Barry Allen had been called many names, Dumb***, the Flash, the Scarlet Speedster, but he’d never expected to be called ‘dad’.

He came into his house where his wife was sitting at the table, about eight and a half months pregnant. “Hi Barry.” Emma, his wife said. “How was work?”

“Oh, it was great, I got promoted to Head Accountant, it comes with a pay raise, so we’ve got more money to support our little baby boy.” Barry said. He kissed Emma’s stomach.

“Actually, honey, I’ve got news.” Barry looked up. “The baby’s actually a girl.”

“Really? Well that’s great, I’m fine with that. Good thing we didn’t tell people we thought it was a boy. Oh this is great, we can go out and get her girl stuff.”

“Umm, Barry?”

“We could get her that pink crib you wanted.”


“We could give her my sister’s old movies.”


“Oh my god, we’ve gotta get you to the hospital.”

Barry was holding a baby girl in her arms, he asked, “What should we name her, Sweetheart.”

“Tara, after my mother, Cassandra, after your mother, Allen.” Emma said.

“That’s a beautiful name.” He kissed Tara on the forehead, and then gave the baby to Emma to hold.

“She’s a beautiful baby.” Tara Rodgers, Emma’s mother, said as she entered the hospital room.

The baby woke up and started to whine. “Oh, I’d better go run and get a glass of milk.”

Barry was about to leave, but then Emma stopped him. “Honey, you know I can breast feed her, right?”

“Oh… yeah, sorry, I just haven’t run anywhere in a while.” Barry said.

“Barry, you know they have cameras here?” Tara asked.

“Tara, I have super speed, I’ve never been caught doing anything.”

“You couldn’t have married a lawyer?”

“Mom!” Emma said.

“Thank you, Tara, now I just wanted you to know that heat vision is overrated.”

“Ok, let’s change the topic. What powers do you think she’ll have?” Emma asked.

“Most likely my heat vision, your astral projection and Barry’s speed.” Tara said.

“She is the first of this generation.”

“Ok, well maybe you could get a reading off of her.” Barry said.

Emma touched her child’s forehead. In her subconscious, she traveled 18 years of the future. “We shall destroy all good left of the galaxy!” The crowd started cheering as Tara spoke to them.

Emma returned to present day. “She’s going to lead many.”