Let’s face it: we all love the concept of Thor vs. Superman. Both are quite arguably and quite honestly the most powerful heroes in their respective universes. It’s really a no-brainer pitting the two against each other. I love the concept and for me, Thor would win every time.

But when I see Thor in a fight, I want to see a battle of godlike proportions. Sure, Superman is practically invincible, but he’s no god.

I came to ask myself: what would happen if the Avengers’ Norse God of Thunder encountered the Justice League’s Champion of the Greek gods of Olympus? The Prince of Asgard and the Princess of Themyscera? What would be the result of an encounter between Thor and Wonder Woman?


By sheer willpower, she forced her eyes open, blinking rapidly to get the dust out and to regain her focus. She realized she was on the ground, and looking around, she saw that there were hefty chunks of statues, marble and rock sprayed all over and around her as a result of her crash into the once beautiful temple plaza.

In an effort of getting up, she managed to get onto one knee, only for her to stop and shake her head fiercely in an effort to get the painfully loud ringing in her ears out, resulting in tiny fragments of rock and dirt flying out of her raven locks onto the ground. She thanked her gods that her healing was so potent, or else she’d be covered with painful and colorful bruises instead of the relatively small cuts and bruises she had right now.

For a moment, she had to recollect herself and her thoughts. “Hera what just happened?” she asked herself as she picked up her fallen sword and lasso.

Then she heard the thunder. The now painfully familiar and rage sparking thunder. And she remembered. Looking up to the sky as she now stood firmly, she saw the rapidly approaching figure. The tattered cape flowing against the wind, a hammer in his hand that whirled, calling the power of the thunder and lightning to him; the dirt and bloodstained golden locks, the party chipped armor, the dented winged helmet and a relatively bruised face that brimmed with fury.

“Oh, right you.”

That was all she said as she flew up, weapons in hand, to confront once more this threat to Themyscera, this blasphemy to Olympus.

To this self-proclaimed god of the thunder.

The Hulk, Hyperion.

The Destroyer, the Sentry.

That was what this battle had reminded him of. His opponent’s strength rivaled that of his most powerful foes and allies. Almost god-like even.

Taking a moment to recollect his senses, he massaged the point where her fist had connected with his winged helmet. It had made a sizeable dent, and he loved this helmet-it was one of the things that characterized him, and he felt naked without it.

“No, now is not the time for pride,” he scolded himself.

Senses fully working again, he looked at his reflection in the puddle that had spawned from his crashing into a fountain, which was now scattered in various sized fragments all over the garden he had landed in. His armor was broken here and there, but it wasn’t much, just a few chinks. His golden locks were stained with dust, dirt and a light streak of blood. His cheek, black and blue only a few minutes ago, was now only a light shade of red, and a line of blood was slowly leaking from the corner of his mouth. His cape was tattered along the edges, ripped from when she had caught it and flung him through a number of statues.

It was time to end this.

“Come, Mjolnir.”

Stretching out his gloved hand, his mighty hammer flew over to him from a demolished temple a few dozen yards away, smashing through the carnage of stone in its path. As the two united as one again, the skies boomed with thunder and lightning flashed as it decorated the heavens, dancing along to the massive booming, letting his enemy know he was far from defeated.

Whirling Mjolnir, he ascended into the heavens, scanning the ground for his opponent, finding her on a kneeled knee in a rather decimated temple plaza, shaking her head as if to regain her senses.

“This ends now,” he told himself, the iron determination evident in his voice.

And with that, he flew down towards her, the thunder roaring his anger and might.

If she was to fall for him to return home, then so be it.

They flew towards each other, neither with the intent of backing down, both intending to walk away from this.

She was armed with her sword, her indestructible bracelets and the Lasso of Truth.

He was armed with the indestructible & enchanted hammer that moved lightning, Mjolnir.

She was protecting her home, while he was trying to go home.

Neither had any intention of relenting, by the fire in their eyes, it was clear they were intent on using any means necessary to force the other to fall.

As they approached closer to each other, each said a short prayer to the gods they knew.

“Hera, give me strength.”

“Guide my hand, All-Father.”

Thunder roared majestically and the dancing lightning flashed more, foreboding the climactic battle was to start anew. Neither knew defeat or surrender in their vocabulary. It wasn’t in their nature. They were champions, guardians, protectors. They were heroes. And it wasn’t like them to give up so easily, without giving their enemy a fight to remember.

She was of the Justice League; he was of the Avengers.

She was an Amazon; he was a god.

She was the Princess of Themyscera; he was the Prince of Asgard.

Both were bless by gods: she by the Greek and he by the Norse.

“For Themyscera ”

“For Midgard ”

She was Wonder Woman, Diana of Themyscera, daughter of Queen Hippolyta, and Champion of the Greek Gods of Olympus.

He was Thor, Son of Odin, prince of Asgard, and the Norse God of Thunder.

And neither would be denied victory.



As sword and hammer connected, a split second occurred in which the tiniest of clinks could be heard as metal collided, right before being followed by the largest shockwave the island had ever felt. Temples and statues crumbled and fell, rivers erupted and broke, and the ground cracked and groaned from the strain of the might of the two great beings locked once more in fierce combat.

*Marvel Universe, the Moon 3 hours earlier*.

With a snap, Thor opened his eyes. He was lying down on the ground, his mighty hammer Mjolnir a few feet away from him. Shifting his body to face upward, he was greeted with the sight of the black vastness of space. His memory failing him for the moment, he takes a few seconds to calm himself, suddenly realizing that his breath was going fast and uneven. His ears, he also realized, were filled with an annoying ringing that wouldn’t cease. Why were his ears filled with this annoyance? And why was he is space, for that matter?

Then before his eyes, a few beams of blood red energy shot across the blackness to his right, which were immediately followed by beams of blue energy heading in the opposite direction. That was followed, in turn, by the sight of a figure heading in the same direction as the blue energy, a figure clad in red and gold

Iron Man, Thor thought with a start.


A voice it was muffled by the ringing, but he could still hear the words, and the tone. The tone was commanding, inspirational and unrelenting in authority. He recognized that voice, the voice of Captain America, the leader of the Avengers.

He heard a thump over a few feet next to him, to his right. He turned to see what it was, and his eyes are greeted with a bloody sight. It was a body, a rather mangled body, shred completely, blue blood oozing from the gashes. It was a Chitauri body

The Chitauri.

Thor suddenly remembered, all of it rushing back: the Chitauri base on the moon, their own pre-emptive strike, the laser that hit him and blasted him to the ground.

Immediately the Thunder God stood up, and realized he was standing in a relatively wide crater, about seven feet deep. The ringing in his ear was now waning, replaced by new sounds: alien screeches, explosions, energy blasts, bellowing roars the sound of war. Thor smiled. It was the sound of his natural state.

“AVENGERS, ASSEMBLE,” came the roar that escaped his lips.

With a rise of his gloved hand, Mjolnir zoomed back to its master, immediately sparking the echoes of thunder in the heavens. Whirling the mighty weapon, the Norse deity flew into the sky, allowing him to fully view the scene. They were on the dark side of the moon, battling hordes of Chitauri warriors and weapons in an effort to get to the doomsday laser weapon the aliens had prepared to wreak havoc on what they thought was an unsuspecting Earth. If Midgard truly didn’t suspect it, there would not be almost 30 Avengers fighting them this very moment.

Thor saw a unit of energy gun turrets firing heavily upon the position of Spiderwoman, Wonder Man and Iron Fist. The same turrets, in fact, that had knocked him unconscious just a few minutes earlier.

The thunder roared louder, now joined by majestic streaks of lightning, and with his trademark war cry of “FOR MIDGARD!” he flung Mjolnir directly at the machinery. Upon contact, a resonating explosion echoed out as the turrets were consumed in a gigantic fireball. The Chitauri nearby were given no time, however, to try to understand what just happened as Thor immediately landed and began pummeling them, using the hundreds of thousands of years’ worth of combat knowledge at his disposal.

“Welcome back, Thor,” Iron Fist stated bluntly as he and the other two joined the Asgardian, fist glowing and pummeling through the creatures. “Wondered when you’d finish your nap.”

“You know, Iron Fist,” Thor said with a smirk as Mjolnir returned to his hand, now letting him pass out bashed skulls to the Chitauri. “A simple thank you would suffice.”

“War is no time for pleasantries, Thunder God,” Iron Fist retorted, unable to contain the grin on his face.

“Wonder Man, She-Hulk, Hulk!” Captain America’s voice came through their ear pieces. “Take the left flank and get rid of those turrets! Hawkeye, Wolverine, Widow, Spiderman! Hard slam through the center! Mockingbird, Tigra, Spiderwoman, Valkyrie, Quake! Take the right flank! Panther, Iron Fist, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch! With me on flanking them from the rear! Iron Man, Thor, Ms. Marvel, Protector, Vision, Wasp, War Machine-give us air support! This is where we show this scum what the Avengers, what Earth is made of! Let’s move, Avengers!”

With the battle plan laid out, the others unanimously shouted, “AVENGERS, ASSEMBLE!”

As the ground Avengers stormed across the ground to take down the Chitauri, the aerial Avengers began their assault. Thor immediately began casting down lightning from the skies, striking all over at random intervals in the Chitauri ranks, spreading confusion and disarray among the enemy. Joined by the attacks from the others, the hits were perfect enough to keep the aliens off their game enough for the ground Avengers to steadily move through the enemy, towards the doomsday weapon.

‘Relatively easy,’ Thor mused. ‘Not the battle I had hoped to partake in-‘

His thoughts were immediately interrupted by a loud humming. Looking to the source, he saw with horror as the doomsday weapon activated, the laser now glowing a sickening shade of green. As if in slow motion, the laser then fired, right at the ground Avengers.

A streak of black zoomed past the Thunder God, and in the blink of an eye, he saw Ms. Marvel intercept the blast of the laser, her body glowing and illuminated as it collided with the energy. Thor was well aware that the heroine could absorb any energy, even the lightning he commanded, so he was fairly confident that she could hold her own. At least, he was until he heard her screams of anguish.


“MS. MARVEL!” Without a thought, Thor raced after her, Iron Man right on his tail. Using his hammer, Thor blocked the blast, himself now taking the brunt of the blast as Iron Man scanned her body for any internal damage.

“That hurt, Iron Man,” Ms. Marvel said weakly. “It wasn’t like anything ”

“Don’t worry, Carol, nothing serious; it just seems-” he started before immediately looked back up at the laser. “Oh no.”

“What is it, Iron Man?” Thor yelled over.

“Their laser; it looks like it’s going critical!”

Though unfamiliar with much of mortal technology, Thor had dealt with enough machines, robots and supervillians to know just what “going critical” means.

“JARVIS, try to hack into this weapon’s computers! Cap,” Stark cried out to the Avengers co-leader, “this thing is gonna blow, and I have no idea how to stop it!”

“The Chitauri, look!” Thor cried as he suddenly realized what their enemies were doing. They were retreating, into a portal to whatever corner of the universe they called their own was. “They retreat!” Sure enough, as soon as their laser weapon had fired, they had begun pulling back. Apparently, whatever this weapon’s function was, they did not want to be around for it.

A loud whirl then came from the laser, and it suddenly began turning from the Avengers and now aiming directly towards Earth. It began glowing that same sickly green as the laser prepared to fire once more.

“Iron Man, now would be a good time to figure out how to stop this thing!” Captain America roared.

“Yeah, I’m kind of having a problem with that! It’s not like we have that much info on Chitauri technology! T’Challa, Spiderman! You guys are geniuses, come help me out here!”

“Wait, did Stark just ask us for help?” Spiderman gasped.

“It’s about to fire!” Ms. Marvel cried out. “Thor! Your lightning! Hit me with everything you’ve got!”

“Aye!” he replied as he summoned the elements to him. With a flick of his hammer, Thor bombarded her with all the lightning he could muster. Immediately her body glowed, her fists blaring with yellow-white energy and her eyes glowed white. With a zoom, she rushed in front of the laser, just as it fired at Earth. But Ms. Marvel was just as fast, firing her photon blasts at it. With the absorbed energy of the celestial lightning, she was able to hold her ground against the laser, keeping the blast from hitting Earth.

“Guys, I can only do this for so long! Figure something out!”

“Let me smash it,” Hulk said with a smile.

“Great idea, Jade Jaws,” Hawkeye retorted. “How long did it take to come up with that?”

“Vision can you try and phase through it, break it apart?”

“Uncertain. The elements of this device are unfamiliar, and therefore I do not know what to expect to happen to both my atoms and the machines if I do so.”

“I may have a way.”

All eyes turned to Thor.

“It is an ability that I rarely use, but Mjolnir is able to open the boundaries to other dimensions, other realms that are not of the original Nine. It is risky, but I can open another dimension to us and send the weapon into that dimension.”

“Best idea we got! Let’s do it!” Stark cries out. “Carol, keep up what you’re doing! Wonder Man & Hulk, get ready to pick up the laser & throw it! Thor, do your thing!”

Without a word, Thor flew away a few dozen meters. He began whirling Mjolnir. This was a risky move, hence why he rarely ever did it, but this weapon was of unknown power. The moment called for such risk.

“Hear me, All-Father,” he cried to the heavens. “Guide my hand as I open the doors to the unknown!” And with that, he aimed Mjolnir to the emptiness at his right, and lightning flew from the hammer. But instead of blasting onto the ground, it formed into a circle, turning rapidly until it became a pure white ring. The sounds of crackling energy began to ring out as the ring started glowing, and in the middle, a light leaked out, revealing a vortex, one that would act as a tunnel to whatever dimension awaited on the other side. Strong winds came from it, forcing him to concentrate on securing his footing on the ground, lest he get sucked into it, also. He had done it; the gateway was opened.

“It is ready, Avengers!”

“Now, guys!”

With a scream, Ms. Marvel intensified her photon blasts as Wonder Man and Hulk ripped the weapon off the ground and lumbered towards the gateway as fast as they could. Just as they were within throwing distance of the gateway & within distance of being sucked in, Carol stopped her counter blasting, and at that moment, the other two threw the weapon to the gateway, allowing the powerful vortex winds to take its hold of it and drag it into the gateway.

All around the other Avengers cheered, hugging and congratulating each other. They had saved the world again from an alien threat. It was always a good feeling. Thor watched his teammates celebrate, feeling proud to count himself amongst the mightiest team of heroes and warriors he had ever encountered. He’d get the weapon into the vortex, close the gateway and then join in with his teammates.

Or that was what he was thinking until the weapon exploded.

With a jolt, the heads of all the other Avengers turned to the gateway. The explosion was unexpected and caught everyone by surprise, including Thor. The sonic vibrations that resulted from the explosion caused him to lose his footing, and before he knew it, he had been caught in the sucking winds of the vortex along with the weapon wreckage.


Immediately, Spiderman rushed over, shoot web shot after web shot to try and get a hold of the Thunder God, but the winds were too strong to allow a clean shot. Within a few seconds, Thor disappeared into the vortex, and the gateway, with its keeper no longer there to hold it in place, collapsed onto itself, closing the way for him, and disappeared.

The other Avengers stood there flabbergasted at what just happened. Spiderman fell down to his knees, mouth gapping wide open in shock.

“Tony? Rhodey? Vision?” Cap asked.

“I got nothing on scanners.”

“Same here: no energy residue, no gateway residue; nothing.”

“Analysis yields nothing. There is no trace of the portal or Thor.”

“He’s gone,” Spiderman simply said as Ms. Marvel flew over & helped him up. “Thor’s gone.”

It hit them hard. One of their own-the first one it ever happened to-was gone, fallen in a mission.

“So,” the Webhead spoke. “Who wants to be the one to tell Odin we lost his son?”

*This DC Universe should also be considered AU*

*DC Universe, Earth. Themyscera.*

The sand glistened in the sunlight, adding to the already beautiful scenery of Paradise. As she guided her horse along the beach, she couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty that assaulted her eyes. The beauty of the Amazon island never ceased to amaze her when she came back for visits, despite her having lived here for thousands of year now. Watching as the waves cascaded down onto the beach, Diana slowed her horse down to a simple walk, allowing herself to relish the purity that Themyscera had to offer.

She’d been on Themyscera for a little more than two weeks now, taking a vacation-a much needed one-from her duties of the Justice League. It had been quite a while since she had seen her mother Hippolyta and all her other sisters. Despite the fact that the Justice League had become a literal second family to her, they would never replace the ones that had raised, taught and guided her through the roads of life. And even though she always had access to communicate with the gods of Olympus anywhere she was, it only seemed right that they be properly worshipped in the temples that had been dedicated to them.

Looking at the skies, Diana saw that by the sun’s position that it was nearing evening. If she didn’t hurry and get back to the palace with the fish for tonight’s feast, she’d miss gazing at the sunset with her mother, an old habit they did since Diana was a mere child and always did when she came back to the island for a visit.

“Back to the palace then, I supposed,” she spoke into the horse’s ear. As if the horse could understand her, it began to move faster, soon galloping back to where the pair had begun the day. As the palace appeared on the horizon, Diana smiled, the vivid memory of her comfortable bed in her chambers stirring the urge to lie down and enter sleep. Although, she had to admit, it wasn’t as comfortable as Bruce’s bed

Approaching the palace, she slowed her horse, her mind now filled with thoughts of the Dark Knight of Gotham. Along with a good portion of the League, he had gone to Thanagar to aid Hawkman and Hawkgirl in defending their home world from an invasion of Darkseid. He had been reluctant to leave his city in the hands of his sons and Batgirl, especially with Bane and his goons out in full force again. Nonetheless, he joined Superman, Hal Jordan and about 20 other Leaguers on the mission, leaving only J’onn, Green Arrow, Kyle Rayner and 5 others to keep the Earth safe. This didn’t include herself, as she had already been on her third day on leave when Thanagar sent for their aid. They had chatted via comm links before their departure; she’d be back on duty by the time he’d return, and she expected him to be back in one piece. Diana smiled as she remembered how she’d told him how she’d welcome him back.

Once she guided the stallion into the stable and gone inside, she headed straight for the kitchen hall, a giant net of freshly caught fish in her fingers. Fish had always been a delicacy among the Amazons, due to the fact of how over the millennia they had created multiple ways to prepare it. Upon dropping it off with the cooks for the feast, she began her way up the stairs to her chambers.

“Welcome back, Princess Diana,” one of the guards said as Diana came to the top of the stairs, entering the hall to her chambers. “I trust you enjoyed your fishing trip?”

“Thank you, Orithia, and yes, it was quite enjoyable,” the Princess responded with a warm smile. “You’ll be happy to know that the feast tonight with be quite savoring.”

“Only the best is to be expected from our Princess,” Orithia replied with a bow. “Will you be requiring anything my lady?”

“Simply ensure that I be left in peace for a while. Only allow my mother to enter freely if she comes by. Anyone else and inform them I shall be resting, unless an emergency arises.”

“Very well, my lady,” her reply came as she resumed her guard at the hallway end.

With that, Diana entered her chambers. She was immediately greeted by the sounds of the ocean again through her windows, the now setting sun casting a golden light into the room. Taking a look around, her eyes came to rest upon the Champion armor & weapons resting at the foot of her bed. Taking the chest armor in her hands, she ran a finger across the golden eagle. Armor that had been blessed by the goddesses of Mount Olympus.

Diana suddenly found herself craving for battle.

J’onn had been very blunt in telling her that she would most likely be called at any time for assistance should the need arise. Initially, she had been rather upset-no, furious with this revelation, but her reasoning won out in the end. It made sense, with almost the entire Justice League off-world, leaving only a small handful behind. In essence, she was the female Superman of Earth for the time being until Darkseid was repelled from Thanagar. The thought brought a smirk to her face.

Nonetheless, over the last few days, she had realized her time in Man’s World had brought more excitement to her life than she would’ve thought possible. Mighty battles against vicious enemies, the discovery of other heroes just like her, her new friends in the Justice League, her budding relationship with Batman It was so much, and Diana had to admit that it made her life on Themyscera quite dull.

If her mother ever found that out

Diana had come to expect, anticipate, even hope that a supervillian would make another stand against the social order of life, and that she’d be called to teach said villain a lesson. But it hadn’t happened. And Diana had to be honest with herself and recognize that she was actually growing impatient with the dullness of late, finding herself welcoming the day when she’d return to duty.

Returning the armor back to the foot of her bed, Diana changed from her hunting gear and slipped into a beautiful white chiton that ended at her knees. Taking the band out of hair, the raven curly locks came cascading down to her shoulders. With a soft moan, she fell onto her bed, the softness immediately embracing her body, welcoming her and enticing her into a blissful sleep only a few minutes later.

It seemed like only a few seconds later that something nudged her back into reality. Opening her eyes slowly, she was welcomed with a visage of golden locks and a beautiful face.

“Enjoyed your rest, my little sun and stars?”

“Hello, mother,” Diana responded with a soft smile, rising herself up into a sitting position. “What’s up?”

Hippolyta stared at her daughter in confusion, and then slowly stared at the ceiling. Immediately Diana burst into laughter. This wasn’t the first time the Queen of the Amazons had been misled by the new terminology and slang her daughter had learned and adapted to in Man’s World.

“That means ‘how are you,’ mother.”

Hippolyta stared at Diana, a smile soon forming on her lips. “The ways of the language in Man’s World never cease to assume me. As to answer your question, I am doing well. I was wondering, actually, why you didn’t show up at the beach. I was a bit worried.”

“The beach? What do.., ” and then Diana remembered. Their sunset watching, the time they spent to bond as mother and daughter. “Hera, mother, I did not mean to forget. How long was I asleep?”

“Orithia said you returned 30 minutes ago, after leaving off the fish to Helene for the feast.” With a smile, the Queen rested a hand on her daughter’s cheek. “What’s on your mind, child?”

Diana frowned. “What makes you think something’s on my mind?”

“I know my child, Diana. You missed one of the only times we spend together when you are on Themyscera, something you have never done before. Something has to be on your mind. Is it the Batman? He hasn’t hurt you, has he?” Hippolyta immediately frowned, adding with an icy tone, “If he has, then I will have Philippus make him suffer.”

“Yes, because that worked out so well the last time, mother,” Diana retorted with a chuckle. The Amazon general had attacked Batman per the Queen’s orders in the name of Diana’s honor when it was learned she was involved with him. Batman was quick to prove to her that he was not easily put down or intimidated. Philippus spent two weeks recovering, and never mentioned the incident since.

“I guess that is true,” Hippolyta admitted with a sly grin. “So since it seems that isn’t the case, would with be perhaps how eager you are to return to Man’s World, and to battle?”

Diana’s mouth fell open in shock. How did she possibly know that?! She was too flabbergasted to give a coherent response. “I-I um, that is I ”

“Do not fret, my little sun and stars,” her mother said. “I figured that you would eventually feel this way after being in Man’s World for so long. You are a born warrior, and to be exposed to battles such as those I have heard of, facing enemies that can match your strength better than most Amazons can, and with such purpose ” Her mouth formed into a warm smile. “I have never been more proud of you, Diana. Your desire to protect humanity has given you great purpose, and it warms my heart to know that the good in your heart is able to help others.”

Diana beamed at her mother’s words. Hearing that she made her mother proud with what she did warmed her heart greatly.

“However,” Hippolyta added, “it slightly worries me that you wish to leave so quickly. One would think you tire of your home and your family.”

“Mother!” Diana gasped. “I would never tire of you or my sisters. Or Themyscera, for that matter. This is my home, and I am proud to call it such. Yes, there are times that I crave battle, but I assure you-”

“Watchtower to Wonder Woman, come in.”

Both of them turned to the sound of the voice. It was Diana’s Justice League comm link.

“Well,” Hippolyta laughed, “talk about irony.” Diana merely stuck out her tongue in a playful childlike manner before picking up the comm link.

“This Wonder Woman, go ahead Martian Manhunter.”

“Diana, something appeared out of thin air on the moon a few hours ago, then entered the Earth’s atmosphere,” J’onn answered. “We tried to contact it but all attempts failed.”

“Is it extraterrestrial?”

“We are not sure. Bio scans show it to vaguely resemble human, but it isn’t. Its biology is like nothing we have ever seen.”

“Wait a minute, J’onn.” Diana suddenly made sense of the Martian’s first words. “If it has shown up a few hours ago, why are you telling me, and just now? Did you try to intercept it?”

“Supergirl attempted, but it appears to be too fast, even for her, to follow. And there seems to be some kind of magical element surrounding it. Since magic affects Kryptonian physiology, it was decided to have her abort and get Fate and Zatanna on it.”

“Ok, but why are you telling me this?” Diana still didn’t understand.

“Diana.” Martian Manhunter was clearly hesitant to continue speaking, but nonetheless, did. “This entity is heading, according to satellite images, directly towards Themyscera.”

Hippolyta’s eyes widened in horror. “What did he say?”

“J’onn, can you confirm that?” Diana asked, worry in her voice.

“We just did. At first, its flight pattern just made it appear as if it was flying across the Mediterranean, but then it made a sharp turn in Themyscera’s direction.”

“That’s impossible!” Hippolyta roared. “Our island is cloaked by the gods themselves! By magic of Olympus! How can this be?!”

“I cannot be certain, Your Majesty,” Manhunter replies, now speaking to the Amazon Queen. “Dr. Fate and Zatanna can only guess that the magical element surrounding the entity is guiding him to your island.”

“How far away is-”

A massive earthquake suddenly shook the entire island, startling the two Amazons. Earthquakes never happened on Themyscera-how is this possible? Diana thought with a panic. But just as quickly as it started, the tremor ended, followed immediately by the resonating echoes of an Amazon sentry’s horn. It was only used to alert the Amazons of attack.


“Never mind J’onn, I think it’s already here! How soon can you reinforcements?!”

“I do not know! There was a prison break an hour ago, and 10 supervillians escaped. I was forced to send everyone over to contain them!”

“Then send anyone as soon as you can! Wonder Woman out!” Disconnecting her comm, she turned to her mother, who was taking one of Diana’s spare swords and shields. “Mother, you cannot seriously be thinking-”

“Themyscera is my kingdom, and I will protect it. Now put on your armor, Diana,” she yelled as she ran to the door. “We will hold this being off as long as we can!” And with that, Hippolyta rushed out the door.

Diana looked down at her armor and weapons. “Well then,” she thought with a dangerous smile. “It seems I’ll be getting that fight, after all.”

*DC Universe. The Moon. Two Hours Ago.*

“Humph,” Thor sighed as he looked at his useless Avengers ID card. “Mortal technology at its finest.”

For the last 10 minutes he had tried to contact the Avengers with it, to no avail. For a good hour beforehand, he had tried calling out to Odin and Heimdall, also to no avail. His comm link had fried in the gateway vortex, rendering it useless. And there was no way in Hel he was going to try and open ANOTHER gateway.

He was stuck and alone.

With another sigh, Thor returned the ID card to the small pouch in his glove, then began walking, taking in his surroundings. Pieces of the Chitauri doomsday weapon lay scattered all over the ground at his feet, making metallic squishing sounds as he walked over them. Seeing nothing that would be of any help, Thor took Mjolnir and with a whirl, flew into the heavens.

He was still on the moon just not the moon he knew. There was no Blue Area that he could see, no Watcher, no item that he remembered was on the moon. This was, indeed a whole new moon.

“I have landed in an alternate dimension,” the Thunderer mused. Continuing his flight, he headed away from the moon. Other than the missing objects that he was so familiar with, this was a moon exactly like the one of his Midgard. And speaking of Midgard, Thor stopped as his eyes beheld an Earth that was not his to call Midgard. Just as his, however, it was a very remarkable sight from space. The continents, at least, were the same. Nothing drastic seemed different about this Earth. Surrounding Earth, however

On his Earth, a gigantic infrastructure orbited the planet, serving as its first line of defense against other worldly threats: the Peak, headquarters of the organization known to the mortals as SWORD, a SHIELD-like organization that was dedicated to the combat of invaders from other realms and planets. Thor was familiar with SWORD, and knew by sight the Peak, having saved it from falling out of orbit and onto the city of Sao Paolo once.

The giant infrastructure that orbited this Earth, however, was not familiar to him at all. For one thing, it was twice the size of the Peak, and unlike the satellite form that the Peak had, this infrastructure was more tower-like. Its structure was seemingly kept afloat via multiple giant engines near its bottom, and was also surrounded by three much smaller metallic structures. Whatever this was, it seemed as if the inhabitants of this Earth knew it was there and had no problems with it being there. Perhaps it served a similar function as SWORD did. Perhaps, even, this was the SWORD of this dimension, meaning that this was just probably a variation of the Midgard Thor came from. Perhaps there are Avengers here on this Midgard, willing to help him get back home, maybe even-

“This is the Watchtower attempting contact with unidentified being near Earth. Respond.”

The voice came as an immediate surprise to him. And it invoked a sense of danger. Turning around rapidly, he raised his hammer, preparing for battle. But to his surprise, there was no one nearby. He was the only one around for miles. ‘Did I simply imagine that voice?’ he pondered.

“I repeat: this is the Watchtower of Earth attempting to contact unidentified entity near the planet. Respond.”

His ID card it was coming from his ID card?

Thor took out his card, and to his surprise, the screen on it was glowing with life, but there was no image; simply static. But there was no mistake that the voice had come from it. But who was calling him? And what was this Watchtower?

As if to answer his question, as if the voice had read his mind, it spoke again: “The giant structure you see orbiting the Earth is the Watchtower. We serve as Earth’s first line of defense against any and all threats to it. You will not be asked again, identify yourself or we will be forced to believe you to be a hostile to Earth.”

A hostile to Earth? He was technically more a foreigner. But since they already viewed him as hostile, it seemed to make no sense to go over and try to ask for any help. He got himself into this mess, after all. He’d figure something out by himself. Putting his ID card back into the glove pouch, he began flying towards the unfamiliar Midgard, away from the watchtower as it was called.

“You have been warned.”

At that, Thor stopped. From all the millennia he had spent in war, he knew vocal hostility when he heard it, and this voice certainly held it. He smiled to himself. This individual did not know what they were in for.

A boom echoed from a distance, and the Thunder God turned around to see a flurry of missiles heading for his direction, rapidly approaching. He frowned. Missiles? Was that the best this world had to offer? Sighing in disappointment, Thor simply flung his hammer to the oncoming wave. With a series of explosions, Mjolnir quickly made scrap metal of each of them before returning to its master. With a final look upon the watchtower, he spoke into his glove, loud enough for the ID to capture his voice.

“Attempt that again, and I will graze your watchtower to its center.”

Not bothering to wait for a reply, Thor zoomed to Earth, specifically for the continent of North America. He decided he’d try his luck in New York, search for a Stark Tower, a Tony Stark to help him return to his Midgard. If that didn’t bear results, from there he had no idea.

Martian Manhunter simply stared at the images in front of him. This being had crushed some of the League’s best weapons with an object not even the full size of his arm. This was enough cause for worry, for this was potentially a very powerful individual. His warning also came off as slightly unnerving. J’onn could clearly sense that if provoked enough, he really would try to destroy the Watchtower.

And with only about 10 Leaguers on Earth, one of them on vacation, it was an unsettling scenario.

As he watched the intruder enter Earth’s atmosphere, he activated his comm link. “Watchtower to Supergirl.”

“Go for Supergirl,” came the reply.

“Kara, there is a being entering the Earth’s atmosphere, and all attempts to contact it have failed. I need to you trail it, but maintain a safe distance; we still don’t know how powerful this intruder is.”

“I’m on it, J’onn. I’ll let you know what I find out.”

When he arrived at his destination, Thor maintained a distance of a few thousand feet above, taking in the site. It was just like the New York City he was accustomed to with a few differences. There was no Stark Tower, nor an Avengers Mansion. There was also no Raft alongside the Ryker’s Island he saw in the river. There was one building he didn’t recognize that did not exist in his world, though. On the UN complex, a very regal building was standing close to the UN building. With his superior eyesight, he could see that it held a beautiful garden, filled with lush vegetation of various colors, many plants of which he had never seen before. A spectacular fountain was in the middle, a sculpture of female warriors spitting water out of their spears and fingertips. They were carved it what seemed to be marble, and were adorned it Greek style armor. If they were human, they would be quite lovely indeed.

There was clearly no Mansion, Stark Tower, or anything that could help him, leading him to believe that this dimension held no similarity to his own. But still, maybe there was an Asgard here as well? He pondered the thought, but immediately dismissed it. No, he would have felt it. All Asgardians had a sort of connection to the Realm Eternal, allowing any member of the Pantheon to contact it. Thor had realized he had lost the connection when his cries to the All-Father and Keeper of Bifrost went unanswered, and even if they were answered, most likely it’d be by a Norse Pantheon completely unfamiliar to him. Most likely, Asgard as he knew it simply didn’t exist in this dimension. The though gave him a shudder.

For another five minutes, Thor remained floating in the exact same spot, trying to come up with an idea of how to return. One idea in particular kept popping up, but it was not an option he’d consider. But no matter how hard he tried, nothing else came to him. Finally, he sighed in defeat, recognizing the inevitable.

“Admit it, Thor,” he told himself with a dry chuckle. “The only way you can possibly return now is if you open another gateway.”

It was the only idea left for him.

Well, might as well make the best of it. Now, it was only a matter of finding the right pressure points in the dimensional boundaries of this Earth. In his realm of Midgard, weak pressure points were found all over, allowing for easy access to any of the other eight realms and easy return to Midgard. For that reason, it has always been known as the Middle Realm. It also allowed for inter-dimensional travel, which was far more unpredictable, which was why Thor almost never used them for that purpose. This Midgard, however, was completely foreign to him, and he knew not where the weak points to different realms and dimensions were.

Bur Mjolnir could help him with that. Odin had ordered upon its forging that it be able to detect any and all forms of magic and the points of entry & exit for realm and inter-dimensional travel where magic based. All he had to do was use Mjolnir to sense out magical dimensional boundaries throughout this Earth and from there he could figure out how to find his specific Midgard. Perhaps here the points would be easier to control and maintain.

Bringing Mjolnir to his face, he closed his eyes and spoke, “Mjolnir, with the power forged into you by the gods of Asgard, find the magic needed for us to return home.” Almost instantly the hammer began to glow, albeit softly. Nonetheless, Thor smiled in satisfaction, for he recognized this as Mjolnir finding at least one point in the magical boundaries of dimensions. Allowing his hammer to guide him, the Thunder God flew off into the direction of the Atlantic Sea.

It was a few minutes later that he sensed he was being followed. Turning his head around, he could just barely make out a speck of a figure far behind him, maintaining a good distance above as well. ‘Perhaps another individual from that watchtower in the heavens,’ Thor guessed. Regardless, he was in no mood to battle; all he wanted at the moment was to go home.

A smile creeping onto his face, he decided to have a little fun.

“Alright, you,” he whispered, “try to keep up.”

Kara picked up the man’s voice with her super hearing, watching with surprise as he suddenly picked up his speed and zoomed ahead of her with speed that rivaled Superman.

“Crap, he’s onto me,” she muttered as she likewise sped up after him. “J’onn, it’s Kara. This guy’s onto me and he’s just as fast as Superman while flying. I’m trying to keep up.”

“‘This guy?'” came the Martian’s response.

“Yeah, it looks like a guy. I thought it was just another metahuman, but I scanned him and his biology is nothing at all human except for organ positions. This could be an alien, for all we know.”

“He had a weapon with him. Did you see it?”

“Yeah, it’s a small hammer.” Kara was having a difficult time keeping up with her quarry. She never could beat Clark in a race, and this guy had his speed.

“Is there anything extraordinary about it?” Manhunter asked.

“Hold on,” came her reply as she began scanning the hammer. “It’s made of some kind of metal, but I have no idea what it is.” Suddenly her eyes widened as she finished her scan. “Crap.”

“What is it, Kara?”

“J’onn, there seems to be some magical essence surrounding it.” She was answered with a few seconds of silence. “J’onn?”

“Abort, Kara. You are vulnerable to magic, and if this being decided to turn around and engage you, you may be seriously injured. I’ll get Fate and Zatanna on it, and I’ll maintain satellite watch.”

“If you say so J’onn; I was having trouble keeping up anyways.” With that, Supergirl turned around and raced back to Metropolis.

Thor smiled with satisfaction as he turned to see his pursuer turn and head in the opposite direction. He had out sped them, and they had wisely decided against trying to keep up. All the better for him, for he could now focus his attention on reaching whatever destination Mjolnir was taking them.

Entering the skies over the Mediterranean Sea, he continued to fly, Mjolnir steadily glowing brighter and brighter, then suddenly jerked down, to his right. Without hesitation, Thor followed its lead, heading down towards the surface. Soon, an island came into view, one Thor didn’t recognize. ‘It must be an island that doesn’t exist on my own Midgard,’ he told himself. The island was beautiful, as lush and as green as the plants from that garden in New York.

A question for another day, Thor decided as he landed down onto the island beaches with a soft thump in the sand. He was immediately taken aback by the purity and beauty of this island. The way the sand sparked in the rays of the sunset; the majesty of the roaring waves as they crashed onto the shores; the mighty trees and plants that filled the islands that filled his eyes with a beautiful and vibrant green like he had never seen before. It all captivated him. ‘Truly’, he thought, ‘this is an island of paradise.’

Remembering the reasons for his arrival, Thor forced himself to look back at his hammer, which had stopped glowing, but the Asgardian symbol on it began taking a deeper color, which meant he was close to the magical weak points. From here, Mjolnir would lead him on foot with simple and soft tugs.

Walking off into the forest, Thor couldn’t help but smile. ‘Soon, I will return home to my friends and allies.’ He was sure of it.

Lost in his thoughts, he was completely unaware that he was being watched by a female sentry.


Daphne had stood watch over the southern tip of their island home for millennia, never deterring from her post, never wavering. Always, she stood her vigil. Even during the times of incredible boredom. And guarding a magically hidden paradise that had not seen invasion in millennia had its number of dull moments, namely every day. Nonetheless, her Queen had given her this duty, and she was bound to fulfill it to her death, which in retrospect, just meant forever. She was, though killable, an immortal. She had to just take to watching the beauty of the waves crashing onto the beaches. Soon, the night sentry would arrive to relive Daphne from her post, and she’d be on her way to tonight’s feast. She had no worries.

So it came as a shock to her when a man flew down onto the beaches she watched over. A man! This was blasphemy! No men were allowed on-well that wasn’t entirely true, for a number of males from the Justice League were always welcome, especially the dark one and this man was quite handsome, appealing to the eyes. A magnificent set of golden locks flowed from his head, and his eyes were a lovely shade of blue, rivaling the colors of the oceans and the sky. And his figure was well-built, finely tuned with large muscles across his arms and legs. Yes, this was a truly appealing sight.

Nonetheless, this man was not member of the League, and she had never seen him before. He carried a small hammer in his gloved hand. He was clothed in battle armor complete with a silver winged helmet, so he was probably a warrior. This stirred concern in Daphne. Her eyes then widened with horror a second later as the intruder began making his way inland. This was definitely not good. Returning to where she left her shield on a nearby rock, she let out a small bird call, a code for other nearby Amazon guards that regularly patrolled the forest, alerting them of the intruder. Taking her weapons, Daphne then sprinted down the rocky slope after her prey, an easy task after practicing for thousands of years. Within a mere ten seconds, she had caught up to the intruder, and with a great leap, she did a somersault in midair, landing directly in front of him. Unsheathing her sword, Daphne took up a battle stance.

“Who are you, intruder?!”

“Odin’s Beard!”

Thor got quite a shock when this woman suddenly jumped in front of him in full clad armor and well-armed. He actually had thought that this island was uninhabited, for such beauty in nature was almost never in peaceful coexistence with humanity. They tended to destroy the marvels of nature. Yet, here was a woman, and a beautiful woman at that. Crimson hair spilled out of her helmet, and her eyes were a lovely shade of green. Her legs were also very pleasing to the eyes, smooth and golden, probably due to the sunlight this island gained so much of. Clothed in ancient armor and armed with a sword and shield, it was clear from her body stance that she was a born warrior, and a skilled one at that. Had she seen him upon his arrival?

“Who are you, intruder?!”

Quite possibly so, he mused.

Taking a minute to recover from initial shock, Thor lifted his unoccupied hand, a sign that he was not a danger. “Stay your blade, maiden. I mean no harm. I come simply searching for a way to return to my home.”

“And why do you presume that the way is here on Themyscera?” the warrior snapped back. “And how did you find this island?! It is cloaked by the gods!”

“The gods?” Thor suddenly felt hopeful. Did she mean Asgardians, perhaps? It couldn’t hurt to find out. “I would wish to speak to these gods. Where can-”

“HA!” the woman laughed bitterly, stopping the words in his throat. “You think to visit the gods?! Only a select few can speak to them. No outsider is allowed to speak to them, let alone allowed on this island, period! Leave at once!” Her voice grew more aggressive as she began inching towards him, her sword glinting dangerously in the sunlight.

“Hear me, maiden,” Thor spoke with calm, attempting to reason with this woman. He was not looking for a fight. “I just wish to return home. If you would just-”


A new voice came from behind him, also female. Thor turned to see a squadron of similarly dressed warriors running in their direction. They also were a sight to behold, each of them beautiful; and apparently, also skilled warriors, quickly surrounding him. Some were armed with spears, some with swords, but they all held fire in their eyes, a fire of determination and bloodlust. They were obviously well trained warriors that relished battle.

“Is this the intruder?” one of them asked the first.

“Yes, Phoebe. He flew onto the south beach and immediately began walking inland.”

“Actually,” Thor stated matter-of-factly, “I took a minute to take in the natural beauty of the island. ‘Tis a very lovely island, maiden.”

“Silence!” The leader of the squadron, the one called Phoebe, an attractive blond armed with a sword, seductive legs and an ample chest, walked over to him, her blade pointed directly at his face. “No man is allowed on Themyscera. Your passing here is a blasphemy and will be punished as such.”

“I have come here in peace!” Thor’s voice was now angry. Why did these women not listen to him, not see reason? Where all women on this island this stubborn? Where there no men he could speak to?

“You dare raise your voice to me, male?! Your arrogance will be your downfall. Take him!” she yelled as she thrust her sword at him-

Only for him to grab it by the blade out of her hand and fling it over the trees to parts unknown, immediately stopping all of the women in their tracks.

Checking his glove was not ripped by the sword, he looked back at Phoebe, maintaining eye contact. “I have no wish to fight you or-”

A hard kick in his back kept him from finishing the words, knocking him into the ground, Mjolnir dropping out of his hand. Then he got another kick in his face, sending his flying into a nearby tree. ‘By the All-Father, these warriors are quite stronger than they appear.’ Struggling to get up, he saw out of the corner of his eye two of them running at him, swords aimed to slash down onto him. Just as they came down on him, though, he raised his arm up to cover himself, the blades colliding with his armor with metallic chinks. Remembering a move that Captain America had shown him once, Thor pressed on with a sweeping kick at their legs, forcing them down. Immediately, a hail of spears began reigning down on him, from his left. Looking there, he let out a groan, seeing 10 more of these woman warriors, appearing out of nowhere, charging at him.

“Amazons, glory to the one who brings Hippolyta his head!”

Well, things had now escalated; they were out for his blood.

Three of the Amazons jumped at him, swords aimed at his face. Thor quickly ducked out of the way, making a dive for Mjolnir. He wasn’t going to battle sword wielders with just his hands, though he could, for his armor could easily take it. Another Amazon made to tackle him, barely missing him. Making a sliding movement, he finally reached his hammer, quickly picking it and as he turned around on his back, he barely managed to block the spear making for his face with it. Standing up, Thor was once again quickly surrounded once more by the Amazons.

“Please, maidens, I have no desire to battle, I simply wish to return to my realm!”

“You chose the wrong island to try, intruder! Amazons, attack!”

With earsplitting war cries, the entire group of Amazons rushed him. Thor held his ground, deciding not to fight but to repel, show them he was not trying to harm them, that he simply-


An Amazon pole jumped into him, sending him knocking into yet another tree.

Oh, who was he kidding? He lived for battle!

As another Amazon charged him with a spear making to impale his chest, Thor went on the offensive, grabbing the pole and smashing it with his hammer, then proceeding to send the warrior sprawling into the ground with a punch. Immediately another Amazon jumped onto his back, using her spear to headlock him, and two other Amazons grabbed him by the arms to keep him from breaking the spear, forcing him to drop Mjolnir. Another one took her blade, making to impale the Asgardian.

“Now, you die, male,” the warrior said with a sneer.

“Not today! I will not fall!” Thor yelled out, using his godly strength to shake off the two Amazons holding his arms.

“By Athena, his strength rivals that of the Princess!”

Thor flung the Amazon on his back into the one who would impale him, sending both flying into the oncoming horde of Amazons. Picking up his hammer, he began whirling it.

“This ends now!” he cried, right before smashing it into the ground.

A giant tremor shook the entire island. The impact from Mjolnir caused it to crack in multiple areas, creating a tidal wave of dirt, rock and trees that flew in all directions. From the nearby cliffs, chunks of rock began cascading down. The Amazons, meanwhile, were caught in the land tidal wave, heaved into the skies weapons and all before plummeting back to the ground. They were no longer in any condition to fight him anymore.

Staring at his handy work, Thor shook his head. He had won the battle, and he had relished the fight, but he was not proud to have hurt these beautiful women.

“Maybe this will teach you to listen to reason the next time,” he said loud enough for them to hear him.

A movement behind him caught his attention, and he turned to see one of the Amazons reach for a horn that had fallen from one of her comrades. Putting it to her lips, she unleashed a powerful blow from the horn for a good ten seconds before passing out.

The echo of the horn still rang out for a few seconds across the forest before dying down. Thor knew enough from his war days that that had been a distress signal. Apparently there were more of these warriors on this island, a lot more, judging by the loudness of the horn. These women fought with the fervor and viciousness of the Asgardian Valkyrior. They were mighty warriors, and would obviously not leave him be.

“Let them come,” he told himself. “Let them test their mettle against mine.”

Picking a random direction, Thor began running, letting his hammer guide him through the dense trees. Though it was not glowing any longer, the weapon tugged at him, showing him which direction to go in, showing him where the magical weak points for a gateway were. Following the tug, he continued running through the brush, finally coming into a clearing. Thor had to stop for a moment at the sight before him.

Beautiful temples and statues adorned the landscape before him, white as snow, probably made of marble. A few fountains decorated the streets, again holding sculptures of beautiful women, and glistening with pure, crystal clear water. There were gardens of beautiful flowers and lush vegetation, again similar to that garden in New York.

What caught his attention the most, however, were the dozens upon dozens of Amazons on horseback and even more on foot, all heavily armed and armored, that had stopped in their tracks at the sight of him, apparently en route to aid the ones who had attacked him earlier.

A regal looking Amazon, not armored like the rest but instead clothed in a plain white dress and lovely golden locks of hair, armed with a sword, shield and a beautiful face, walked forward.

“You are only being given one chance. Return to wherever it is you came from, intruder, or face the fury of the gods,” she shouted to him.

“The gods?” Thor replied in anger. He had just about enough of all this. He was now angry and ready to battle his way home, if necessary. “The gods hold no fear from me. By the All-Father, I am counted among their number! I am Thor Odinson, God of Thunder! I will strive forward!”

“You dare to speak of yourself on the same level as the gods?! Insolence! Olympus will have your head! Amazons! Slay this blasphemer and bring me his weapon!”

With a unified roar, the army of Amazons charged at the Asgardian. He simply smiled, the adrenaline pumping throughout his body. Taking Mjolnir, he flung it directly at the oncoming hordes. As soon as the hammer left his fingers, he immediately charged at them himself, his trademark cry of “FOR MIDGARD!” echoing from his lips. He fisted the first Amazon he approached, sending her flying into some of the others, then tackled another, forcefully ramming her into a few more. Mjolnir had already knocked a good number of the horse riders onto the ground, now returning to its master’s hand. Every time the hammer collided with a sword, thunder echoed across the skies. One by one, the Amazons fell. Hippolyta saw that this man held strength that rival that of Heracles, of the legendary Superman, of her own daughter.

“Do not falter, Amazons! We shall claim victory!”

“Arrogant warriors!” Thor roared out in complete fury. Lightning streaked across the skies, complimenting the now booming thunder as it reflected his rage. With another blow to the ground, he unleashed yet another land tidal wave, the tremors shaking the entire island to its core. The temples and statues threatened to topple and fall to their deaths. The Amazons were powerless to withstand the unrelenting force of the impact’s ripples in the ground and their soldiers were once again flung skyward, only to crash down into the ground.

Hippolyta, stronger than the average Amazon, quickly recovered, picking up your sword. “I will not allow you to defile Themyscera, intruder. By Hera, you will fall.”

“I do not know this ‘Hera’ of whom you speak, but I assure you, I am not so easily felled.”

“We shall see. For Themyscera!” the Queen cried out as she lunged at him. Taking a simple sidestep to the left, Thor easily avoided the attack. ‘This woman’s judgment is clouded with rage,’ he realized. ‘She’s making mistakes.’ Around him, the other Amazons had regrouped themselves, getting up and retrieving their weapons. With a war cry, they charged at him again, swords and spears aiming for him, bloodlust and fury in their eyes. Ready to continue the battle, he raised Mjolnir again, making to fling it towards them-

When a golden lasso coiled itself onto the handle, preventing him from throwing it.

“Enough!” echoed a powerful female voice.

Immediately, all the Amazons, including Queen Hippolyta, stopped in their tracks, their gazes turning upwards. Thor immediately turned around, teeth snarling. Who dared to keep him from battle, and who dared to keep Mjolnir from attacking?!

His anger, however, quickly turned into complete surprise when he saw the one who had halted him.

It was, yet, another woman, but she was completely different from the other Amazons, partly because this was flying, but mainly because this one was beauty personified. Her long raven locks flowed freely in the winds, revealing a golden tiara, and her eyes were a captivating shade of baby blue. Her body was finely tuned, yet retained a pleasing, feminine form. A chest plate adorned with a golden eagle covered her torso, giving a lovely look of her very ample bust. Her legs glistened in the sunset lighting, smooth and silky, covered knees down by a pair of bright red boots. Her wrists were decorated with shining silver bracelets, and one hand held a glistening sword, while the other held a golden lasso.

It was the same lasso that was holding Mjolnir and his arm in place.

“I don’t know if you are some prideful metahuman, or a man with a death wish. I will only ask once,” the flying woman stated with an icy tone. “Who are you?”

Hera, he is handsome.

By the All-Father, she is beautiful.

The thought flew into her mind before she realized it. She scolded herself internally, for this was the enemy, the intruder who was literally trashing Themyscera; with the strength that she had only seen in the Man of Steel himself. He was a threat, a danger, a foe

But a handsome one at that, she reluctantly admitted. He held a firm body, adorned with powerful muscles that she could see through his armor. But she was most attracted to his eyes, magnificent blue orbs, like Bruce’s-BRUCE! She mentally slapped herself, forcing her focus to return to the task at hand.

Thor was also slightly distracted by how attractive this flying Amazon (at least he thought that was what they called themselves) was. Yes, he had had his fair share of attractive women, having seen more so in his time on the Avengers-Spiderwoman, Mockingbird, Tigra, She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel (that was Spiderman’s territory)-but this one by the gods, there was none like her, her perfect figure, her pleasing ample breasts

No, Thor! he told himself. Focus! You have a home to return to. And your heart already belongs to another

A few dozen seconds of silence echoed across the island as the Amazons watched their champion and this intruder stare each other down, unrelenting. He had not responded to her demands, and she had not relinquished her lasso’s hold on his hammer.

“I will not ask again, intruder. Either tell me who you are or I will hurt you, bad,” Wonder Woman snarled, giving him a glare that would’ve made Batman proud.

Thor highly doubted she could take him, but now that he was thinking a bit more clearly, he sensed that the flying woman held a type of authority, one that even their Queen asserted to.

“Are you the leader of these people?” he asked.

“I am one of the leaders, as well as their champion and the protector of this island.”

“Then I would have words with thee.”

Diana was shocked at the cold authoritative tone he used to her. She was never, EVER spoken to like that. The Amazons also knew this, and saw this as a violation of the honor of their champion.

“You dare to speak to MY DAUGHTER like that?!” Hippolyta fumed. “You shall-”

“Mother, please calm down,” Diana said to her. Returning her focus to Thor, she replied, “You have decimated not only my people, but my home. Is there a reason I should not just smite you right now?”

“The most obvious reason is that you cannot ‘smite’ a god.”

At those words, Diana had nothing to say. Not due to his arrogance-no, she was used to her opponents being thick-headed and full of themselves; an everyday occurrence. What had silenced her were his words: did he just proclaim himself a god? He dared to compare himself to Olympus?! Diana became infuriated-not only was this intruder threatening her home, her sisters and her own mother, but now her gods as well!

“The other reason is that despite how I may have introduced myself these last few minutes, I came to island in peace, simply seeking a way home, for I am not of this world,” Thor continued. “I wish to make it known that when you soldiers first came to me, I tried to reason with them, explain to them my purpose here, but they refused to hear me and attacked. I merely acted in self-defense. I hope you, fair maiden, are more reasonable than they are, being you say you are one of their leaders.”

Although her lasso was not touching any part of his body and just the hammer, Diana sensed he was telling the truth. Although she wanted to beat him into submission for speaking blasphemy against Olympus and decimating Themyscera, it was just instinct to her to be unbiased and seek the truth, not to mention being of any help she could. Thinking this over, she decided to go along.

“Very well, warrior, I will hear your case.”

“Diana-” Hippolyta began to protest.

“I sense he is telling the truth, mother,” Diana interrupted. “Let us give him the benefit of the doubt.” Turning back to Thor, she spoke again: “On the condition that you lower your weapon. I don’t wish for any unnecessary force to be used here.”

Thor took one look at Mjolnir, certain that no one could possibly use it against him and that it would quickly come to his aid when he called, then back at Wonder Woman. “Very well, I shall oblige your demand.” With that, he dropped his hammer to the ground.

Because of the enchantment, only those deemed worthy can lift Mjolnir; the rest are unable. As such is, once Thor’s fingers released it, nothing remained to try to support it, save Diana’s lasso. So, of course, it came crashing down from where it was raised, a massive clink of metal echoing out, the ground easily dented. The sudden force jolted Diana, causing her to lose her grip on the lasso and to fall down a few feet. She stared at the hammer curiously. ‘Could that be the magical element J’onn spoke of?’ she thought.

“Unarmed,” Thor spoke, regaining Diana’s attention. She flew down, retrieved her lasso and walked over to him.

“I am Thor, the Son of Odin, prince of Asgard, a realm you have most likely never heard of. Where I come from, I am known as a hero, among the team known as the Avengers. I doubt you have ever heard of them.”

“No, I have not,” Diana replied. “I am Princess Diana of Themyscera, the island on which you stand on. In Man’s World I am know as Wonder Woman, a member of the Justice League, the heroes and protectors of this planet.”

“It would seem we have something in common then,” Thor said with a small smile. “We are both heroes of our world.”

“Seeing what you’ve done to Themyscera makes me wonder what passes for hero on your world.”

Thor could easily sense the doubt and mistrusting attitude in Wonder Woman’s words, but he decided to ignore them. In all honesty, he’d feel the same way if she had come to his world and created this much destruction in Asgard.

“I understand your skepticism, but as I said, I only tried to defend myself-”

“And attacking the Amazon army here was self-defense?”

“What would you do, maiden, if you came across an entire army came upon you with a thirst for your blood and you had no idea whatsoever as to why? Would you not defend yourself also?” An image of Wonder Woman taking on the entirety of Asgard itself came to his mind, eliciting a small smirk. Unfortunately, Diana saw the smirk, and interpreted a whole other way.

“You believe this to be a game, Thor? You find it funny to have hurt my sisters?! I should smite you where you stand for proclaiming yourself a god, alone! Finding humor in-”

“I do not proclaim myself to be a god. I AM a god,” Thor responded matter-of-factly, simple as if he were stating the sky was blue. “I, Thor Odinson, am the God of Thunder as well as the Prince of Asgard.”

Diana simply stared at the warrior before her, her anger inside quickly reaching its limit. She was Olympus’ champion, the favorite of the Gods. She knew them all by name and could call upon each no matter what: Zeus, Hera, Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis and Apollo the only exceptions were Ares, God of War and Hades, God of the Underworld. This man before her, he who DARED to count himself among their number and elevate himself to their level, she knew was no god. As far as she knew, there was no such thing as a God of Thunder.

“There is no such thing as a God of Thunder,” Diana said icily. “There is a God of War, Goddess of the Hunt, God of the Underworld, Goddess of Love, King of the Gods, God of the Sun-”

“Actually, it is the Goddess of War,” Thor countered, much to the shock-and unbelieving anger-of the Princess. “I wouldn’t consider Hela a goddess, just a ruler of the Dead. My mother is the Goddess of Love, and I don’t believe there is a god or goddess of the sun or the hunt. As for the King of Gods, call him by his title: Lord Odin Borson, All-Father of Asgard.”

There were no words left to say as Wonder Woman stared at the Thunder God with a shocked expression.

“Now that that is cleared up,” Thor continued, “I was saying that I came here to your island because my hammer had detected the existence of a weak point between the magic barriers of dimensions here on your island-”

“Leave at once, or I will force you to leave, intruder.” Diana’s tone was deathly, and it stopped Thor in his tracks. Five minutes ago, she had been willing to hear him out, and now she was demanding that he leave? What had he said?

“I’m sorry what?”

“Everything you have just told me-your ‘godhood,’ the statuses of the gods-those are all lies. Everything you have just said about the gods contradicts everything that is Olympus! Why, therefore, should I believe your story about another dimension and coming here to try and find a way home?!”

Now, Thor had not been in this alternate realm for five hours, and he had already risen in anger. He had been attacked by that watchtower, he had been followed on his way here by someone who might have tried to battle him, and he had been met with nothing but hostility since he set foot on this now hated island. Now, this woman was questioning his power, his divinity his word?!

“You dare question the validity of my word?! I have been nothing but honest to you!” Thor roared, signifying how furious he had become, enticing the thunder to rumble once more in the heavens. Hippolyta and the Amazons looked skyward, suddenly nervous. The queen suddenly wondered as she remembered the words “god of thunder” in her mind. Was he perhaps ? No, she remembered, there was no god of thunder in Olympus.

Or was there a new god in their ranks? Would she not know?

Diana was too occupied with the man in front of her to worry about the weather. “You show up attacking my people-and don’t even try the self-defense excuse!-and now you claim to be among the Gods of Olympus! Lies, blasphemer,” she roared back, her eyes now burning with anger. “How did you expect me to believe such deceit?”

Suddenly the rumbles in the skies ceased, and now dark storm clouds began to slowly and gradually form over Themyscera. In his own universe, anyone who knew Thor that saw this meant that they should stay out of his way if they valued their lives-he was going to have his way and anyone who tried to stop him-usually a supervillian-would be on the receiving end of his hammer. In this universe, no one knew that, and he had forgotten that detail.

“I am done speaking to you. This Olympus, as you call it, is home to these ‘gods’ of yours? Very well, then I would have words with them.” His cold tone and dark glare shocked Diana, as did his words. He was unfazed. “Do not try to stop me.” He began walking to Diana, to make past her, but she stopped him with a hand to his chest.

“You will go nowhere, let alone speak to Olympus-”

“Olympus is not the home of the gods, woman. The home of the gods is Asgard, the Realm Eternal.”

With this, Diana lost all patience. “You will go nowhere-” she started, using her strength to force him back. She didn’t expect him to grab her arm with his powerful and strong hand and thrust her aside like a rag doll, and she landed on the ground. All around, the Amazons, including Queen Hippolyta, gasped in horror and astonishment at what they had just seen-a man had just pushed their princess, the Champion of the Amazons, the most proud woman on Themyscera onto the ground as if she were nothing. So great was their shock that they didn’t have the typical Amazon sense to immediately kill him.

“I am not asking. So speaks Thor, Son of Odin,” the Asgardian said with ice in his voice that would’ve frozen Hel before continuing in the direction of which he was going. Suddenly he realized two things: one was that he had no idea how to contact these gods Wonder Woman was speaking of-he was starting to think these weren’t Asgardian gods; and two, he had left his hammer on the ground when he had agreed to being unarmed for the negotiations. He turned, hand stretched out, to summon his weapon back to him. “Mjoln-”


He never saw it coming. Wonder Woman, after recovering from the initial shock and humiliation of being thrown away like a toy, struck back. And she did it with a vengeance, not hold back any of her gods-given strength. Her fist, empowered by her strength and the momentum of her speed, connected with Thor’s faced, sending him flying the length of the island, past the shores and into the waters a few dozen miles out. The resonating sonic waves from the punch went for miles, forcing Hippolyta and the Amazons to brace themselves by kneeling under their shields.

Once the waves had settled, the woman warriors stood up to see their princess staring at the hammer left on the ground. Diana was well, curious about this hammer. It was a weapon that she had seen easily devastate Themyscera, manhandle the entire Amazon army It was a great weapon indeed, she thought.

“My daughter,” came the voice of Hippolyta as she walked over to her. “The intruder-”

“He won’t be waking up anytime soon, mother,” Diana said with a soft smile as she looked back to her mother. “I once knocked out Superman himself with that punch-for a week, AND he was still sore from it for quite some time afterwards.” The memory actually relinquished a chuckle from Diana’s lips. “He’s no longer a threat to us. I will get him in a few minutes and we shall bind him and hold him until the Justice League comes.”

Hippolyta smiled. “Very well, my little sun and stars. I am just glad he did not hurt you.” She turned to the Amazons. “Begin removing all debris and let’s start rebuilding, sisters. Let us make haste and ask the gods to help us in this difficult moment.” At their queen’s words, the women began toiling away at repairing the damage Thor had caused.

General Philippus and Hippolyta then joined Diana by the hammer. “It is indeed a mighty weapon,” the Amazon general spoke.

“Yes, general,” Diana agreed. “I can see how that man was so powerful-with this hammer; he could’ve destroyed the island. We should hold it also until the League arrives.” So Diana grabbed the hammer’s handle and made to pick it up, only to have it slip out of her hand. It had not moved an inch.

“What the hell?” Diana exclaimed. She tried again. And again, and again her struggle soon caught the attention of the nearby Amazons working to repair the carnage.

Diana could not lift this hammer. Neither could Hippolyta nor Philippus.

“My lady-the hammer!” the general spoke in surprise, pointing at the hammer. Diana and Hippolyta quickly saw what she meant-words had begun glowing on the hammer’s side, clear words that at first were in a dialect that they didn’t understand, but soon they switched to English.

Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.

“Worthy? What does that mean?” Hippolyta questioned. Diana, though she had heard her, was thinking. Clearly this weapon was a source of power, but according to this inscription, only the worthy could lift it. But that man, he who had attacked them without mercy HE was deemed worthy, and she wasn’t?

“I am not sure, mother,” Diana admitted. “But this hammer cannot be left here. Philippus, bring some of your guards and have them dig this-”


Diana suddenly found herself on the ground, screaming in response to her back and front searing in pain at the impact onto the hard ground and the impact from a powerful kick to her stomach. All around her, the Amazons began screaming in terror and surprise. Diana looked up to her attacker, and was shocked and horrified. “Hera, no ”

She had used that punch on Darkseid himself a few times, once against Orion and numerous times on Ares. Hell, that punch had felled Superman as she had stated earlier. He should have been out cold.

But there, above her, stood Thor, God of Thunder, his boot on her stomach and his eyes filled with a fire he had not had since he had battled Surtur those many years ago.

“You have made a grave mistake, woman.”

With that, Thor let loose a vicious war cry as his fist connected with Wonder Woman’s face, causing ripples to release from the impact. Diana had never been hit like that in her life except by Doomsday, Darkseid and Superman. She screamed in agony at the pain she was now experiencing.

Thor never took her eyes on her as he stretched out his hand, summoning Mjolnir to him, all the Amazons shocked at the hammer flying into his hand and at the sight of their all-mighty Princess and Champion on the ground in such defeat.

Once Mjolnir and Thor united as one again, the skies roared to life as lightning decorated the heavens in gigantic streaks, the thunder rumbling. Thor whirled his hammer in his hand, the anger and fury he had felt from the moment he had been attacked on this godforsaken island now finding its outlet.


Millennia have passed, and I have been imprisoned here in Tartarus. By the commands of Zeus, I must rule this realm, over the dead.

The entry to my realm is guarded by the favorites of Hera. The Amazon warriors, led by Hippolyta, the keeper of my gates, and her daughter Diana, Wonder Woman to those worms she loves so much. They have never allowed anything to disrupt this imprisonment.

But my time has come. Something happens upon Themyscera. They have left my gates unguarded, to face this threat, or whatever it is. It has left the gates vulnerable.

Come my minions, for today, we feast upon the souls of the living as we take this world. And with the Amazons and their champion so preoccupied, who is left to stop us?

The skies, just pure blue a few minutes ago, were now roaring majestically with thunder as Thor brought Mjolnir down upon Diana’s face. Immediately, pain seared through her entire body like she rarely ever felt before. She had once taken hits from Darkseid to the face & a fist to the gut from Doomsday, but this false god hit her with such raw power that she had rarely experienced before that it almost knocked her out cold.

Almost; she had Olympus on her side, after all.

As Thor made to bring the hammer back down onto her again, Diana quickly flew out her hand, grabbing his hammer arm and flew upwards, landing a bone crushing uppercut on his jaw as she raced into the heavens. The impact echoed for miles as it sent Thor flying up and back to the ground. She was very shocked to see him merely shrug it off mid-fall and land on the ground in a perfect dive. She decided to stay afloat to keep the advantage. Unsheathing her sword, she took up her typical aerial stance that she always used when about to attack but also ready to defend herself if necessary.

“You’ll find I am not so easy to pummel, Thor,” Diana yelled. “I suggest you give up now before y-”


The wind was knocked out of her as Thor flung his hammer up at her, connecting full well with her stomach, enticing a scream of pain. Thankfully, her gods had blessed her with the resistance of Olympus, so she was quickly recovering. Again, she was intrigued by how the hammer, as it flew past her after it hit her, stopped mid-flight and zoomed back to its master’s hand.

“Give up?! I do not know the meaning of such words, Wonder Woman!” Thor roared. With that he took to the air-completely surprising the Amazon. ‘So much for advantage of flight,’ she realized. ‘Well, back to basics, as Flash would say.’

“Well don’t say I didn’t warn you,” she said simply, right before she bum rushed him, landing punch after punch onto his torso, relishing the fact that his armor was slowing falling apart with each hit that she landed. The impacts echoed in the skies, signifying just how much strength she was putting into her attack. She continued her fists’ rampage, using all the tactics learned from her Amazon heritage, not relenting-

Until Thor suddenly blocked a punch with his palm, the sonic waves of the impact just as deafening as when her punches landed. Quickly taking a hold of her wrist, Thor pulled Diana into him, right into his knee that was awaiting her chin as he brought it up, the brute force upon impact making her see stars. But her relentless attack just seconds ago had also done a number on him-she was extremely powerful, as he had learned when she hit him with enough force to send him flying across the length of the island out to see miles and miles away. At the moment, he was feeling quite a bit of pain in his torso.

Taking Mjolnir, Thor whacked Diana across the face, to which Diana retaliated by slicing him with her sword. Despite the Asgardian armor being very durable, Thor was shocked to see that her sword had actually cut through and he saw a thin line of blood begin to leak out of the long gash she had made in his flesh. He was given no chance to react to the sight, however, as Wonder Woman then landed a well-placed kick on his head, sending him crashing into the ground, Mjolnir crashing down beside him. Deciding to repay him in full for slamming her into the ground earlier, Diana smiled deviously as she unleashed a war-cry, racing down into the intruder with a massive kick into his torso, sending a shockwave rippling for miles on the island.

“Now, Thor,” Diana said with a smirk as she looked down upon Thor, slightly gasping for breath in her words. “Had enough?” She watched as Thor struggled to move his arm and head, eyes looking directly at her. Then to her shock, he smiled.

“Nay, Wonder Woman; I have just barely begun.”

Before she realized what was happening, Mjolnir had returned to Thor’s hand and he reached his arm, hammer in hand, to the heavens. Shocked by the motion, Diana barely registered what he had done when a massive thundering boomed across the heavens, followed by a majestic and powerful lightning bolt reigning down upon the two warriors, consuming them both within its electricity and power. As the God of Thunder, Thor was unaffected and immune by such electric attacks to his person.


Being only an immortal warrior and not a goddess, Wonder Woman wasn’t.

Hippolyta, watching from the background as the battle raged before her, watched in horror as her daughter was devastated by their intruder’s attacks. Her fears were quickly replaced however, as she heard more rumblings of thunder. Looking up, she watched in horror as more lightning bolts began cascading down upon their location.

“AMAZONS, RETREAT TO SECURE SHELTER!” the queen screamed as she did so herself.

Diana was vaguely aware-the pain she was experiencing, it compared only to being struck by Zeus himself-of a hand grabbing her leg and forcing her down when she felt powerful metal hit her cheek with enough force to send her flying into a nearby temple with a thunderous crash.

Thor returned to his feet, Mjolnir now whirling in his hand. Looking to the heavens, Thor willed the massive lightning bolt into his hammer, and saw that the other Amazons were hastily seeking cover from the bombardment of lightning now reigning down on Themyscera. He willed them all into his hammer, preparing for what he was going to do.

Diana, meanwhile, was slowly regaining her senses, realizing with a jolt that Thor had thrown her into Artemis’ temple. The anger began to boil in her blood and gave her new strength. Realizing she was tasting blood, she spit into the ground, ejecting to her shock a tooth along with the dark liquid. The hammer had knocked a tooth out. Now furious, Diana stood up, sword in hand, ready to tackle Thor when she saw what he was doing-all the lightning from the skies was being channeled into his hammer. But then, that would mean

“Hades,” she gasped to herself. “Is he really..?”

“FOR MIDGARD!” Thor roared mightily as the lightning suddenly disappeared as he pointed Mjolnir directly at Wonder Woman. Suddenly, a gigantic blast of celestial lightning shot at her direction. Diana barely had time to register what was about to happen and out of pure reflex and instinct, shielded her face with her arms crossed in front, her silver bracelets facing the attack.

For a good 30 seconds, Thor pressed on his unrelenting attack on Wonder Woman, keeping Mjolnir trained on her figure as to let the lightning to its work. He didn’t want to battle these women, he had told himself since the moment he had been attacked. He had hoped he could have a talk and get help finding a way home. But it was plainly obvious to him that for some reason, they doubted his word and chose to antagonize him, forcing him to fight. Well, this is what happens when you take on the God of Thunder-you get a lightning bolt to the face.

Finally, Thor relented, bringing the hammer down and willing the lightning to stop. When Wonder Woman was previously standing, there was a gigantic cloud of smoke. Confident that this had won him the battle, the Thunder God began walking towards the smoke, a small smirk on his face.

Then a massive resonating metallic echo rang out, dispersing the smoke with the sonic ripples. Thor was shocked to see that Wonder Woman was still standing strong, now with a fiery vengeance in her eyes. Her bracelets were billowing with smoke, telling Thor that she had used the metal to block the electrical assault, protecting herself. Thor had been taught by Hawkeye that all metal conducts electricity and therefore could lead to death if made in contact. So this completely stupefied him.

“There are a number of reasons why that should not have worked,” Thor said aloud, the surprise clearly evident on his face.

At that, Diana smiled devilishly. “I’m full of surprises, Thor.” Barely ending her sentence, she rushed him again, full in the chest, forcing him to drop his hammer, taking him with her deep into the island, slamming him into trees and statues. Grabbing his cape, she slammed him into the ground and followed up with a series of face punches. In an effort to unbalance his foe, Thor launched out a sweeping kick to her legs, effectively forcing Wonder Woman to fall. Before she could connect to the ground, Thor lashed out his leg upwards at her, sending her into the sky with a mighty kick. Standing up, Thor brought a hand to his face and looking at his fingers, he was shocked to see smears of blood. His nose was gushing the liquid in a steady flow.

“She has actually drawn blood from me,” Thor realized. “Huh. Not many people can do that.”

Reaching out his hand to bring Mjolnir back, a golden rope suddenly ensnared itself around his wrist. With a powerful jolt, Thor was suddenly being dragged into the heavens. He barely registered the sight of Wonder Woman, her hand holding the lasso that was forcing him to her, before he was met with a mighty kick to the face. Immediately, he tasted blood in his mouth, but before he could do anything about it, Wonder Woman began whirling him around like a cowboy at a rodeo.

“THIS IS FOR YOUR BLASPHEMY AGAINST OLYMPUS, FALSE GOD!” At those words, Diana let go of the lasso, flinging Thor downwards-right into the Temple of Hera-with a gigantic boom, utterly destroying the beautiful temple and sending massive chunks of marble and stone flying everywhere. Diana didn’t realize this until she heard the impact.

” oops ” Diana knew she was going to hear about this-first from her mother and then from Hera herself. “By Aphrodite, I have no idea which I should be more afraid of.”

Diana was knocked out of her thoughts at the sound of stone moving around with great force. Looking to the ground back at the temple, she saw Thor standing up-with one of the solid marble pillars that supported the temple being held above him. With a jolt, Diana realized what was about to happen.

“HAVE AT THEE, MAIDEN!” Thor roared as he flung the pillar into the air right at her with great force. With a resonating echo, the pillar made contact with the Amazon, colliding and now both falling down towards the ground. Thinking quickly, Diana maneuvered herself and the pillar, grabbing onto the marble, and landed with a great effort, keeping herself standing while bearing the brunt of the pillar. Keeping her stance, she waited until she saw Thor charging at her, at which she immediately threw the pillar right into him, sending the Asgardian flying back. Immediately, Wonder Woman flew at him, making to land a devastating right hook on his jaw when she was hit on her side by Mjolnir, knocking her to the ground as the weapon returned to its master’s hand at his call. Jumping up, Thor made to slam the hammer into her face, but at the last second, Diana zipped away but was still caught in the sonic ripples created when the hammer hit the ground. Shaking it off, she raced back to Thor, grabbing her lasso-still tied on his arm, and began dragging him through the carnage of stone and marble before flinging the Asgardian into the sky, unlatching her lasso from his arm.

“HERA, GIVE ME STRENGTH!” she yelled as she flew upwards at the speed of a bullet, landing a devastating blow to Thor’s head, effectively denting his helmet and causing a crack of skin on his scalp, allowing blood to slowly leak into his golden locks. Forcing him downwards, the two kept falling as Diana made to land another powerful hit. Unfortunately for the Amazon Champion, Thor had not let go of his mighty hammer, and just as she was about to land another devastating hit, he retaliated with a bone-crushing hit to her face with an electrified Mjolnir, breaking her nose and forcing her teeth to badly bite down on her tongue, both results releasing blood from her nose & mouth. So great was Thor’s hit that it sent Dian flying away from him. She landed into a temple dedicated to Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, cleanly crashing through the structure into the plaza on the other side; Thor’s hit forced Mjolnir from his hand as he crash landed into a garden while the hammer landed a few dozen meters away into a temple for Athena, right into a fountain pool .

For a good two minutes, both were knocked out cold.

Meanwhile, Hippolyta had been watching the climactic battle before her eyes with growing trepidation and fear. This man, whoever he was, was fairing very well against her daughter, if not defeating her. The echoes of the impacting punches terrified her, for she feared for her child’s life like any other mother, she feared that if Diana couldn’t defeat him then nothing could stop him from decimating Themyscera even more, as a Queen would fear.

“My Queen!” Hippolyta turned to her Philippus, who was now running up to her. “You need to get to safety. Our sisters are setting up defenses at the palace. You must-”

“My daughter is out there!”

“And she is more than capable of handling herself against that monster of a man-you were almost killed,” Philippus yelled back. “Right now, your safety is of the utmost concern.

Hippolyta knew her general was right, but she couldn’t bear to seek shelter knowing her sun and stars was out there facing this all-powerful titan alone.

“My Queen, there is something else that must be brought to your attention,” Philippus continued. But before she could continue, two massive war cries rang out in the heavens for the entire island to hear.



Two seconds later, the island shook like never before and around the two Amazons, temples and statues that had been spared in the initial battle began falling apart. Hippolyta knew that the island would soon no longer be able to take the strain of the battle.

“My Queen, listen to me.” She returned her gaze to the general. “We have no idea how this battle is affecting the chamber that holds the gates of Tartarus.”

At those words, the Queen’s blood ran cold in fear.

Fiona was among those who were specifically dedicated and trained for guarding the gates to Tartarus, locked in the bowels of Themyscera deep under the Queen’s palace, away from those who would seek to open the gates and exploit the evils within for their own purposes. As captain of the gates’ guard, it was her duty to ensure no one save the Queen, General Philippus and the Princess comes near the gate. Along with her squad of 10 Amazons, she had done so for the last millennia.

At the moment, however, the gates of Tartarus were the last thing on her mind. For the last 20 minutes, the cavern that stored the entrance had been rumbling with massive tremors, as if a war was being fought up on the island surface.

“Fiona, what’s going on?!” one of the guards yelled out, the fear that is so unnatural to an Amazon clearly laced in her voice.

“I do not know!” Fiona roared back. “Prepare yourselves, sisters! We may face battle today for the first time in millennia! You have better not be rusty!”

But as the Amazons were preparing for battle, the cavern ceiling began breaking apart, sending massive chunks of rock onto the ground. Fortunately, they didn’t hit any of the Amazons.

Unfortunately, they did hit the locks set on the gates to the Underworld, causing them to break apart and leave the gates unlocked.

All Fiona had to say was, “Oh Hades.”

The gates immediately flew open, and a group of black-colored entities rushed out, tackling the gates’ guard. All the Amazons could do was scream as they were consumed by what they realized to be as demons.

Doing all they could to keep running and keeping afoot through the massive tremors flowing through the island, Hippolyta and Philippus raced towards the royal palace, now being heavily fortified by the Amazons in order to protect their Queen. In the heavens, the massive battle continued to ring out as Thor and Wonder Woman kept up their attack on each other unrelenting, the lightning and thunder decorating the skies.

“Has anyone gone to check up on Fiona and her guard?!” Hippolyta screamed to her general so she could be heard above the din of the thunder.

“No, my Queen; in all honesty, I just remembered the gates myself. I don’t think anyone had actually thought about it. The gates of Tartarus, I’m guessing, are the furthest thing from the minds of our sisters!”

“Hades!” Hippolyta cursed to herself. Zeus himself had commanded her to ensure that nothing and no one open the Underworld’s gates, under any circumstances; if it were opened on her watch, the consequences would be catastrophic, not just for Olympus but for the entirety of Man’s World. That was a force that she believed-no, she KNEW-that not even the Justice League could ever hope to protect the planet against.

“Philippus, sent a few soldiers to the cavern to ensure nothing has damaged the gates,” the Queen commanded. “Have them report back. We need to figure out a way to stop this battle before they tear both the island and the gates apart.”

“Yes, my Queen,” Philippus answered before she ran off. Hippolyta then cast her eyes to the battle. No sooner did she do so than Thor crashed into the ground before her, then quickly flew into a backflip, narrowly avoiding the devastating kick that Diana rammed into the ground just where he was lying seconds ago. At that, the Amazon flew right into the Asgardian, resulting in both crashing into another garden.

“Hera, help us,” whispered Hippolyta.

“I loved this garden,” Diana whispered icily as she held Thor by the throat, blood seeping down from the corner of her mouth. “It held some of the most beautiful flowers on the island. Some of which I had planted myself, and you DESTROYED IT!” With those words Diana flung him over her head into the ground.

“You chose to ram us both into it, Wonder Woman,” Thor replied, suddenly grabbing her with his legs and slamming her into the ground also, then jumping up and body slamming into her chest. “You really have only yourself to blame.” Before he could do anything else, however, Diana rammed her fists into his face, momentarily stunning him enough for her to land a devastating kick at his crotch.

Never before had Thor felt so much pain.

“Metahuman or not,” Diana laughed coldly, “You’re still a man.” As Thor doubled over in agonizing pain, she grabbed his face and proceeded to slam it down repeatedly on one of the marble chunks unrelenting, hell-bent on breaking his face for the damage done to Themyscera. With each blow, more and more blood spewed from Thor’s nose, and he felt some of his teeth begin to fracture with the godly force behind Wonder Woman’s hits. To his shock, he was slowly beginning to start to lose consciousness. ‘This is madness! I am a god, and I am being bested? By a woman?!’ The thought enraged him, more than enough to grab the arm Diana had on his head and pull it-and therefore her-to him, and paid her back in full with a flurry of relentless elbow hits right into her face, just as powerful as her blows. Blood began to flow freely from her nose also, and the trickle by her mouth slowly began to thicken.

“Do you wish to end this now, Wonder Woman?” Thor asked coldly as she fell to the ground, coughing up blood. Her response was to look at him with a murderous gaze and spit blood at him, standing up tall and proud, as an Amazon shoot.

“When your body is burning to a crisp in Tartarus, Thor, only then will I stop,” she replied defiantly. She dropped her blade and lasso aside, taking up a fighting stance and motioned for Thor to hit her. The motion was not lost on him. He dropped Mjolnir to the ground and took up a fighting stance as well.

“Very well.”

With that the two near omnipotent beings rushed into each other, engaging in an earth-shattering brawl, utilizing the millennia’s worth of combat skills each had at their disposal.

A squadron of heavily armed Amazons rushed down the spiraling staircase that led to the cavern holding the gates of Tartarus. When General Philippus had told them the current battle between the Princess and the intruder could very well force open the Underworld, they immediately shivered-the creatures and entities Hades had in there well, let’s just say it would be better for the entire planet if they remained down there. So it was just natural that they head down there to make sure nothing had happened and that the gateway was still sealed.

As they entered the cavern, they saw two things. One: the ground was littered with chunks of rock from the ceiling, the rumblings of the battle on the surface clearly felt down here, and the Amazon guard were either keeping away from the rocks or were struggling to get up from the ground; two: the mechanisms holding the gates locked and secure were still intact.

“Fiona,” the squad leader yelled. “Philippus sent us to make sure nothing’s happened down here. Are you all ok?”

“We’re fine, just a few hits from the falling rock chunks,” Fiona groaned as she rubbed her sword arm. “We’ve been lucky so far-none of the debris managed to hit the gate. What is happening up there?”

“A man came to the island.”

“A supervillian from Man’s World?”

“No, this man claims to be from another universe, or realm. He wanted to speak with Olympus to ‘find a way home.’ Then he claimed to be a god of thunder. Fiona, he decimated the entire Amazon army and stood against Queen Hippolyta. Right now, the Princess is battling him-and she can barely stand against him!”

“Hades!” Fiona gasped. “Sister, you must go back and ensure our Queen remains safe!”

“But what about you and your squad, sister?”

“We shall be fine-we will never allow anything to damage the locks upon Tartarus. Go!”

At that, the squad leader nodded and ordered her unit back up, her closely following behind. As soon as they disappeared into the stairs, Fiona’s eyes flickered black. She turned to her unit, whose eyes were all the same black.

“The Amazons are none the wiser, Lord Hades-they relay the news that the gates are still secure as we speak.”

Excellent, my minion; now that you and the other possess those unfortunate guards, proceed as planned.

“My Lord, this intruder the Amazon spoke of-if he has caused such destruction upon the island and is as powerful as she says-what if he’s still there when we execute the plan?”

Despite my hatred for the Champion of the Amazons, I firmly believe she will find a way to defeat him. And if not, I shall deal with him myself. Thunder God…BAH!

Diana crashed through the trees, landing flat on her back. Despite her having a potent healing factor, she was getting more injuries than her healing could heal. She was covered with healing, old and raw scars, bruises and scrapes. The blood flow had finally more or less subsided from her nose until Thor fired an uppercut to her chin and landed a follow-up punch to her face, sending her flying to the ground where she was now-then it began flowing freely again, into her mouth and down her chin, dripping onto her cleavage and armor.

Diana was one of the most powerful entities to walk the face of the Earth. She was proud and mighty. But if she had to be honest with herself-this opponent was dishing out way too much for her to hand, she feared. So powerful, so strong and durable the Princess was sure that she held some good internal body damage from all the hits he had landed, and she knew for certain that her nose was broken again for the third time in this battle. He was walking all over her in this battle. Granted, she dished back just as much, but he seemed to shrug it off all the time.

Diana of Themyscera was starting to fear Thor would crush her, and then move on to destroy the entire island.


She turned to see her mother running to her side, realizing she was back near the palace. She immediately feared for her mother’s safety, as the army was supposed to be securing her safety within a fortified palace.

“Mother, what are you-”

“Listen to me! This battle is endangering the seals upon the gates of Tartarus! You must subdue Thor before the cavern is destroyed and the gates are opened, less Hades himself be unleashed upon the world.”

At those words, Dian froze and paled with fear. Every Amazon, despite professing fearlessness, knew it was stupid to deny fear of the horrors of the Underworld. Hades, God of the Underworld and its dead hordes, had sworn revenge when Zeus condemned him to eternity there. He had broken out once before a few centuries after Heracles decimated the island-only with the help of Athena, Hera and Zeus himself did they beat him back into Tartarus. That happened a few millennia before she had been created, but the stories terrified her.

“By Hera mother I-I don’t think I can beat him.” The words shocked her, and she felt ashamed at them, but Hippolyta seemed to understand. “He matches me in strength and speed, and his weapon is mighty and I don’t think I can beat him ”

“Then I will help you, my sun and stars. I have an idea.” The queen proceeded to tell her daughter the plan. “Just keep him busy long enough to get it ready, my daughter,” she finished.

Diana stood with new resolve. “Don’t worry, mother. I got this.” With that, Diana took to the air to reengage her enemy. Hippolyta, still unfamiliar with modern-day language, frowned in confusion.

“Got what?”

Thor had never been in a fight like this not even the Hulk on one of his bad days, or the Sentry when he succumbed to the Void, had ever given him such a challenge in battle; or such pain as a result.

His nose was broken, though his healing was slowly fixing that. He had been beaten, battered, hurled, slammed and bangkoked-Hel, was that painful. His armor had sustained serious damaged and his helmet had fallen off somewhere during the brawl. He ached all over and was very sore. His armed hurt to move and his legs were shaking. Not to mention his slash wound from earlier was still bleeding, albeit it was healing. And his face was covered in dark crimson from his nose and mouth.

But he was Asgardian, a prince an Avenger. And an Avenger does not fall.

Standing up once more, he faced the direction where he flung Wonder Woman, through the trees, hearing the now painfully familiar sound of speedy flight and prepared his body to take the full brunt of her tackle as Diana slammed into him, both continuing the battle.

*15 minutes later*

Hippolyta finished mixing the ingredients together and began mashing them into powder as quickly as she could. In the distance, she could still here the battle raging on, the thunder and lightning decorating the heavens. She knew she was running out of time.

Philippus stood next to her, a pitcher of water in hand. At the queen’s request, she handed it to her and watched as she mixed the powder into the water, watching it dissolve into the liquid. At once she took a small knife and dipped it into the concoction.

“My queen, are you sure this will succeed?”

“If it doesn’t, then may Olympus have mercy on our souls.”

They were about 80 feet apart. Around them, the carnage of trees, fountains, statues and temples laid, chunks of marble and stone that were unlucky enough to feel the repercussions of the battle. The ground was marked with various dents and craters.

Sometime in the battle, they had decided to resort back to using their weapons again. That only made the fight even more draining. Now, Wonder Woman and Thor were all but exhausted.

Diana knelt, supporting herself with her sword as she breathed laboriously, each breath taken a struggle in its own right. Her body was battered and almost broken, littered with bruises and cuts. Blood oozed from her nose and mouth, and stained her armor, boots and leaked out from a nasty gash on her left arm from where Thor had turned her sword against her. Blood leaked from a few injuries on her legs, coating the beautiful smooth skin with a dark, foreboding crimson.

Thor could barely stand, breath also quite a labor for him. His blonde hair was stained with dirt, dust and blood, to the point where one could barely see the gold color. His cheek held a slowly healing gash from Diana’s blade, blood dripping from it at a steady pace. He had lost a few teeth and his nose and mouth also oozed blood. His gloves were tattered and chinks from his armor were slowly falling down, revealing heavy bruises and cuts that leaked blood. His hand somehow had the strength to hold onto Mjolnir.

They looked at each other, believing more and more that they could not defeat the other. Of course, they weren’t about to admit it.

“Come, Wonder Woman,” Thor rasped. “I am clearly getting the best of you. Stand down, before you kill yourself.”

“Really, Thor?” Wonder Woman retorted. “You’re in as bad a shape as I am. Besides”-she struggled but failed to get up-“I’m still in good enough condition to take you down.”

It took all his remaining strength for Thor to lift Mjolnir to the skies. “If that is the case, then you will come to regret your decision.” Lightning began to crackle as Mjolnir glowed, and Diana knew he was getting ready to fire another lightning blast, and she knew she’d never dodge or escape it. Meanwhile, Thor didn’t know if he had it in him to fire one last blast his bones ached he knew that if he did manage to do it, he’d be drained.


Both warriors turned-painfully-to see Hippolyta as she arrived, backed by a squad of Amazons, and threw a knife at Diana. She knew immediately what this was and caught it by the hilt. Turning to Thor, the look of confusion evident on his face as he tried to figure out what was going on, she used her last bit of strength to stand up and throw the blade at him.


The blade flew, lodging itself right into Thor’s slash wound, enticing a loud roar of pain from the Norse deity. Dropping his weapon, he forced himself to kneel, digging the blade out of his wound. Before he could yell out a flurry of Asgardian slander, the waves of dizziness and fatigue bombarded him like hail on Jotumheim.

“What manner of sorcery..?” he mumbled as he tried to stay conscious and aware, his legs buckling under him.

“That, Thor, was a sleep poison,” Diana said as she painfully walked over to the Asgardian. “It would usually take a bit longer to take effect, but your fatigue and pain from our battle is apparently too much, and the poison takes affect rather quickly. You won’t die from it, but it will keep you unconscious and sedated for quite a while even after you awaken again.”

“Treachery….. you claim to be honor-” Thor mumbled before he collapsed, the poison taking full effect. He was taken by the poison, as it ate at him, his body welcoming the sense of peace and promised comfort.

Diana painfully placed her leg on his back, in her typical victorious pose. “I’ve beaten you, Thor. My home is safe again. I have proven I am your better.” She was surprised to hear a slurred chuckle.

“No You resorted to trickery You haven’t beaten me ” Thor said, and with those words he fell into unconsciousness. But his words did the trick, as Diana realized she really didn’t beat Thor-basically she cheated. The battle was a draw before her mother her mother .

Diana collapsed onto the ground, her battle with Thor finally taking its toll on her body. The strain was too great for her. The last thing she heard before going unconscious was her mother screaming her name.