A close up of a stiff-looking Tele-Journalist fills the screen.

“Superman, friend to Earth, or enemy? Tonight we take a closer look at the Man of Steel.” The Host said.

We’re in a television studio. While the Nightline-like opening logos play, cameras whirl and reposition.

“Does the existence of a seemingly god-like hero impact the world positively or negatively? Examining this with us tonight is LexCorp C.E.O. and Metropolis’ second most well-known figure, Lex Luthor.” The Host continued.

Seated across from the host is Lex Luthor, who winces at the introduction.

“Mr. Luthor you’ve been the most vocal proponent of the act how do you seek this outlawed costumed hero that Superman is the sole
individual who could fall under this criteria, the question begs asking why so much distrust of ‘the man of tomorrow’?” The Host questioned.

“I’m no enemy of Superman, quite the contrary. I find his flair for his abilities very amusing, such a crowd, pleasing showman, who makes Metropolis his home is a follower for the tourist trade. I do question the good that Superman represents for the human race beyond entertainment value.” Lex said

The Host asks “Such as?”

Lex replies “Well, having Superman make his home in Metropolis is a utter ‘call-to-arms’ for any psychotic with the dreams of world domination. The act would be a deterrent to those who might consider jumping into a pair of tights and challenging the Man of Steel to a battle royale right here on the streets of our fair city.”

The Host continues “An interesting position, Mr. Luthor but one that I’m sure your opposition will refute. We welcome the city’s best reporter for the Daily Planet, Lois Lane.”

Lois sits beside Lex, beautiful yet poised… even though she looks thoroughly pissed.

“This proposed act, because of Metropolis’ own Governor opposes, is nothing more than Lex’s one-man crusade against Superman. Outlawing the Man of Steel, would be like removing the soul of this city. I mean, can anyone even remember what Metropolis was like before Superman arrived?” Said Lois

“As I recall, there were less red, white and yellow souvenir stands. Miss Lane have you ever been able to look past your blind allegiance to this off-worlder to think that maybe he employs criminals to improve his P.R.? For all we know, they’re on his books.” Said Lex

The conversation continues between Lois and Lex arguing with each other.

“In Salem, it was a witch-hunt, in Hollywood, it was the ‘Red Scare’…Leave it to your fertile imagination to come up with ‘Cape-Gate.'” Said Lois

“The defense you put up for him, I’d say the only thing fertile around here is someone’s hopes of carrying a boy scout one day.” Said Lex

“That’s it…” Said Lois

Lois jumps Lex, who tumbles back in his chair. She begins attacking into him, as the Host leans into the frame, addressing the

TV audience.

The Host says “We’ll be right back.”

Fade to a commercial

The building is one of the oldest structures in the city with its brick walls and the newspaper’s logo, the Earth with a rotating
ring that reads DAILY PLANET, on it’s roof. The structure is a testament to the days of journalism before faxes and Internet.

Through a large window, a staff meeting can be seen.

Standing at the front of a large table is Daily Planet Editor Perry White. A large and foreboding pitbull of a man. His trademark unbuttoned collar and open vest give the appearance this has been very hard day when in fact, this is every day. In his fist is an unlit cigar he points at people accenting his sentences. He paces when he walks and doesn’t speak words as much as he barks them. Through the glass, his booming voice is muffled. Perry has two tones: LOUD and LOUDER. Among the staff are Cat Grant (Society columnist, early 30s and very beautiful), Ron Troupe (Sports, an African American in his 40s) and mild-mannered Clark Kent (Writer/Reporter). Kent is in his early 30s and very handsome, although he doesn’t know it. He is someone that’s above that. Seated at Kent’s desk is and watching them through the glass is Jimmy Olsen, photographer. He is sixteen years old and very bored.

A telephone rings and Olsen looks around to make sure there are no other witnesses and answers it.

Jimmy said “Daily Planet, Kent speaking.”

Incoherent yelling can be heard from the other end and Olsen bullets to attention.

Jimmy said “No, Miss Lane. They’re in a meeting. Sure thing, Miss Lane.”

Olsen scrambles to find a pen, jots down instructions on his palm and hangs up. He fumbles out of his chair and races for the
Conference Room throwing the door open…

Perry while continuing speaking “…Has lost contact with the Constitution-”

Jimmy said “CHIEF!”

Perry said “OLSEN! What the hell are you doing in my staff meeting?! You’re not a writer, you’re a photographer and you’re barely that! Get out!”

Instinctively, Jimmy folds and turns to quickly exit, then remembering why he came in the first place…

JIimmy said “Oh yeah. Miss Lane called. She got arrested for attacking Lex.”

Everything stops.

Perry says “Isn’t Lois interviewing Luthor today?”

No one has an answer.

Perry explodes “Well what are you waiting for?!”

Everyone hustles out of the room. As they are leaving, no one notices a glass of water and an empty chair where Clark was

Clark as Superman flies out the Daily Planet and goes and finds Lois getting arrested

“You have the right to remain silent Miss Lane.” Said the Police Officer

“Oh, I be silent alright.” Said Miss Lane

She gets inside the police car and the officer gets inside his car, Superman feeling a bit sad flies off in the sky feeling lament. As newspapers of each broadsheet newspaper buildings with the front page saying REPORTER ATTACKING LEXCORP’S CEO from space through the clouds and merges with a beautiful blue sky, which is disrupted by a massive “L” shaped state-of-the-art skyscraper made of steel and glass. The roof is slanted to make the “L” visible in the distance. On the building side boldly announcing LEXCORP. Lex Luthor is dressed in a dark business suit standing at behind him is his desk staring at the a big-wide window.

Lex Luthor(to the heavens above) “Criers and complainers! That’s what I get! Mourners and groaners! Me, Lex Luthor, CEO of LexCorp who help build Metropolis for those fools who eke out their miserable lives on the streets above.”

Lex reads the front page of the newspaper which infuriates him more.

“AH! This is why the people of Metropolis don’t get their act together! By making me look as a fool!” Said Lex

“Its just one incident Lex.” Said Mercy

“One incident to make one of richest man with money and power with a dream of world domination. I’ve called General Lane, Lois’s father to drop charges against Lois for attacking me. She’ll be released by tomorrow. Now the real the question begins how am I going to save the world from the alien invader who calls himself SUPERMAN?” Said Lex

“You think Superman is a threat to all mankind?” Said Mercy

“Yes, Mercy I do.” Said Lex

The next day, Lois is released as news reporters come in photos taking she’s get inside the car with her own father General Sam Lane. No words spoken from both of them until Lois speaks

“Dad, I just want to-” interrupted by her father

“Don’t say anything the important thing is your safe.” Said the General

While Lois and her father are in the car. General Sam Lane gets a call from Lex

“Hello.” Said the General

“General Lane I appreciate that your daughter is safe but I have to talk to you in a very important meeting we have to discuss about the public expressions.” Said Lex

“I’ll meet you once I put my daughter home.” Said General Sam Lane

“Understood” He said through the phone

General Sam Lane takes Lois to her apartment as she gets out of the car as she turns slowly

“Lois, I see that I can help you with…” Said General Lane

“No, dad I can take care of myself.” Said Lois

Superman up in the sky comes down to the general

“General, may I speak to you.” He said

“Of course what is it that you need Superman.” Said General Lane

“Why did you say like that?” Superman questioned him

“Nothing, really you give people hope.” General Lane answered him

“That’s why I’m here.” Said Superman

“I’ll be watching you Superman.” Said General Lane

General Lane gets in the car and leaves Superman as he flies off

General Lane comes into Lexcorp to discuss with Lex Luthor

“You’ve been very public with our opinions on the military’s perceived lack of response during this Superman, along with the human Parasite showed up and attacked you.” Said General Lane

“Then you’re no doubt aware that we need to defend ourselves.” Said Lex

“As so far the American military is concerned.” Said General Lane

“The Americans are afraid to let the public know they were putting weapons, but its nothing to be ashamed of. Humankind is more entitled to defend itself from outside threats. Its an instinct we shouldn’t be afraid this isn’t me asking for permission. This is Lexcorp after all.” Said Lex

“The last thing that the military wants to do is scare the people any more than they already are. One wrong move and a gun that’s pointed out there can just as easily be pointed down here. That much power is very dangerous Mr. Luthor.” Said General Lane

“Isn’t that all Superman is? A threat to humankind.” Said Lex

“He gives people hope.” Said General Lane

“And what happens when he decides to take that hope away?” Said Lex

“I’ll deal with Superman with a person right for the job.” Said General Lane

A dozen REPORTERS, including LOIS and CLARK, stand at attention as PERRY paces
back and forth behind his desk, ranting.

Perry as he waves the paper “Now look! We’ re sitting on top of the story of the century here! Our only problem is how to get it exclusively! I want the name Superman and the Daily Planet to go together like bacon and eggs!”

Clark pauses “Well, I shouldn’t think he’d lend himself to any cheap promotion schemes…”

Perry says “Who’s talking cheap? I’ll make him a goddamn partner if I have to! I want the inside dope on Superman! Who is he? Where’s he from? What’s his favorite ball team?”

Perry leans in and continues “And I’ll tell you one thing, boys and girls -whichever one of you Gets it out of him will have the single most important
interview since Moses talked to God.”

AT DAILY PLANET CITY ROOM The REPORTERS file out. LOIS has a look of grim determination on her face. CLARK
notices, comes up.

Lois who looks totally preoccupied “There must be a way. Maybe if I hung myself, offanother building. . . . .lay down on some train
tracks, .or something…”

Clark says “A, Lois…about tonight…”

Lois snaps to “Mmm? What about tonight, Clark?”

Clark with a shy smile “I was wondering if you like to go on date. Well, dinner.. perhaps?”

Lois “Sorry, Clark…I must have a lot work to do.”

Clark “Gee. I planned on it all week…”

Lois sigh then says “All right, Clark. I’ll go out with you. Might as well get it over with.”

Clark says “You’re wonderful, Lois. Where would you like to go?”

Lois in jest “Oh, I don’t know…How about the Gold Room at the Park Towers?”

Clark says “The Gold Room? But that’s the most expensive place in town.”

JIMMY walks by, has heard, interrupts, full of admiration for CLARK.

Jimmy says “The Gold Room? Golly Mr. Kent, are you really going to take Miss Lane to the Gold Room.”

Clark is trapped. He shrugs, decides to play along with the image, gets very “Mr. Terrific.”

Clark says “Oh. I don’t know, Jimmy. Maybe… if she’s a …”

He makes a cocky wink then says “good girl, that is…”

Lois says “And if I’m not a good girl…”

Then she makes cocky wink then says “Let’s let Jimmy take the pictures: okay?”

CLARK blushes. LOIS leaves with a smirk.

Jimmy is surprised between Lois and Clark and said “Boy. What do you suppose she meant
by that, Mr. Kent?”

A beautiful night. The lights of the city are visible in the distance. LOIS sips her wine, stares wistfully up into the sky.

Lois to herself saying “You know something, Lois? You’re too hard on Clark sometimes. He’s a decent kind of guy and he
has got this terrific crush on you… I mean it’s not his fault he’ll never be a …”

There is a loud “whoosh.” SUPERMAN lands on the top comer of her terrace ledge, looks
down at the stunned LOIS.

Lois said “…Superman.”

Superman Said “Good evening. Miss Lane. . . .”

He notices her gown

Superman said “I’m sorry. Were you just about to go out?”

Lois said “Ah. . . . .no. . . .no! Why ever would you. . .”

She looks at her gown

Lois said “Oh. This old thing…”

Superman said “It’s no trouble for me to come back later. I mean I don’t have to park or anything.”

Lois said “You just stay right where you are! Please! Don’t move! Or move, if you want, but don’t fly away.”

LOIS rushes inside. SUPERMAN smiles to himself, hops down onto the terrace, speaks in
the direction of the open doorway.

Superman said “Sorry to just…drop in on you like this, Miss Lane, but I realize there must be many questions about me the world would like the answers to. . . .”

LOIS emerges with reporter’s pad and pencil, takes a seat at the terrace table.

Superman said “So it’s become important for me to have very close relations with the press.”

LOIS smiles, hiding her nervousness, lights a cigarette from a box on the table.

Superman said “You really shouldn’t smoke, you know.”

Lois says to Superman “Don’t tell me. Lung cancer, right?”

Seen through SUPERMAN’S X-RAY vision: A flashing medical X-Ray type shot of LOIS’ lungs.

Superman said “Not yet, thank goodness.”

LOIS blinks, puts out her cigarette, picks up her pad.

Lois said “Let’s start with the interview ok. Let’s…ah…start with your vital statistics, okay? Age?”

Superman answers “Thirty.”

Lois continues “Height?”

Superman answers “Six-four”

Lois Continues “Weight?”

Superman answers “two twenty-five.”

Lois continues “And I take it the rest or your bodily functions are what we’d consider…normal?”

Superman questions Lois “I beg your pardon?”

Lois explains “Well – putting it delicately – do you eat?”

Superman answers “When I’m hungry.”

Lois then asks “Of course you do. Would you like a glass of wine?”

Superman answers “I never drink when I fly.”

LOIS blinks, realizes he’s serious, returns to her pad.

Lois questions “Is it true you can see through anything?”

Superman “Pretty much. Except I can’t see through lead.”

Lois questions “And you’re totally impervious to pain?”

Superman answers “So far.”

Lois not looking up questions “What Color underwear am I wearing?”


A quick flash of LOIS sitting in the chair, dressed only in her bra and panties

Superman says “Pink.”

Lois writes it down, all business in spite of her blush.

Lois questions “Ah…do you have a first name?”

Superman said “You mean like Ralph, or something?”

Lois said ” No, I mean what’s your background? Where do you come from?”

Superman answers “Well, let’s just say I wasn’t born anywhere near this galaxy I come from a planet called Krypton. But it was destroyed due to its core.”

Lois writing then questions “Oh… Well then why are you here?”

Superman answers “To help.”

Lois says “To help. Ok I’m going to need more specific than that to use a quote.”

Superman answers “Well, I’m here to fight for truth, justice, and the American way. But that’s one thing there is a reason why I’m here my father sent me here for a reason and even it takes for the rest of my life to owe it these to give them hope that’s what this symbol means hope.”

Lois is blushing all over on Superman

Superman said “You’ve asked good questions Miss Lane. But I’ll must be going. Goodbye.”

Lois said “I’ll see you around.”

Suddenly the doorbellrings from inside. Then, loud knocks on the apartment door. Clark enters the door quickly out onto the Terrance, fissile angry.

“Lois, for goodness sake. Didn’t you hear me knock?” Clark said

Lois turns, smiles validly.

Lois said “Hi.”

Clark looks at Lois curiously, then spots the wine of glass on the table, lifts suspiciously.

Clark said “Lois, you’re not…”

Lois smiles, shakes her head.

“Well I certainly hope not. Let’s push off then, okay?” Said Clark

Lois with a secret smile said “Okay…”

Clark said “You know something, Lois? I was thinking why can’t we just go out and well, darn it I decided I was going to show you the time of your life.”

The next day Lois published her story the giant banner headline I INTERVIEWED SUPERMAN LAST NIGHT photos and Lois’ byline accompany the article.

Jimmy (o.s.) “A great story told, by a great reporter.”

As Lois looks up and grins.

Lois said “My father thanks you and -”

Clark (o.s.) “- and Superman thanks you. How much does he pay you for ‘ll the P.R. stuff you write?”

Lois said “Well your late as usual.”

Clark lightly said “Well not everyone can fly, you know.”

Lois is not pleased and said “Do I detect a note of jealousy?”

Clark a bit miffed said “I know I can’t complete with some body who can fry an egg by winking at it.”

Lois who smiles fondly at him. Jimmy silently walks away.

Lois said “Clark Kent, you are jealous of Superman. I’ll tell you the truthful I hadn’t had my girlish head turned by Superman, I’d say a prize catch.”

Clark is very hopeful and said “Me?”

Lois continues “You know Smallville, you maybe a mild mannered reporter for a great metropolitan reporter but nobody knows. You could be a take charge guy!”

Clark said “God knows.”

Lois said “C’mon smallville toughen up a bit.”

Clark being a bit shy “Uh… yes miss Lane.”

Perry who gets out his front glass door shouts out “KENT! LANE! GET IN HERE!”

They both zoomed past the glass door leading to Editor Perry White’s office as the door is swung open

Perry said “Something big is breaking!”

Lois “What is it chief?”

Perry said “Don’t call me chief. I hate to interrupt my star reporters who are busy. Anyway I got just the assignment for you. There is a warehouse at the docks of Metropolis apparently there some of expose of a gang members over there.”

Instantly Lois grabs her notebook and starts the elevator; Clark is right with her. As they hustle off

Meanwhile at Lexcorp, Luthor sits behind a massive pile of books, notations, calacuators, etc. He works feverishly, his face aglow with a demonic inspiration as he reads the newspaper of what Lois Lane wrote.

“So I was right he’s a strange visitor from another planet, faster than a speeding bullet, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Its like matter than be created nor it can’t be destroyed but according in the interview the planet Krypton was destroyed.” Said Lex next to him is his bodyguard assistant Mercy Graves.

“So?” She said

“So fragments of Krypton must have been shot out into space by the explosion, it’s reasonable to assume some of the debris would have landed here on Earth.” Said Lex

“You mean meteorites?” Said Mercy

“Et…voila!” Said Lex as he shows her a green rock Mercy is stunned by the green meteorite rock

Lex continues “Its Kryptonite because of its chemistry will absorb the radiation to someone from the planet Krypton this substance would be lethal!”

Mercy then said “You mean this kind of rock will kill him.”

“Wonderful, could of said it better by myself.” Said Lex

Lex and Mercy hears someone at the door as he hides the Kryptonite in his left pocket

“Come in.” Said Lex

The door is open, General Lane comes in along with Sgt. John Corben

“General Lane and I see you brought someone with you.” Said Lex

“This is Sgt. John Corben my second in command he is the guy I’m talking about.” Said General Lane

“Well then gentlemen its time I have show you something.” Said Lex

Lex takes them to his laboratory and shows him the exo-metallo suit

“Sgt. Corben you mission is simple. The “Superman” who appeared six month ago could hurdle skyscrapers and toss trucks around. Now its faster, now its stronger. How soon before it can’t be stopped?” Said Lex

“That’s him? That beat up looking man is him?” Corben

Lex tells Corben “”It.””

As the procedure goes John is on the metallo suit ready for an operation

A scientist named Professor Vale tells Corben “There may be some discomfort as the neuro electronics bite sergeant.”

“GET ON WITH IT! I spent five years training for this. You don’t think I’m ready now?” Said Corben

“You’re a brave man John. You’re our first Line Of Defense against this alien.” Said General Lane

“GHH! Spinal bond…FFF…S’HARSH… ITS” Said Corben while being built

After the operation, John never felt better his body made by metallo skin

“How’d you feel Corben?” Said Lex, as Corben punches him Lex dodges quick as Corben breaks a wall.


“Good. I have something for you.” Said Lex as he takes Kryptonite from his left pocket

“What is that?” Said Corben

“Its Kryptonite, his weakness that would kill him it will be your heart to make you live.” Said Lex, as he gives to Corben and puts it in his chest. John screams as his eyes turns green, then he looks at Luthor and grabs him by his shirt and said to him

“Now where is Superman?”

Superman is flying through Metropolis. A traffic is blocked along with Lois and Jmmy Olsen until cars crashing and tossing until it reaches the car that Lois and jimmy are in.

“WHERE IS SUPERMAN?!” Said Metallo

“Leave us alone!” Said Jimmy

“JIMMY!” Said Lois

“WHERE IS SUPERMAN?!” Said Metallo

Superman arrives and tries to land a punch,

“STAND DOWN!” Yelled Superman

Metallo grabs on the ground as Superman and Metallo clash each other

“I’m as strong as you are know.” Said Metallo

“Almost.” Said Superman

“No stronger.” Said Metallo as he actives the kryptonite on his chest making Superman weaker

“I… I feel strange.” Said Superman as he feels weaker as he tries to fight Metallo with a weak punch left and right

“C’mon Superman is that best you got.” Said Metallo

Metallo punches and kicks Superman

“What’s the matter Superman you look a little sick because this Kryptonite isn’t going anywhere until I say so.”

Superman feels weaker from the kryptonite, Superman finds a lead plate which he softens with his heat vision, then use it at Metallo and molds it to his chest and collapses dead. Lois and Jimmy at the scene, Jimmy taking photos as Lois takes a step forward to Superman, but he hesitates and flies away.

The next day Lois publishes another story by its headline SUPERMAN AND THE MAN OF STEEL

“That’s really good story Miss Lane.” Said Jimmy

“Thanks Jimmy.” Said Lois

Clark arrives late again as Jimmy again walks away

“Clark, you’re late again.” Said Lois

“Listen Lois I want to thank you for that advice you gave me.” Said Clark

“Thank you Clark. I appreciate the honestly you give.” Said Lois as she smiles

“LANE! KENT! GET OVER HERE!” Yelled Perry across his door

They both walk into his door, as he looks disappointed

“LANE! KENT! You haven’t given me that assignment I told you about.” Said Perry

“You mean the one with the warehouse with the gang members.” Said Clark

“Yeah,” Said Perry sacarascity

“Oh, I have that chief.” Said Clark

“Oh, well then you’re both busy. Get on with it! MOVE! MOVE! MOVE! We got a lot of stories to write.” Said Perry

“Well you certainly made him happy.” Said Lois as she smiles then leaves

Clark then looks at her as he smiles

Meanwhile at Lexcorp……

Mercy reports to Lex

“Mr. Luthor, John Corben is dead.” Said Mercy

“That can’t be possible Mercy. HOW CAN THIS BE?!” Said Lex

“They found his body on the street with a lead plate heated.” Said Mercy

“Well then, all my life, I’ve been inspired by heroes. Years ago in Grad school, it was Richard Feynman. Feynman was a Nobel-winning physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project and solved the mystery of the challenger disaster but also because he played the bongos and cracked safe combinations for fun. The coolest guy on Earth. Like Feynman I wanted to serve my country and my world. That’s why I created the exo metallo suit to protect Earth of an alien invasion.” Said Lex

“Well you’ve inspired me Lex and also here’s your green rock.” Said Mercy

She throws it him as he catches then leaves him as Lex turns around and stares at the big wide window along with his kryptonite

“A man can’t deny his true nature.” Said Lex with a cryptic and a dark smile on his face.