at his armor and flung him at Diana. “Wonder Woman, batter up!”

Instantly knowing what the Asgardian meant, and wondering how he knew such a phrase, Diana swung Mjolnir at the incoming Olympian, sending him flying across the cavern’s length, into another wall.

“I wasn’t sure you’d know what that meant,” Thor smirked as the two warriors ran over to continue the fight.

“I’m surprised you know it at all,” Diana replied with her own smirk. As they made their way over to Hades, she grabbed a nearby sword and flung it to Thor. “Here,” she said as he caught it. “Arm yourself, since I have your weapon, and I don’t plan on returning it anytime soon.”

Hades was ready for them; as they ran over to once more engage him, he instantly unleashed a breath of scorching infernal fires, forcing them back out of surprise. Taking the advantage, he leaped at Diana and slammed her into the ground, using his foot to keep her hammer arm down. “The hammer may be mighty, Amazon, but even with its strength, you cannot hope to defeat me-”

“You have a problem, Hades,” Thor roared as he jumped onto the god’s back and thrust the sword into his back with his godly strength, enticing a roar of pain from the lord of the Underworld. “You seem to have a fixation on Wonder Woman; as such, you fail to notice everything else around you-especially me!” Thor continued his attack by punching the hilt of the blade, his incredible strength sending it further into Hades’ body, as such that the blade burst out through his front. Diana took this opportunity to place a well-aimed kick at Hades’ crotch.

Hades thought the pain couldn’t get any worse before she did that.

Relishing the howling screams of pain Hades was now exhibiting, Diana squirmed her hammer arm out of under his leg and bashed his leg with it. Right afterwards, Thor grabbed his head and slammed it again into the ground, the impact sparking the birth of another crater. In a blind rage and infernal fury, Hades madly struck at the Amazon and the Asgardian, shooting fire at them from his mouth and his hands; but in his anger and hatred, he could not accurately hit them, and the two warriors took that to their advantage. They moved in perfect coordination and synergy, each landing blows and hits that were complimented by the other’s actions. As warriors, they complimented each other perfectly.

Hades eventually got in a lucky hit; he blindly blasted more infernal fires and by sheer chance Diana was hit, stunned and caught off guard. She fell to the ground as Mjolnir fell from her hand, but she instantly got back up. Forgetting the hammer, she merely jumped at Hades, grabbing him in a choke hold and mercilessly punching him in the back near the wound Thor had created when he drove the blade into him.

“This is for killing the gate guards, you monster; this is for almost killing me and my mother and my other sisters! THIS IS FOR THE WORLD YOU WISH TO MERCILESSLY CONQUER!” she roared as she pushed him roughly onto the cavern ground and grabbed the hilt of the blade; without mercy or restraint, she drove the blade upwards along Hades’ back. As the deity screamed in pain, Diana instinctively stretched out her hand, and Mjolnir returned to her. Stunned at how she did that, she nevertheless remembered the task at hand and slammed the hammer into the blade’s hilt, driving it further into his body.

At that, Thor grabbed Hades and brought him up to his face. “Listen closely, Hades of the Underworld. You have been given a simple warning right now. What Wonder Woman and I have done to you, what we have done to your retreating armies this pales in comparison to what will happen to you if you should chose and attempt to conquer this realm again in the future at the hands of Diana of Themyscera.” He tightened his hold on the god, and continued with a snarl, “THIS is what will happen to you by MY hands.” Focusing every bit of his godly strength into his fist, Thor powerfully punched Hades in his stomach and followed up with a devastating snap kick into his face, sending him flying into the cavern ceiling.

“Diana-Mjolnir!” he yelled. Instantly knowing what the Asgardian meant, Diana threw the hammer at him, and Mjolnir once more returned to its master. Whirling his weapon, Thor flew after up to Hades as he began falling, and swung devastating blows at his face, and then aiming Mjolnir at him, he fired a mighty blast of lightning at his falling figure; the blade in Hades’ body instantly caught the celestially electric charges and brutally coursed the pain through the Olympian’s body. Normally, such attacks would be less than nothing to a God of Olympus, but this was celestial lightning and it could actually hurt the god possibly any gods.

“HAVE AT THEEEE!” Thor roared as he slammed Mjolnir upon the back of Hades head the moment he impacted on the ground, the thunderous boom echoing powerfully through the gargantuan underground cavern.

“This isn’t OVER!” Hades roared as he struggled to get up, his mouth, eyes & hands furiously ablaze with infernal flames. “I WILL take this world-”

“YOU WILL NOT!” Diana cried furiously as she powerfully kicked Hades in the jaw. “You are going back to the Underworld, as Zeus himself decreed millennia ago.”


And suddenly, everything since his arrival to this realm made clear sense to Thor.

“And I,” he snarled as he grabbed him by the throat, “am the Norse God of Thunder.”

And suddenly, everything Diana learned about Thor made clear sense to her.

Hades could only sputter at those words. “Norse-?! What is this-?!”

“AMAZONS!” Thor roared. “Away from the portal, now!”

Heading his cry, Hippolyta did just that. “Come, sisters! Our victory is almost at hand!”

As the Amazons retreated from the gates to Tartarus, the retreating demons, skeletons and spirits saw this and assumed that this could be their opening to attack the realm of the living again. No sooner did they begin to charge, however, did Thor fling their lord and master at the portal, scattering them. The instant that they saw his brutalized condition at the hands of the Amazon and the Asgardian, they knew fear-something that the spawn of the Underworld had never experienced before. Instantly, they turned on their heels as ran in panic to return to their own realm.

“No!” Hades roared. “I AM HADES! I WILL NOT-” He never finished as Diana flew at him and snap-kicked him through the gates, returning him to Tartarus.

“No ”

“Now, Hades,” Diana snarled as Thor came next to her. “You have and you SHALL stay in Tartarus. This world is not yours to rule.” At those words, the two heroes looked to each other.

“Together?” Thor asked, stretching his hammer arm.

“Together,” Wonder Woman replied, grabbing Mjolnir by the lower handle.

Both gripping Mjolnir, they aimed it at the gateway, ready to do what had to be done. Immediately, Mjolnir glowed as lightning crackled from its head in anticipation of the attack. As Hades roared in defiance, the Amazon and Asgardian struck.


With their unified cry, the hammer fired its lightning, a gargantuan blast of celestial electricity, at the entrance to the Underworld. The blast not only went through, sending Hades back hundreds of feet deeper into his kingdom, but it sealed the gates themselves, the doors slamming shut under the force of the lightning blast, the heat searing the entrance completely tight and off. The gates of Tartarus were finally closed once more.

The threat of Hades was gone.

“We we won,” Diana said, the shock evident in her voice. “We won.”

For a good ten minutes, the Amazons and the Asgardian stood in silence. That is until


Instantly, the Amazons cheered, thrusting their various weapons into the air also, cries of victory on their lips. Diana’s cries were the loudest of them all, her sword and Lasso in both hands, both hands pumping into the air in victory.

“Thor,” she began to say. “I don’t I don’t know what we could’ve done if it were not for you helping us in the battle. I thank you, on behalf of Themyscera, the Amazons and the entire world, especially the Justice League.”

“It was an honor, fair maiden of Themyscera. I-” Thor suddenly stopped, looking upwards towards the direction of stairways that served as the entrance to the cavern.

“What is it?” Diana asked, surprised by his sudden change of air. She saw him tense up, gripping his hammer tightly.

“Magic my hammer can sense it; above us on the surface, very powerful magic beings has appeared,” Thor replied, anger slowly climbing into his voice. “And their essence is similar to that of Hades and my own; it is godly in nature.”

There was only one reason that would ever happen on Themyscera, Diana realized.

“Amazons,” she cried out. “To the surface-others have arrived on Themyscera.” At her words, the Amazons took their weapons and immediately went to the surface, followed by Hippolyta, Philippus, Diana, and Thor.

“My daughter,” the Queen asked. “What is going on?”

“Thor has sensed the arrival of others with Hades’ essence on Themyscera, Mother. We both know what that means.”

“It appears Hades was right in a sense,” Philippus interjected. “They did arrive too late.”

Within five minutes, the entirety of the Amazon population and the Asgardian came out of the cavern, out of the palace and into the plaza of the palace, and were immediately greeted by a surprising sight, one that made everyone present-save Thor-gasp in reverence.

Before them all stood Zeus, Hera, Apollo, Artemis, Aphrodite, Athena, Poseidon, Hermes, Morpheus and Hypnos, the pantheon of Olympus.

Zeus, while not among the patron deities revered by the Amazon nation, was still the King of the Pantheon of Olympus, and therefore, he essentially demanded the same-no, he demanded more adoration and worship that Athena, Artemis, Aphrodite or even Hera, Queen of the Gods. It was because of him that all things existed in this world, and for that, he was to be held with reverence at all times. And even if he wasn’t on Themyscera, the other gods present also expected the same, albeit not on the same level Zeus received except Hera.

As such, at the sight of a good number of the Olympian gods standing before them, gracing Themyscera with their presence, the entire island population gave them that exact reverence. Even the queen and the princess/champion gave them the worship they deserved. Yes, everyone on the island bowed before the Pantheon to pay their respect and worship.

Everyone except one.

“What is this?” Thor asked with authority and command, as such fit for an Asgardian God. That did not sit well with the Olympians, especially Zeus. “Why do you all bow before these beings?”

“We are their gods, pretender,” Hera replied with loathing contempt. ‘So this is the god from another realm,’ she thought to herself.

“Our Queen speaks truth, man,” Artemis replied, her bow at the ready, an arrow prepared to strike down this man-god who dared to walk on Themyscera. “We are the Gods of Olympus, the ones the Amazons bow to.”

“I am the King of the Gods,” Zeus said with regality and demanding authority, as was fitting for him. “I am Zeus, warrior, and the reason I and my brethren appear is because-”

“Hold thy tongue,” Thor interrupted as he recognized the name. At that, the other Olympian gods looked flabbergasted from Thor to Zeus and back; did this man-god just interrupt he who gave form and life to this planet. Zeus himself was trying to hold his anger back and keep himself from smiting this warrior or god or whatever he was on the spot.

“You are Zeus, the one who gave Queen Hippolyta the duty to guard the gates of Tartarus?”

“Yes indeed,” Zeus responded, surprised by the question. “But that-”

“The very same Zeus who, along with these other gods have promised to protect not just this world, but the Amazons especially?”

“Yes, but-”

“And who gave thy word that your Champion, Diana of Themyscera, would always have your blessings and strength, and who would appear and aid her when she called thy name?”

” Yes.”

“Well then ”


EVERYONE was shocked at what they had just seen.

Thor had attacked Zeus, King of the Greek Gods of Olympus, and hit him with Mjolnir, AND had sent him flying. Thor then stood up straight again, and cracked his neck, acting as if this was nothing for him.

“What kind of god doesn’t come when he is needed?” Thor mumbled to himself. Unfortunately, his question wasn’t answered in a way he wanted.

“YOU DARE STRIKE THE LORD OF OLYMPUS!?” Artemis roared as she fired her arrow, intent on killing the Asgardian-but the arrow did nothing as Thor grabbed it as it was inches from his face, shocking the Goddess of the Hunt.

“Yes,” Thor snarled as the thunder in the heavens started crackling again. “I do.”

“Enough of this!” Athena cried as she drew her blade out and charged at Thor. “DEATH!”

“HAVE AT THEE!” Thor roared in return as he wielded Mjolnir against Athena’s blade.

By now, the Amazons had gotten up from bowing to their gods, and now were staring flabbergasted as the warrior who claimed to be a god & saved them from one now did battle with a full pantheon’s might. Hippolyta could only imagine what insanity Thor possessed to drive him to do battle with the power of Olympus.

Diana, however, sensed immediately why Thor did such a thing by the words he said before he struck Zeus: he and the rest of Olympus had sworn to always come to the aid of the Amazons in times of trial and need, and being their Champion, she was guaranteed their aid if she called upon any of their names if she had need. Up to now, she never had the need, but she never faced Hades before. She had called on her gods, but they didn’t answer; she was answered and aided, instead, by a god of a completely different faith and kind. Yes, Diana now fully believed Thor’s story-he was a god, just not of Olympus; he was a god of the Norse people. His story of coming from an alternate Earth made more sense now with that. But the point was Thor believed that a god was supposed to come when their worshippers and followers called, and Olympus didn’t.

“My gods,” she cried out as she came forward, trying to get their attention. Right now, Thor was taking on Apollo and Poseidon with brute strength. “Please, hear my words-Thor means not to harm you, he is just upset that-”

“He threatens our power, Diana!” Hera cried as she made to fire a blast of godly magic energy. “He must be dealt with!”

“I MUST BE DEALT WITH?!” Thor roared in anger as he escaped Apollo’s grasp and threw him into Poseidon. “What needed to be dealt with is already dealt with, no thanks on your part!”

“Be calm, god-like warrior!” Aphrodite cried as she waved her hands at the Asgardian; instantly, a fog engulfed Thor’s mind, and all he could focus on was the lust-enticing figure of the Goddess of Love and Beauty, wanting only to please her in hopes of bedding her, to worship no not again he would not fall prey to another attempt to manipulate him.

“Something’s wrong,” Aphrodite said in shock as she felt herself losing control of Thor’s heart and mind. “He’s resisting my call!”

“How can he!?” Hermes asked in shock. “You are-”

“GET OUT OF MY MIND!” Thor roared as he flung Mjolnir directly at the Goddess of Love and Beauty, sending her flying into a nearby marble statue. “I will not fall under enchantment again! Not after what the Enchantress forced me to succumb to her the last time!”

“Please-Thor! Olympus!” Diana cried as she tried to stop the battle. “You must-”

“You DARE strike me?!” Aphrodite roared as she got up, half in tears, but also in seething anger.

“I shall put you in your place-” Hera began as she, Hypnos and Morpheus prepared to attack-

“NO, MY QUEEN,” a thundering voice boomed as the skies came alive with the sounds of thunder again, but this time, much more powerfully. Immediately, Zeus returned, this time with two massive lightning bolts in his hands. At the sight, the other Greek gods stepped back, while Hippolyta and the Amazons retreated to a safe distance in fear and terror of what they were about to see. Diana stared in horror, rooted to the spot, while Thor simply stood there, standing ground and defiant.

“I WILL TEACH THIS PRETENDER THE ERROR OF HIS WAYS!” Zeus cried as he flung the lightning bolts at the Asgardian, enticing a gargantuan explosion and eruption, echoing for miles around. “NONE STRIKE ZEUS AND NONE CHALLENGE OLYMPUS! SO DECREES ZEUS, KING OF OLYMPUS!”

“NO!” Diana cried as she stared in horror at where Thor stood before the Olympian had smote him. “My Lord, Thor saved Themyscera and the world before you had arrived! Hades-”

“He was a threat, my Champion,” Zeus immediately retorted. “Diana of Themyscera, I do not know what lies he has deceived you with but I assure-”


All eyes turned in shock and wondrous awe as Thor came out of the billowing tower of smoke where Zeus had struck him.

“IMPOSSIBLE!” the Olympian roared as his hands began crackling in electrical godly magic energy. “How did you-?!”

“You make to strike me down,” Thor roared as the electrical currents danced around his body, giving him even more strength, “with LIGHTNING BOLTS?!” With a roar, he aimed Mjolnir at Zeus and fired celestial lightning blasts at him. “I AM THOR ODINSON, GOD OF THUNDER!”

“Oh boy, this isn’t good,” Diana muttered as she face palmed, unsure of what to do. “Of all the men that could be fighting right now, it had to be the most egotistic of gods ”

“I WILL SMITE YOU WHERE YOU STAND, PRETENDER AND BLASPHEMER!” Zeus cried as he made to land a fist of devastating magic energy, only for it to miss as Thor flew upwards directly at the Olympian, hammer in hand alive with electricity, unadulterated fury in his eyes.

“I-” Thor roared as he slammed Mjolnir into Zeus’ jaw “-SAY-” he landed a devastating uppercut to the Olympian’s jaw “-THEE-” a lightning bolt came from the heavens and consumed Zeus as Thor went behind him “-NAY!” The Asgardian slammed Mjolnir directly onto the back of Zeus’ head, the impact echoing as a flurry of lightning bolts decorated the heavens, the Olympian plummeting into the ground with a resonating impact.

“So says Thor, Prince of Asgard,” Thor finished as he landed a few meters away from where Zeus was getting up; he could clearly see that this King of Gods was not an easy opponent.

“Your word holds no authority, man-god,” came the voice of Artemis as the full Olympian Pantheon surrounded the Asgardian, their weapons and magic blasts at the ready to attack.

“It matters not if you are a god from another realm,” Hera said icily. “You threaten our power, and therefore must be eliminated.”

“As is the will of Olympus,” Zeus added as he got up and prepared to attack.

A coalition of godlike entities surrounding him, intent on killing him, and no allies to come to his aid? Thor hadn’t had this kind of excitement in years.

“In the words of the Wolverine,” Thor smirked as h readied himself for the coming battle, “come at me.”

But just as they were about to engage in a battle royale

“No, my gods,” Wonder Woman defiantly stated as she flew in front of Thor, one arm holding her blade while the other directed at Hera in a stopping notion. “I cannot allow you to harm he who saved not only Themyscera and the Amazons, but the entirety of Man’s World.”

That caught the attention of the Olympians rather easily. “What do you mean, Diana?” Hera asked with surprise.

“Hera, Hades had broken out of Tartarus not two hours ago,” Diana replied. The effect was immediate; instantly every single one of the gods made cries of surprise and shock, the one most surprised being Zeus himself.

“How did this happen?!” he asked.

“When Thor arrived on Themyscera, we Amazons refused to hear his tales and his petitions for help in returning to his own world, simply attacking him. The battle between him and me greatly devastated the island, weakening the bounds on the gates to the Underworld, allowing some of Hades’ demons to possess the gate guard. They tricked the rest of us and opened the gates completely, and we were overrun by Hades’ hordes while I was forced to fight Hades himself. It was only by the aid and might of Thor that we were able to overcome the God of the Underworld and reseal the gates to Tartarus. Our people, our world even you owe him a great debt of gratitude, for if Hades wasn’t defeated, he had sworn to ravage Olympus itself once he was finished with Earth.”

At their champion’s words, the Greek Gods were flabbergasted, looking from her to Thor and back again, unable to believe such a tale.

“Is this true, Hippolyta?” Zeus asked, turning to the Queen of the Amazons, who came forward.

“Yes, my Lord,” she replied with confidence. “You can, no doubt, smell the sulfur and brimstone that signals the presence of demons and the creatures of Hades. Thor rallied our armies with techniques we have never seen before that allowed us to push back the hordes and confront Hades head on. With Thor by her side, Diana was able to defeat Hades, and together they resealed Tartarus’ gates. Hades was soundly beaten by Thor.”

At her words, Zeus turned and slowly walked over to Thor; the Asgardian would’ve tensed if he hadn’t sensed that the Olympian had no intention of harming him this time.

“And what is your purpose here on our world?”

“I just seek a way to return to my world,” Thor replied honestly. “My hammer can sense magical boundaries that will help me return, and it sense one here on this island. That is why I came here in the first place.”

“So you have no intention of usurping Olympus?” Zeus asked.

“Asgard is my home, Zeus,” Thor replied with a small smile. “Your gods hold no ill will by me.”

At that Zeus smiled. “Very well, god of another world; as decreed by Mount Olympus, the Pantheon gives you many thanks for your effort in defeating Lord Hades and keeping this world safe once more. We are in your debt.” The Pantheon bowed to show their gratitude, and being raised by Odin, Thor returned the bow. When he looked up, the Greek Gods disappeared in a blaze of light and smoke.

“Well, that went better than expected,” Diana said with a sigh of relief, glad that the confrontation was over. “I was sure Hera and Aphrodite would’ve killed you on the spot.”

“It is not an easy or recommendable task to kill an Asgardian, Wonder Woman,” Thor smirked. “Now I must ask, will there be a feast in celebration of our victory?”

*5 hours later*

It was a grand feast indeed, Thor decided as he continued to chomp down on the fish before him. The delicacies the Amazons had made over the course of their millennia of existence rivaled that of the greatest riches of foods in the halls of Asgard-Volstagg himself would’ve believed this feast fit for the warriors of Asgard. He would especially adore the fact that the sole attendants of the feast were beautiful women.

“A toast, Themyscera!” Hippolyta yelled out as she stood up from her seat next to the Asgardian and her daughter, raising her goblet to the air; the other Amazons, seeing this, raised their own goblets in toast as well. “To our champion, Diana of Themyscera, and our ally, Thor Odinson, for without them our people and the world would be under the iron fist of our enemy Hades! To Diana and Thor!”

“To Princess Diana and Thor!” the Amazons cheered as they clapped and shouted, and Diana couldn’t help but smile widely. She owed much to the hero from another world that had chosen to help them and their world, despite how terribly they treated him upon his arrival on Themyscera.

As Thor beamed with pride and guzzled down the Amazonian wine, he couldn’t help but notice that the Amazon General, Philippus, was still warily watching him, as if he’d go crazy at any moment. He had a feeling she was just hoping for an excuse to attack him; she clearly still didn’t like him, and the feeling was mutual as she had insulted and belittled him as he was chained. He had willingly chosen to help them defeat their enemy and saved their world and home, and she still apparently didn’t like him. After taking another bite of the fish, a random idea came into his mind, something he’d do-and most likely enjoy-when he was ready to leave this realm and return home.

Home; to his Midgard.

Where his greatest friends, the Avengers would no doubt be worried about him, where his father Odin-along with his mother Frigga and Balder and the Warriors Three and Heimdall and Sif probably not Loki, but who knew what the God of Mischief could’ve done in his absence. Hel, Thor realized, Loki could’ve taken over all of Midgard by now.

Diana turned to the Asgardian, and saw that he was seemingly in heavy thought, and she instantly knew what he was thinking about: returning home. Thor, being a hero in his own universe, must have a whole team of heroes who were most likely more like friends and family, if her time with the Justice League was any indication; he must have a family that’d be worried about him, wondering what had become of him and if he was ok. Perhaps his enemies were taking advantage of his absence and sowing havoc and chaos.

But she had found an amazing friend in the Asgardian, a kindred warrior spirit, similar to the one she had found in Batman yet different. Then there was the fact that the Asgardian was rather hot, as Kara would say; the strength he had was well defined in his nicely tones muscles she found herself attracted to Thor, not in the same was she was with Batman however-what they had was incomparable, but something about the Asgardian

“Diana, did you hear me?”

“Huh?” Diana said as she came back to reality, ever so slightly turning a faint shade of pink. “I’m sorry, what was that?”

Thor smirked as he again said, “I said, this is a marvelous feast and I really have enjoyed my time here, but I am afraid I must ask that I return to my original task upon arriving on your island of Paradise. I am afraid it is time for me to take my leave and return to my own realm.”

“Must you, Thor?” Diana asked. “You are indeed a mighty warrior and a true hero; the Justice League would be more than happy to have you among our number. You’d always have friends here on Themyscera, and in my person.”

“That is a tempting offer, Wonder Woman,” Thor said with a smile, “but I am afraid I cannot accept; my father is probably at this moment tearing the cosmos apart searching for me, as may all the hosts of Asgard. Not only them, but my allies, the Avengers-the greatest heroes I have ever known in all my life-they last saw me as I was sucked into the portal that brought me to this world, and I fear that that left them feeling guilty and fearful of my fate. I belong there, Diana of Themyscera, as you belong here.”

“I guess I cannot argue with that, Asgardian,” Diana said with a smile as she patted the Thunder God on the back. “Very well, Thor, I shall help you; now, how does this work, exactly?”

*20 minutes later*

Diana, Hippolyta, Philippus and the rest of the Amazons followed Thor as he followed the tugs of Mjolnir deeper and deeper into Themyscera, the enchanted hammer slowly glowing brighter and brighter. Thor had no idea what to expect upon reaching their destination, but he couldn’t help but feel excited at the prospect of returning home to his Midgard, to Asgard and to his family and friends.

But he would definitely miss the new friends he had made in this world too-Queen Hippolyta and Wonder Woman, most notably; they had been extremely kind to him after they had welcomed him with war and blade and capture. They had proved to be very capable warriors in their battle against Hades, as had all the other Amazons. They had been very kind to him after their victory, and they seemed to be marveled by the fact that he was able to stand against a number of their gods, even their king god. Diana was especially surprised he was still standing when she had stepped in.

That had been quite a surprise-Wonder Woman was willing to put herself in harm’s way and stand against her gods, the ones who-as he understood-had given her her life and powers, to protect an utter stranger to her and her kind, only because he had decided to help save their home and aid them in fighting off their powerful enemy. Wonder Woman was indeed an honorable warrior and friend, Thor believed, definitely worthy of wielding the power of Mjolnir as she did. Not only was she a worthy friend and honorable warrior, she was quite attractive as well, easily the most beautiful of all the Amazons, especially in the armor she wore. It certainly allowed quite a-No, Thor, he told himself. Your heart belongs to another. But he couldn’t deny there was something about the Amazon

The skies rumbled with thunder, bringing Thor back from his thoughts to reality. That was a sign that Mjolnir was guiding him close to the nearest weak point in the barrier of realms.

“I take it that means we’re close?” Diana asked as she continued to follow Thor through the forests.

“Aye, Wonder Woman, it does; where it leads, however, even I do not know,” Thor replied.

After another few minutes, the Asgardian and the Amazons emerged from the edge of the forests, and Thor’s hammer glowed more brightly than before.

“It is here,” Thor said.

Diana and Hippolyta were extremely surprised; before them was the path that led to the way up to Mount Olympus.

“Um, are you sure, Thor?” Hippolyta nervously asked. “That path is what leads to the dominion of our gods; that leads to the realm of Mount Olympus.”

“Perhaps, Your Majesty, but Mjolnir will not have me enter the realm of your gods-it will simply open a boundary between my home realm and this one, ripping the barriers here and there and allowing me to cross over.” As Thor headed towards the path, he began whirling his hammer, and looked back at the Amazons. “I suggest you all stand back; this will be quite overwhelming.” As the women did so, Thor continued to whirl his hammer. “All Father, if you can hear me, guide my hand as I wield mighty Mjolnir and once more open the barriers, not to the unknown, but in search for my home. Hear me, Father, as I make to return to my people.”

Instantly, lightning crackled and flashed, reigning onto the ground as Thor instantly aimed Mjolnir to the path of Olympus, and celestial magic lightning once more fired from the head. This time, however, instead of simply shooting for destruction, the lightning began to swirl as it got closer to the path; the electricity whirled together, tighter and tighter until suddenly, an echoing boom rang out and the whirls expanded, creating a portal vortex with a strong suction wind. Luckily for Thor, this time there was no doomsday weapon to blow up in his face and force him in, and he was standing just outside of the range of the winds. The portal was now ready, and somehow Thor knew that this would take him home to his Midgard.

Thor was going home.

With a somewhat sad sigh, the Asgardian turned back to the mass of Amazon warriors behind him.

“Amazons, I thank you for the chance you gave me to prove myself as a true and honorable warrior; verily, I have seldom met warriors brave and true such as yourselves. I pray that one day, we may meet again and share another glorious battle.” He raised his hammer arm. “FOR THEMYSCERA!”

“FOR THEMYSCERA!” the Amazons cheered as they raised their blades to the air as well, clapping in honor of their new ally who was leaving them so soon.

Hippolyta and Diana walked up to Thor. “Thor Odinson, should you ever return to this world,” the Queen said, “know that you shall always have allies and friends here. As Olympus said, we are in your debt.” She bowed before the Prince of Asgard, who gave her a bow in return.

“I thank you, Your Majesty,” Thor replied with a smile. “I promise that if I do one day return and your people and world are in need, I pledge my might and Mjolnir in aid for you.” The Asgardian then turned to the Amazon Champion and Princess. “Wonder Woman, Diana of Themyscera, you have given me a battle like no othOMMGHHFF!”

Thor was completely interrupted as Wonder Woman full on kissed him on the lips, not only surprising him, but the rest of the Amazons, especially Hippolyta and Philippus. What made her do it, Diana didn’t know nor cared-she just wanted to taste the Asgardian in case they never saw each other again. And quite honesty, Thor didn’t complain as he went along with the kiss. The passion that flowed between them was not that of two in love or lovers desiring each other; no, it was simply a basic desire to satisfy fleshly wants desires, to take advantage of the opportunity of having a creature of lust enticing beauty in each other’s arms. There were no feelings for each other.

They just wanted to taste, and taste they did.

Hippolyta really couldn’t say anything to her daughter because quite frankly, she had to admit she was attracted to the Asgardian as well, and had wondered herself what it would’ve been like to taste him; she was quite jealous of her daughter at the moment.

Philippus found yet another reason she wanted to impale the Asgardian-he was defiling her princess.

After a couple dozen seconds of passionate kissing, the two near omnipotent beings separated, gasping slightly and in a certain degree of surprise.

“Phew…ok,” Diana smiled sheepishly, her cheeks turning slightly pink. “I figured I should get that out of the way, especially since I’m not too sure if I’ll ever see you again, Thor.” Taking a minute to recompose herself, the Princess continued. “Anyways Thor, I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for my people and my world; and you really did give me quite a fight when you first arrived, one that I can honestly say I shall never forget as long as I live. Despite initial thoughts, you proved to be a worthy ally and an honorable warrior. I am confident of my words when I say I am proud to call you my friend and ally.”

After the surprise of the kiss wore off, Thor smiled as well. “I thank you, Diana of Themyscera, and I return your sentiment-you are also a remarkable and honorable warrior and friend, a worthy champion of this world indeed. You were the first to give me the benefit of the doubt and the first to reach out in kindness to me. I thank you for that.” He stretched out his hand. “May our paths cross once more one day, Amazon.”

“Indeed, Asgardian,” Diana replied with a smile as she took his hand and shook firmly. At that, they embraced each other, as long time friends and warriors who had grown up together in war and battle; they both knew they had found a brand new ally and friend in each other.

As they broke the embrace, Thor looked to them all. “Farewell, Amazons,” he said before he turned back to the portal, ready to return to his world, when suddenly

“Philippus!” he cried out as he turned back to the Amazons, remembering his earlier idea. “A word before I take my leave?”

Surprised, the Amazon general who had ridiculed and belittled and quite frankly pissed off Thor while he was a prisoner stepped forward; she did not like the Asgardian at all, and felt like he was putting her on display. “Yes, warrior of thunder?” she said evenly, keeping her disdain at bay for the sake of her Queen and Princess.

“Philippus, I understand that you do not like me and would rather see me impaled on your blade than walk away free of the damage I helped bring upon Themyscera, for speaking rashly to your Queen and Princess probably for kissing your Princess, and for other transgression in your mind.”

“I will not deny that the thought hasn’t crossed my mind,” Philippus said stiffly.

“I do also understand that your actions in insulting, attacking and hurting me as your prisoner, you took because you felt the need to uphold the honor of the royals, your people and your home. For that, I hold no ill will to you, and I simply hope that you understand that, since you felt you were simply fulfilling your duty to your Queen and Princess,” Thor said.

Philippus stared at him in shock.

“However,” the Asgardian continued, “that doesn’t excuse the anger I have that you attacked me while I was seemingly unable to defend myself, and that says a lot of your nature. And quite frankly, I took it somewhat personal.”


To everyone’s surprise and shock, Thor smacked Philippus, one of the most proud Amazons on the island, with Mjolnir, sending her flying hundreds of feet back into the forest. After they all stared after the figure of their general, the Amazons turned back flabbergasted at the Asgardian. Hippolyta and Diana simply stared at the Norse Thunder God, unable to react.

“She had it coming, as Spider-Man would say,” Thor said with a shrug. And with that, he stepped into the sucking winds, immediately pulled into the vortex of the portal, and in the blink of an eye, Thor Odinson was gone. Immediately after he went through, the portal collapsed on itself, closing forever.

After a few seconds, Diana instantly burst out laughing at what had transpired before Thor left; even Hippolyta found herself smiling as the angry and cursing screams of Philippus echoed through the forest. Even as he was gone, Thor had left quite the impression.

*Marvel Universe*

“YOU LOST MY SON?!” the king of Asgard thundered as he towered over Spider-Man, the skies roaring with thunder and dancing with lightning as his anger grew exponentially. “HOW DID YOU LOSE MY FAVORITE SON?!”

“You know, I think it’s words like that that made Thor and Loki archenemies in the first-”


” eep ” Spider-Man whimpered as he turned back to his fellow Avengers for some kind-ANY kind- of help, but they were just as terrified of Lord Odin at the moment as he was. Even the Hulk seemed to have decided it’d be smart to be a nice distance away from the father of the one entity that could go toe- to-toe with him any day; even Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man’s girlfriend, chose not to intervene, deciding this wasn’t a situation she could help her boyfriend out of.

Valkyrie had gone to Asgard once the Avengers had returned to Earth to bring the news that Thor had disappeared from the universe, something she really didn’t want to tell to the King of Asgard. In the few hours she was gone, the rest of the Avengers discussed who’d be the one to speak to Odin on the Avengers’ behalf; this meant that said chosen individual would have to explain to an extremely angry father, who happened to be king of the Norse Pantheon and have power on par with Silver Surfer, Uatu and rivaling Galactus, just how they allowed his son and their teammate simply disappear into a portal that was known to be unpredictable.

Even Captain America was uneasy about the prospect and Stark definitely wasn’t someone the team could entrust a task to.

Unfortunately, as they continued to try and figure out what to tell the god, Odin suddenly appeared before them on the Mansion grounds, accompanied by Valkyrie, Balder, the Warriors Three, Lady Sif and Heimdall the All-Seer. And extremely furious couldn’t even begin to scratch the surface of describing how mad Odin was. His first words were, “WHICH ONE OF YOU MORTALS ALLOWED THOR TO ESCAPE YOUR CLUTCHES AND BE TAKEN FROM THIS REALM?!”

Out of fear, every single one of the Avengers immediately pointed at Spider-Man, which had led to this situation.

“Odin, you gotta understand-I tried to get him to safety, but the winds of the portals were just too strong and my webs couldn’t get to him. He just got sucked in and I-WE couldn’t do anything!” Spider-Man said as he tried to reason with the King of Norse Gods.

“Spider-Man speaks truth, Lord Odin,” Valkyrie interjected, trying to help out her fellow Avenger. “The vortex was simply too powerful and Thor was sucked in.”

“All Seer,” Odin said as he turned to Heimdall. “Can you confirm this?”

“I can, Lord Odin,” the Keeper of Bifrost said sagely with a nod. “This Spider-Man did attempt to save the Odinson, but his efforts were hampered by the portal’s mighty vortex and he could not succeed.”

“Then why did you not try HARDER, MORTAL?!” Odin roared again, almost making Spider-Man piss himself in pure fear.

“Should we help him?” Spider Woman asked.

“You wanna argue against HIM?” Quake replied. “Have fun with that.”

“I feel so helpless here,” Ms. Marvel added as she buried her face in her hand.

“You should, Carol,” Iron Man retorted. “You’re leaving your man hanging out there.”

“I don’t see YOU trying to help him out,” Protector said as he rolled his eyes.

“Lord Odin, I must speak on Spider-Man’s behalf,” Valkyrie again interjected. “You cannot blame him for not being strong enough to save Thor.”

“EXACTLY!” the arachnid Avenger said. “Wait, what does-?!”

“My Lord!” Heimdall interrupted suddenly, all eyes turning onto him as his own eyes began glowing with his vigilance. “The Thunderer-he has returned to Midgard! He has appeared along the seas near the nation of the Greeks.

‘Sir, Thor’s bio-signature has appeared along the Mediterranean Sea approximately three seconds ago,’ JARVIS interrupted, enticing cries of joy from the rest of the Avengers.

“Thor, buddy!” Stark cried into his ID card. “If you can hear me, come on back over to the Mansion!”

“AND HURRY!” Spider-Man yelled into his own ID card. “Your dad’s about to kill me!”

1o seconds later, the skies darkened and rumbled, flashing with lightning as Thor Odinson, the Norse God of Thunder and one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes descended onto the grounds of Avengers Mansion, having returned to his home.

“Ho, Avengers! I bring-Father?” Thor said with surprise as he looked back from his allies to his father, a confused look on his face. “Has something transpired in my absence that requires-?”

“MY SON!” Odin said with joy as he embraced the Thunder God. “May Asgard rejoice as its future king has returned once more to the Nine Realms in piece!”

“Your father was deeply worried about you, Thor,” Balder said with laughter as he embraced his half-brother. “He almost smote the one called Spider-Man for failing to save you-”

“And I am SO glad you’re here to prove I can still live,” Spider-Man sighed with relief as he and the rest of the Avengers came over to welcome back their teammate. “God is it good to see you again, Thor!”

“What happened to you anyways?” Iron Man asked. “Hank and I couldn’t find any trace of you anywhere, and apparently, the Heimdall guy over had searched almost every part of the universe looking for you, but you were just nowhere!”

“Because I was not in anywhere in the Nine Realms, Iron Man,” Thor replied. “I was in a whole new universe, one were the heroes are vastly different from the ones here-and where Asgard does not exist.”

“What lies be this, Thor!?” Fandrall asked as he, Hogun and Volstagg came closer for the tale. “A realm where the Realm Eternal is nonexistent?”

“Aye, Warriors Three; in its place, the Greek Gods of Olympus are the deities, and they have a champion, an honorable warrior known to her people as Wonder Woman, but her name is Diana. She gave me quite a battle, my brethren-she was on par with the Hulk and even the Sentry in speaking of brute strength; she was very formidable, yet she was also a remarkable friend and ally, and she was quite a beautiful creature as well; I was on an island, you see, and it was inhabited solely by an immortal race of female warriors called Amazons, and Wonder Woman was their champion-”

“Thor, maybe you should save the story for another time,” Captain America said warily as he and the other Avengers slowly took a few steps back. “Especially the parts about this ‘Wonder Woman’ and the island filled with only women.”

“But Captain, this Champion was a woman like no other!” Thor continued. “She is one of the finest warriors I’ve ever laid my eyes upon, a fervor rivaling that of the Valkyrior, and she was indeed a lovely sight to behold why are you all acting so nervously?” It was only then that he saw that his fellow Avengers were slowly retreating away from him, and the Warriors Three were looking at him with a mixture of humor and sadness, while Heimdall suddenly found the skies extremely interesting as Valkyrie face-palmed and Odin looked at him with a mixture of fatherly love, pity and humor.

Then it hit him.

“Sif is standing right behind me, isn’t she?”

“Yes, Thor; yes, I am.”

Ignoring the gulps and snickers of the rest, Thor Odinson, Norse God of Thunder, turned to take in the angelic form of his lover-Lady Sif, Norse Goddess of War; and although she looked pleased to see him back in one piece, she clearly wasn’t pleased about how much he spoke highly of Wonder Woman, and he could tell by the way she cradled her blade in her fingers.

“Oh, please, my love, don’t stop the tale on my account,” the war goddess said with a raised eyebrow, daring him to continue.

‘Yes, it is good to be home once more,’ Thor thought to himself as he simply smiled sheepishly.

*DC Universe*

Years earlier, the sound of jets would’ve led the Amazons to prepare for invasion from Man’s World; in fact, it had happened on several occasions, the first being the arrival of the first man on Themyscera in millennia: Steve Trevor. But today, the roars of the engines of a Justice League Javelin merely told the island inhabitants that either their princess & champion was returning to visit, or that her allies of the Justice League had business on Themyscera.

It was with that reasoning that the Amazons gave mere passing glances to the 12 Javelins that descended onto the shores of Themyscera as they continued their process of rebuilding their island paradise.

Diana, Hippolyta and a squadron of armed Amazons approached the fleet of Javelins; Hippolyta had decreed that the males of the Justice League were always welcome upon Themyscera since they had successfully defeated Ares when the war god attempted to take over the island a few years ago. That still never made it comfortable for the men to come off the Javelins first, and so female members like Hawkgirl, Vixen and Supergirl would always get off first. Or so it was up until about a year ago when the Dark Knight became the Princess’s lover, and he easily defeated Philippus in combat; now, he was always the first of the League to touch Amazon soil.

“Diana!” Batman said as he rushed to her and embraced her, the Amazon instantly returning his embrace. “What happened? J’onn told us there was someone or something attack the island. You’re not hurt are you?”

“No, Bruce, I’m fine,” Diana smiled, loving how the usually cold & insensitive-coming Dark Knight would always instantly let his emotion come out around her. Then she realized something. “Wait, how come you’re back so soon-all of you? I thought the war against Darkseid was becoming more of a stalemate, and Kal said it’d be another few-”

“Weeks, I know,” Superman interrupted as he, Flash and Hawkman came up. “Your Majesty,” he added as he bowed to Hippolyta, the other two following suit. “Orion managed to convince High Father to help us and Thanagar out after all, and well, that kind of did it for Darkseid; he’s back on Apokylips licking his wounds.”

“Plotting his revenge, no doubt,” Batman muttered.

“We’ll be ready,” the Kryptonian replied.

“ANYWAYS .” Flash interrupted, “we got back about 30 minutes ago, just as J’onn and the others we’re wrapping up the Injustice Gang. He told us something was invading Themyscera and you and the Amazons most likely needed help and we rushed over here. From the looks of it,” he added as he looked around at the stony and marble carnage, “we missed a really big party.”

“You sure did, Flash,” Diana smirked. “Hades escaped from the Underworld and almost destroyed the island, ready to take over the world.”

That stunned many of the assembled Leaguers. “Wait, what?!” Superman said, astounded.

“The Greek god of the Underworld broke out,” Batman repeated, “and almost took over the world. Yet if I remember correctly, none of the Amazons-even you, Princess-can match the gods in power. The battle was evidently massive, but how did you defeat him, and where is he?”

“What, all this?” Diana asked as she waved at the damage caused by her battle with the Asgardian. “No, that wasn’t Hades, my friends; this was the intruder who attacked Themyscera that J’onn told you about earlier.” They all looked from the carnage to her, back to the carnage, to her and back again.

“What the hell did this?!” Hawkgirl asked.

“His name is Thor.”

“The Norse god of thunder?” J’onn asked. “I was not aware other gods were existent in this world.”

“They aren’t, here it’s just those of Olympus,” Diana confirmed. “But this Thor he was from another universe, another dimension where it’s the Asgardian Norse gods that are the existent deities, where he is also a hero-part of a team like the Justice League, but called the Avengers. He was very powerful-remember when I knocked out Kal that one time? I did the same to Thor and it did nothing to him. He was able to go against me at full strength for almost 3 hours, unrelenting and nonstop. His hammer allowed him to call the lighting and thunder to him as a weapon. I only beat him using a sleeping poison when we both were too strained to continue the battle.”

“Where is he?” Batman asked with a deadly monotone, angry that such a warrior would hurt his Princess.

“After he helped us defeat Hades, we all had a feast and he then returned to his own universe,” Diana replied simply.

“Wait a minute,” Vixen interrupted. “Let me get this straight-this Thor guy comes to Themyscera, trashes the place, almost destroys you in a fight and you knock him out, and then he helps you take on Hades? Di, you lost me somewhere there.”

“It’s a long story,” Diana grinned. “But you’ll love it, and I’m sure you all would’ve loved to meet him; after the initial confusion, he ended up being a great warrior and ally, and an even greater and compassionate friend. And,” she added, her eyes twinkling, “he was really hot.”

“Well, he’s a god, so yeah, I figure he would be,” Shayera grinned in response. “Man I would’ve loved to see that hunk. Wait, since he’s probably never coming back, did you do it with him?”

“SHAYERA!” Diana, Hawkman, John Stewart, Superman and Flash snapped as Batman stiffened. Diana and Hippolyta, however, almost bit their tongues off trying to keep from laughing.

“Fine,” the female Thanagarian sighed. “Did you at least kiss him?” she asked as Hal Jordan & Plastic Man came up to them.

“Oh, come on Shayera-!” Hawkman began.

“Well .” Diana began with a blush, unable to lie at all, looking nervously at Batman, whose eyes widened in shock and surprise.

“YOU DID!” Shayera cried with laughter. But before Batman could say anything, or before Superman and the others could react with surprise

“Hey, that’s funny because Batman made out with some hot Thanagarian chick in between some fight!” Plastic Man said with a smile, instantly getting a slap from Hal Jordan, face palms from the other Leaguers, surprised looks from Diana and Hippolyta, and the deadliest Batglare to ever see the light of day.


“You kissed a Thanagarian woman?” Diana repeated, looking at Batman with shock.

“I’m just gonna ” Plastic Man began as he edged away.

“You can’t hide from me,” the Batman snarled before responding to Diana. “She was thankful I saved her life and she found me after the battle and gave me a kiss. Nothing more, and I told her I was taken.” Despite being mad, he couldn’t help but smirk. “And since I’m never seeing her again, same with this Thor ”

“I should be mad at you,” Dian smirked in response. “Yet I guess I can’t, being I did the same. We should work on that. Now, be a dear and help us out with rebuilding, Bruce.”

“I need to return to Gotham-”

“I can go after Thor if I wanted to try,” she teased. Batman would’ve responded with a Catwoman remark, but figured he’d never survive. Smirking, he followed the Princess as the rest of the League began to help out the Amazons in rebuilding.

‘Yup, everything’s back to normal,’ Diana thought with a smile.




THE END…………….