Somewhere in the watchtower which hovered round the earth, a scarlet speedster was searching the storage for a burrito. In vain he returned to the main deck to find that Superman and Wonder woman just leaving for a meeting with the world president.

“Hey Clark, do you need some help down there with that annoying president who always stares at Diana’s bozongas whenever he meets her?” FLASH

“You use that word one more time and you will find your eyes staring at only one thing, the cold dark walls of Aries’ cell.” WONDER WOMAN

“Okay sorry. I just wanted to be of some help. I had no action in the past 3 days. Central city is quite. The rogues are warm and cozy in Iron heights. No blast no Boom. Nothing” FLASH

“No Barry, we won’t need any assistance there. It would be a small discussion with the world president regarding the Cult wars in Pasadena.” SUPERMAN

“And moreover that blabbering baffonic mouth of yours might get them into trouble infront of the world senate” BATMAN

“Heyyyyy that is not fare. I know when and where to speak and since when are you here listening. I did not see you coming” FLASH

“I have been here long enough to see you stuffing that pie cake in place a burrito. And the problem is not with you speaking when and where; the problem is you speak what, when and where” BATMAN

“Like last week when you called the Egyptian princess a black Hillary Clinton. And last month in that central city interview you almost gave out the location to Paradise island. Had it not been for Aquaman, the scared land of the Amazons would have been compromised” GREEN LANTERN

“Okay fine. I get your point. I will stay. But not just because you are asking me to but just because all this talking made me hungry” FLASH

“Do you need me assisting you at the senate?” BATMAN

“No. You take care of the Proton Generator and fix it as soon as possible. Its pulses are quite strong and is affecting the speedforce” SUPERMAN

SUPERMAN and WONDER WOMAN leave as CYBORG teleports them to earth

“I need some time alone with the Proton Generator. I am taking it back to my place. Reach out for me in case you need me” BATMAN


BATMAN teleports to the Batcave

“I need to attend some business with the CORPS. I am out for the night”


“So it’s just me and you then Victor” FLASH

“Ya. Seems so” CYBORG

“Let me ask you one thing Barry. Are you feeling all right?” CYBORG

“Yes. Why do you ask?” FLASH

“No just a routine check. You know because of these pulses from the Proton Generator, your speedforce is acting all strange these days. Like, yesterday you couldn’t stop your hand whirlwind when you were in that training module. I was here looking at your speed graphs. They were showing a huge anomaly” CYBORG

“I am doing just fine, Victor. Small speedforce turbulence is nothing for the Flash” FLASH

He speeds out to the dining hall

There was again a small change in his speed

The Proton Generator is an instrument used in creating paradigm shifts in the molecule of a body. It was damaged in a battle and since then its radiating pulse which is creating changes in FLASH’s speedforce eventually creating disturbances in his speed. Barry was aware of it but did not want to startle everyone in the League.

“Hey Barry, I am going on a charge out mode. Can you please monitor the Watchtower while I am away? Call me incase you need me” CYBORG

“Okay. You carry on with you Cyber-nasty playtime. I will keep an eye on the tower” FLASH

“I am just going for a nap in your layman tongue” CYBORG

“Ya right. But anyway you can leave” FLASH

Cyborg left the main deck.

‘The fastest man on earth. The speedforce himself. And all I get is the job of a watchman. Dammn you Victor’ FLASH



‘BATMAN TO THE WATCHTOWER. BATMAN TO THE WATCHTOWER. Do you copy’ BATMAN’s voice echos in the empty watchtower

“Hey BATS. Whats up? Did not get any sleep. Where is that butler of yours? Ask him to make you some soup” FLASH

“Where is Cyborg. Why are you on watch duty?” BATMAN

“Victor needed some lone time. He is off to his hibernation” FLASH

“Okay. Listen. I have fixed the Generator. It just needs a run on the sleep mode. I am teleporting it back to the watchtower. DONOT turn it on. Just plug it into the power supply and let it charge for sometime. Mark my words Barry, Don’t turn it on under any circumstances. And if it beeps, don’t go infront of it. Just call Victor. It is dangerous for you at this moment to be near it even. It will affect you more than it will any of us. It can change your speedforce in a way even I don’t know” BATMAN

“Relax Bats. You can count on me. I know my way around toys” FLASH

“Ya. I know that VERY well. Just remember whatever I said. BATMAN OUT” BATMAN

The visual monitor shuts off and Flash finds the Generator teleported back.

He plugs it into the power supply and leaves it as BATMAN instructed.

It had been few minutes when he heard a small beep. At first he ignored it but eventually it started sounding weird. He checked the screens for any kind of abnormalities but he saw everything was working.

The noise started increasing and loud by every passing second. Barry ran and tried shutting the power supply

Nothing happens.

The Generator started glowing now and the rotor inside it started spinning. And just when he was about to call Cyborg, a portal behind him opened and sucked him inside into the void.

Silence everywhere. The Generator had stopped doing anything and was lying still but where was the FLASH??



Flash opened his eyes in a corn field. He was not wearing his costume but his regular uniform. He picked himself up. He saw himself covered with dust. He also saw his Flash ring laying infront of him. He knew what to do. He puts the ring back on his finger and zapped it. His flash costume came out but something was wrong. Something was seriously wrong. He was not fast anymore. He tried running but in vain. He ran like a normal person. He realized then the dreadful happening. HE HAD LOST HIS SPEEDFORCE.

‘What on earth is happening to me? Where is my speed? Why am I not able to run?’ FLASH yelled

Just then another portal opens behind him and just as he was about to turn and look, someone from behind punches him and he falls with his face to the ground. His face aches. He sees someone he never expected to see. He thought he got rid of him once and for all when he trapped him inside the hyperbolic time chamber. Standing infront of him was in a yellow red suits was his arch nemesis. The man he hates beyond anything and anyone. EOBARD THORNE aka THE REVERSE FLASH.

“Hello Barry. How are you? Long time no see, old friend.” REVERSE FLASH

“How did you come out of that chamber, Thorne?” Barry

“Shouldn’t you be asking the right question Barry? I always thought you to be a bright child, you know” REVERSE FLASH

“Answer me. How did you come out?” Barry

“You see, me and you are not quite different. Although your current position would say otherwise. You thought locking me up in a space-time less zone and stripping me off my speed would stop me. Did you? I harvested the speedforce from somewhere else, you see.” REVERSE FLASH

“I am not like you Thorne. I will never be like you” Barry

“I agree. You are a normal person now, without your speed. The former fastest man on earth.” REVERSE FLASH

“What did you do to my speedforce?” Barry

“Yes, now you are asking the correct question. You see time is a very delicate thing. A small change in the past can tear the very fabric of the reality. When you closed the time chamber behind you after locking me up, there was a residual speedforce from you exiting the chamber. Speedforce can never be completely eradicated from a spot, be it even the time chamber. So I was in a place where time never flows and everything is just still and void. I was just left with a fraction part of your speedforce. And as you can see for yourself, it was enough for me. I had all the time in the world in that timeless phantom spot to harvest your speedforce slowly and slowly. I came out of that chamber 40years after you had put me in there whereas in real world it was just few seconds.” REVERSE FLASH

“Where am I?” Barry

“Ahhh!! Another wrong question, Barry. You shouldn’t ask where you are. You should have asked when are you. You see, I know trapping you in the time is a waste of time. You will eventually come out of it. You have done that in the past quite many times. But this time it is different. This time you are powerless. And your precious Justice league is not around to come to your aid. This time you are all alone.” REVERSE FLASH

“Which time timeline is this, Thorne?” Barry

“Barry, did you know what happened on 13th june 1985?” REVERSE FLASH

“That was the day SUPERMAN came on earth.”Barry

“BINGO!! Barry. You are right. Today is the day your friend SUPERMAN came here in his precious space-capsule. You see, with him came another device. With the death of his planet, a part of Krypton’s mainframe came to earth tracking baby SUPERMAN’s Capsule’s trajectory. It’s called the TACION DETECTOR. If I can harness all of its power I can become the speedforce myself like you.” REVERSE FLASH
“You can never harness that much power, Thorne. The speedforce will take over you and you will disintegrate into speedforce itself. Don’t do that” Barry

“You never understood the power you had, Barry. I will become invincible. I will become GOD. And then I will kill your beloved MAN OF STEEL in his cradle itself.” REVERSE FLASH
“I will never let you succeed” Barry

“You will stop me? Without your speedforce you are nothing. On second thought, why stop at one when I can kill each one of them. THE DARK KNIGHT, THE AMAZON, THE EMARALD LANTERN everyone. I can kill everyone before they are born or as a child. See you Barry” REVERSE FLASH

REVERSE FLASH speeds off leaving Barry in nowhere.

Now the world is in danger. Not only the Justice League but the entire reality. Barry knows it well that a small change in reality can create pulse throughout the time which can rupture the time fabric creating a parallax. He has to stop it. He has to stop the REVERSE FLASH from killing baby SUPERMAN orelse everything is over. The League, his existence as the FLASH and mostly IRIS. He will loose Iris forever if time changes. No one knows what the new timeline will be. Maybe Iris never gets born. Maybe Barry never gets born himself. Maybe he never meets Iris. He was perplexed and confused. Without his powers, Thorne was right, he is no one. He was going nowhere with his plans.

He sat on the ground looking desperately at the sky for answers. How to fix all these. Right when he was about to give up, something stroked his mind. The ring he uses has an inter-dimensional beacon. It is a pulse indeed that travels through time and space and acts a signal. It is basically a phone that works in any dimension and time. It was given to him by his dear friend, CISCO who is known to the world as THE VIBE now. His ability to detect speedforce is similar to Barry and he can travel through time also through his time capsule.

“This is the time. I have to use it now. CISCO told me that I can use it just once and that too for a limited amount of time. Time to test it” Barry

He triggers it on and to his surprise it works.

“CISCO, can you hear me? CISCO, I need you, man” Barry

There was no response. His all hopes were crushed. But then again just when he was about he give up, the ring spoke back.

“How many times have I told you not to call me CISCO in public. You were just about to blow my secret identity to a group of predators.” VIBE

“Good to hear from you CISCO. Oops I am sorry VIBE. But I need you” Barry

“This better be important because you are using the ring” VIBE

“Yes it is” Barry

Barry then narrates the entire story to CISCO.

“Ohh!! man. You are in deep shit trouble. I am coming. Stand back” VIBE

Another portal opens and a holographic image of VIBE protrudes out.

“Are you so busy that you cannot even come youself? This is reality changing incident, man” Barry

“I am so sorry Barry but I am not able to come. Throne must have done something with this timeline. But I will help you.” VIBE

“How can you help me if you are not here” Barry

“Remember Thorne saying that he regained his speed from the residual speedforce you left after you closed the time chamber?” VIBE

“YES” Barry

“So if he can do it, why cannot you? If he got his powers back from your speedforce, why cannot you get you speed back from his residual speedforce. He must be still in this timeline, right?” VIBE

“YES” Barry

“So lets do it. You see that ring you used to call me? It is not only an inter dimensional phone but also a miniature speedforce trap device.”VIBE

“So you mean to say that this will trap THORNE’s residual speedforce?” Barry

“Yes Barry” VIBE

“Let’s not waste anymore time then. I have a speedster to catch, CISCO” Barry

“You pinheaded person. DONOT call me CISCO.”VIBE

“But I thought no one can hear us here” Barry

“No. I am just a hologram. My physical body is still here” VIBE

Barry turned the ring on as CISCO instructed him to and in few seconds Throne’s residual speedforce got trapped inside the ring.

“Now wear it and run as fast as your body permits you to” VIBE

Barry puts on the ring and starts running. Initially he felt nothing. But as he started accelerating he started feeling the surge of electric bolt inside him. The surroundings around him started going numb. He felt that charge in his legs.

He runs faster. He pushes his body to its limits.

He runs faster. His heart starts pounding. His legs start feeling numb.

He runs faster. The sounds around him started going pitched.

He runs faster until he could hear only a distant voice. He knew he had broken the sound barrier.

That distant voice was of CISCO’s and he could only three words getting repeated over and over again.


He zoomed now. Ran faster than ever. He is BACK. FLASH is back. He has regained his lost speed.

“Thank you VIBE” FLASH

“Thank you for calling me VIBE this time” VIBE

“Now go. Save the world, Barry. Run, Godspeed” VIBE

And the hologram disappeared in thin air. Barry knew it was time. Time for a face-off. He has his speed and now can easily go back to his time. But not like this. Not leaving that maniac in this timeline.

He checked his time and it was already late. The comet has arrived. He ran. Ran like he had never before. In seconds he was outside Smallville. He quickly found the tracks of the spaceship SUPERMAN came in. He goes near it and finds it empty.

“Are you looking for him” REVERSE FLASH

Standing there was Thorne. Holding baby SUPERMAN in his arms. FLASH though notices a small device attached to Thorne’s chest. He ignores it. He runs towards him to save SUPERMAN. But to his surprise Thorne moved away faster than ever. He could hardly track his movements.

“Did I forget to tell you my new name. Call me THE SPEEDFORCE” REVERSE FLASH

He kicked FLASH in his guts and started running.

FLASH follows. Thorne was faster than ever. FLASH was miles behind him. He was running faster than he has ever run. FLASH could see the baby in his hand. He wasn’t trying to outrun Thorne but was trying to save SUPERMAN. Miles before he stopped he could see Thorne standing on a cliff with the baby.

“You come a step closer and I kill him” REVERSE FLASH

“Thorne, you leave him out of it” FLASH

“So how does it feel to see the god of your world in such a condition? Dying without even knowing his fate? He dies and there is no Justice League.” REVERSE FLASH

Finishing this words Thorne dropped the baby from the cliff.

FLASH ran. Ran as fast as he could.

But just as the baby was about to hit the ground, there was a sonic boom and the baby vanished.

FLASH stopped and the REVERSE FLASH was astounded.

Standing far away from the cliff was someone. Someone seeing whom FLASH smirked and the REVERSE FLASH was surprised. He was fast. Faster than sound. He wasn’t from this timeline. But he was a friend. Friend of Barry’s. Friend of FLASH’s. Standing there in the midst of dust was WALLY WEST, the FLASH from future. Barry’s cousin.

“Well I guess I wasn’t too fast for the old man” WALLY WEST

Then there was another BOOM

“No you were not. Future Toys always confuse me” JAY GARRICK

FLASH was now confident that he would be able to take on Thorne. He had his two best partners. He was pumped with adrenaline.

“Did you think we would allow such an alternation in the timeline?” JAY

“And did you think we would allow you to enjoy this battle of the speedsters alone” WALLY

“GLAD you guys are here” FLASH

WALLEY ran towards the capsule to seal SUPERMAN inside. Came back in the blink of an eye

Now the stage was set. The battle was ragging. The speedsters are here.

Barry, Wally and Jay were facing Thorne who looked fiercer than ever.


“You must have taken the baby out of the scene but I still have this TACION DETECTOR with me. I am still faster and powerful than you three combined. Come, take your best shot” THORNE

“I know you are stronger than us combined. But thanks to me I bought the cavalry ” WALLY

All of a sudden from nowhere an arrow came and hit the TACION’s reactor and it stopped blinking.

A feeble old voice rang from somewhere distant

“I don’t know whether I am saying it correctly or not. It has been 35 years since I last said it but EIOBORD THORNE YOU HAVE FAILED THIS CITY” GREEN ARROW

Barry turned and saw an old man standing on a far cliff with a bow and a quiver full of arrows. He knew that face. Although old and wrinkled but he still knew that face. It was his best friend, OLIVER QUEEN.

“So, THORNE, you were saying something about us. We combined cannot take you on?” WALLY

“Let’s try. Shall we?” Jay

The three speedsters ran towards THORNE who started running in the opposite direction now. It was just a matter of time. They caught him. There were innumerous hands showering blows on THORNE. A cloud of dust engulfed the spot and when it got cleared, THORNE was lying on the ground with his tongue outside.

Barry once again stripped Thorne’s speedforce and sent him back to the time chamber making sure that there is no residual speedforce this time. He had his friends with him.

“Speedforce cannot be owned by a person. It is a myth that I own the speedforce entirely. It is not possible. I share it with these two. Now spend the rest of the eternity in here, THORNE.” BARRY

The time chamber shuts and vanishes into the space.

Barry turned towards Jay

“I know you have questions, Barry. But hear this first” WALLY

He handed Barry a ring which was quite similar to the one Barry uses but just more advanced.

Barry was asked to press the red button and a hologram appeared. It was from CISCO. The CISCO from WALLY’s timeline.

“Hi Barry, Nice to see you. I sent these guys as I knew you will need their help. As you know this was my past so I knew exactly where and whom to send. I didn’t want to send that old baboon but he only had that tech to destroy the TACION” CISCO

“I will reach our timeline in a moment you know that right?” ARROW

“Anyways, you are never alone. Be it any timeline you are stucked in. Help will always come” CISCO

The hologram vanished

“Barry, we should leave now to our respective timelines. The more we stay, more we jeopardous the reality” JIM

“When will I see you guys again” Barry

“Soon, very soon” Wally

“Take this. This will permanently fix the Proton Generator problem Bruce is trying to” ARROW

“I will miss you Ollie” Barry

A time portal opens.

“Go and tell my present self not to fool around with Felicity. I don’t like it. Bye Barry. It was nice to see you. I miss you in future more than you can ever imagine” ARROW

“Why? What happens to me” Barry

“There are few mysteries even the FLASH should discover with time” ARROW

He steps inside the vortex and leaves.

“Okay then Barry. Time for us to depart” Jay

“But be prepared for what is coming. It will test you to your limits and your powers. Trust your speed and it will trust you” WALLY

They zoomed off into the oblivion.

‘Time to return’ FLASH

He starts running. Faster and faster. He could see the timelines. And then the sonic BOOM.

He was back to his timeline. He came 10 seconds behind just when the Proton starts beeping. He fixed it with Oliver’s tech and it stopped.

“Future tech works, huh” FLASH

“I heard a beep, Barry. Is everything all right” CYBORG

“Yes it is now” FLASH