Shazam paced nervously in the waiting room of the Watchtower, his cape fluttering behind him with every step. The Justice League was having their annual auditions and he finally had the opportunity to earn him a spot in the League. He was very anxious. He was just a teenage boy (although none of the other heroes were aware of the fact) among older more seasoned veteran heroes. While Other heroes seeking to prove themselves included Plastic Man, Firestorm, Vixen, and Nightwing among many others. In their presence, he felt intimidated. Little did he know, however, they were intimidated by his presence.

Despite his nervous demeanor, the other heroes knew that he was on an entirely different level than them. Firstly, he was very handsome. This was a fact that did not go unnoticed by the female heroes and made the male heroes feel both jealous and threatened. Secondly, he was powerful. He could fly, move at supernatural speeds, command the living lightning, and had enough strength to match the strongest this universe had to offer.

Suddenly the door opened and a winged woman with red hair and bird-like armor entered the room. She motioned Shazam to accompany her and he followed her into the hall.

“Welcome Shazam,” she greeted. “I am Hawkgirl, but you may call me Shiera if you prefer. How are doing?”

“A-a little nervous,” he admitted as they continued walking down the hall.

“Don’t worry. You’ll be fine,” she assured him. “I read up on your file. While it does say you can be a little on the immature side, it also says that that you have saved countless lives and even bested Black Adam in combat. With the skill set you posses, I personally think that the Justice League needs you.”

“Th-thank you M-Mrs Shiera,” he replied.

Finally, they arrived at the doors to the League’s chamber. Shiera gave him on last reassuring nod before leaving him to his own devices. He sighed to himself and pulled up his hood before entering the chamber. He was overwhelmed by the presences before him. Sitting in podiums far above him were the seven founding members of the league. They consisted of Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, The Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman, and of course, Superman.

Batman was the first to speak. “Welcome to the Watchtower. We understand that you want to become a member of the League. However, being a member is a big responsibility. Your actions will reflect on the League as a whole. It is my understanding that you have a reputation for being quite immature. Are you sure that you are ready to handle the responsibility of being a member of the League?”

“Y-yes Sir! Batman sir,” he responded. “I promise I will not let you down. Please give me a chance to prove myself. I beg you. I was born for this.”

Batman raised an eyebrow before Green Lantern chimed in, “Cut him some slack Bats. So what if he his a little immature? You let me on the team didn’t you? Besides, don’t you think he has done enough already?”

“He has a point,” Aquaman added. “He has a heart of gold. He could have used his powers for anything, and yet he chose to use them to help others. Many lives would have been lost without him. He even defeated Black Adam on numerous occasions.”

Superman finally spoke up. “While we are on the topic, you and Adam seem to have a lot in common. Care to explain?”

“Oh, him?” he asked. “He was the Wizard’s champion before me.”

At this, Superman raised an eyebrow. “The Wizard?”

“Y-yes. The Wizard,” he replied. “He always has a champion to protect the world of man and magic. Adam was the Wizard’s champion until he decided to abuse his powers. He made me the new champion to protect the world and keep Adam in check.”

Superman frowned. This meant that Shazam was a magic user. A powerful one at that. Even he had trouble with Black Adam. Yet Shazam defeated him on a regular basis. In Superman’s mind, that made him dangerous. Superman did not care for anything that had to do with magic. Perhaps it was because it made him feel vulnerable. After all, it was one of the few powers in the universe that could hurt him. Regardless of the reason, he wasn’t sure how he felt about Shazam.

Wonder Woman glanced in Superman’s direction and realized that his expression was making Shazam feel nervous. It was at this moment, she decided to release the tension.

“Hey! Shazam!” she called. “You’re a pretty handsome man. Has anyone ever told you you have the face of a Greek god?”

Superman scowled at her.

Shazam blushed. “I-its funny you should ask. I get my power from them.”

“Really?” Wonder Woman asked, now more intrigued.

The other heroes, save for Superman, perked up as well, also interested.

“Yes,” Shazam responded more confidently. “I have Solomon’s wisdom, Hercules’ strength, Atlas’ stamina, Zeus’ power, Achilles’ courage, and Mercury’s speed. That’s why I am called ‘S.H.A.Z.A.M.‘”

“Wow!” Green Lantern exclaimed. “He might even be stronger than you Supes.”

Superman glared daggers at him.

Batman spoke up. “Shazam, I’d like to test your power. We are going to take you to the training room. There, you will spar with The Flash and Green Lantern.”

Shazam stood at one end of the training room preparing himself for what could be a defining moment in his life. He was staring down The Flash and Green Lantern. They were both founding members of the League, and now he had to fight them to earn a spot on the team. He knew that he would have to put on an impressive performance.

“You ready?” Green Lantern called from the other end of the room.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” was Shazam’s simple reply.

Suddenly, the two Leaguers were charging him. The Flash was the first one to strike, punching him repeatedly while running circles around him. While this strategy did catch him off guard, he recovered quickly. Using his speed of Mercury, he swung his right arm clockwise just in time to clothesline The Flash before he could make another lap.

Before he could gather his thoughts, Green Lantern created a construct of an enormous hammer using his power ring. With all of his might, he swung the hammer down on Shazam. This move would have crushed a normal person, but Shazam was not normal by any means. He was the world’s mightiest mortal. He caught the massive hammer with his bare hands. He then dug the fingers on his left hand into the side of the hammer and shattered it with one swift punch from his right hand. Green Lantern was vulnerable now. Seizing the opportunity, he flew toward his opponent at a remarkable speed. In a desperate attempt to stop Shazam’s advances, he created a shield barrier between them but Shazam pieced it as effortlessly as a bullet penetrating glass. He then slapped Green Lantern into the wall to his left. He had to moderate his attacks. He knew that he could kill either hero with a single punch if he wasn’t careful.

Suddenly, he felt a powerful impact on his right cheek. The Flash had recovered. He pushed Shazam in the stomach several times before running behind him and kicking him in the back of his leg, bringing him to one knee. The Flash used this moment to start unloading punches aimed at his head. Shazam responded by using his own speed to catch The Flash’s right wrist as he attempted to land another blow. In an attempt to free himself, The Flash started vibrating his arm but Shazam tightened his grip. Once he realized that The Flash could not go anywhere, he started channeling small currents of the living lightning into his opponent’s body. He used just enough to stun The Flash, but not enough to injure or scare him.

Before he could celebrate his victory over The Flash, a green construct formed around his hands and bound them together. After that, his legs were bound as well. Various restraints were being added to limit his movement. Green chains started constricting his body. He could feel the weight of the constructs increasing. Green Lantern was trying to immobilize him. Shazam started to struggle. Green Lantern started sweating from the amount of willpower it was taking to prevent the constructs from shattering. Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t enough. Shazam broke the restraints. Green Lantern tried to throw one last punch but Shazam caught his forearm. With a slight squeeze, Green Lanterns fist opened up and he used the opportunity to remove his power ring. And just like that, the match was over.

“I believe this is yours,” was the only thing Shazam said as he handed Hal Jorden his ring back.

After the match, the League gathered to discuss the results of Shazam’s sparring match.

Wonder Woman was the first to speak. “He has a warriors spirit! I think he belongs on the team.”

“Diana’s right. Anyone who can take on me and Barry at the same time are League material,” Green Lantern agreed.

Superman however did not share their sentiment. “I don’t know. He has a reputation for being immature. He’s reckless. He’s inexperienced. It would be like having a man-sized kid on our team.”

It was at this time that Aquaman spoke up. “Superman is right. He is a little wet behind the ears. However, I think that is why we need to have him join the League. If he is with us, we can keep an eye on him. We can train him. Besides, he would be very useful if something ever happened to Superman.”

Superman scowled in distaste. He did not appreciate the thought of Shazam as his replacement in his absence.

Batman decided to enter the conversation. “I agree with Aquaman. It would be in everyone’s best interest for Shazam to join the League. All in favor of Shazam joining?”

Superman was the only one who did not raise his hand.

Batman pressed a button on his podium and spoke into a microphone. “Shiera, send him in.”

Just as he had requested, Hawkgirl escorted Shazam into the chamber.

Batman spoke up. “Shazam, after reviewing your performance and discussing it amongst ourselves, we have decided to accept you into the League. Welcome to the team.”

Shazam’s eyes widened in both shock and excitement at the news. “Really? I’m a member of the Justice League now?”

“You sure are,” Green Lantern responded.

The heroes descended from their podiums an gathered around Shazam to congratulate him and welcome him on the League. They all celebrated with their new member, all except Superman.